So I’ve had the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE smartwatch with watchos 4 since launch day and I thought I’d sit down and give you my Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Review – Six Months In! The Apple watch is the leading wearable on the market and with good reason! Between its functionality and its being tied to the ever expansive Apple ecosystem, The Apple Watch has become almost a must have for anyone in the Apple ecosystem! The Series 3 LTE brings about one of the biggest changes to Apple Watch, the addition of LTE which brings the new ability of untethering the watch from your iPhone! This addition alone really matures the Apple watch series 3 LTE into the top flight wearable to own! Apple Watch battery life is good as usual, except if you only use it via LTE! If you’re on the fence about getting an Apple Watch or are just curious, Sit back…relax and watch my Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Review – Six months in! Please remember to rate, comment, and consider subscribing if tech is your thing! I upload videos almost daily! Thank you!

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