But today, we’re kind of taking a time machine back to i’m, going to say 2017 when the iphone x was announced, the iphone 8 and everyone was getting really excited because everything was happening in the world and kind of. Sadly, the apple watch series three came out, and this is my watch and so i’m gon na review it today and even though it’s four years out of date, i guess it’s still a great watch and they’re actually still selling it on apple’s website. So let’s get right into it, so this apple watch is the space gray version and it’s the series 3, and it has the black sport band. It only has 8 gigabytes of storage, but i think i mean it’s a watch. What do you expect so let’s get right into it, so the software interface is pretty easy to use um you can see like there’s different watch faces and you can swipe or you can tap and hold on it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t not really like me: oh here we go so siri activity and just a lot of other stuff. Now this is only a clock face when you press the there’s two buttons, the digital crown, which they call it and the side button. So there’s lots of different apps on here um. This is the like main app thing and there’s lots of different ways: there’s actually, like a list view, i like it like this, because then i can see all my apps but there’s an app store on here and there’s.

No app store, like you, can kind of get apps on your on the phone that you’re paired to, but it doesn’t really work. Also quick note: the apple watch does require a phone unless, like you’re a kid and you have a parent with a gps plus cellular version um i have the just gps version. The series 3 does not support cellular anymore um, but there’s lots of different apps that you can download on here. So i have walkie, talkie and i’ve been doing some family tree stuff, so ancestry and espn. I don’t really follow sports. I don’t really know why that’s on here, but then there’s also the ones that apple just pre installed: world clock, uh, alarms, stopwatch timer um there’s, also just some other ones. Like apple news, i mean who’s gon na read the news on this tiny thing, but still um calculator, which is pretty useful and voice memos and there’s. Some other things um speaking of voice memos. You’Re, probably wondering does this thing even have microphone? Yes, it does it’s. I wouldn’t call it the top grade microphone but it’s still a microphone, no matter what – and you can also receive calls on here and they’ll play through the speakers which really don’t sound, that great but it’s good. But for music, you need to have like a separate audio device, um such as headphones. I guess these aren’t really a great example. I can’t figure out how to get the bluetooth on here, um but like if you have beats or air pods which, like that’s, the classic ecosystem, um they’ll work perfectly with it.

So if you have the gps version, like me, um you can, for all of your main functions to work. You’Ll probably want to be in range of this that phone that you’ve set it up with because or on a wi fi network. This does connect to wi fi, although sometimes it can be a little annoying um, but it does connect to wi fi and you can get any of your apps working on the wi fi. But if you, if you really want to receive text messages on there, i would suggest having that phone nearby just so it can sync with it really quickly. Another key feature is activity it’s, just um. A really good feature to have on here like this, is what their signature thing is the rings. So sorry, if the color’s a little weird on here, i really don’t know why um, but the red one is move. The green one is um exercise in the blue. One is stand so like i set my goals. This is just my goals. You can completely set them different if you’re under the age of 13, move will be minutes instead of calories, although if you’re over the age of 13 you’ll probably want to do that. Um. Just regular calories you also have sharing and badges so like. Here i have all my badges and you can have sharing like um with someone, maybe your family or your friend, and you want to have a competition i like to do that: it’s, really fun and that’s.

Uh that’s only half of the activity there’s a watch face for it too there’s like a watch base for everything, but then there’s also the workout app, which has all of these different workouts and for the one you can’t find, which happens to me sometimes is the Other workout i like to use it a lot that’s. Probably why it’s so high up there but like if you click, add workout, then you can choose your different workout that you want to do so like. Maybe i want to do rugby? No, i don’t really play rugby, but that’s just an idea for it, so i really hope this video is useful. I know this is the series three and they’ve come out with it series six, which is doubling the number um, but this is basically a basic sky guide, um and then they’ve also released the sc. The sc is kind of the modern day version of this apple watch, because it’s not doesn’t, have all of the features like blood, oxygen level and ecg, but it has some of the base features and some more so i really like this apple watch. I would definitely recommend it and that’s about it for this apple watch. I hope you really liked this video.