Like the brand new space gray series 5 apple watch, which completes my trifecta. We got a brand new laptop 11 uh. The 16 inch macbook pro we got the 11 pro max, and now we have the series 5., so i’ve always wanted to get all three. At the same time and anything discussed in this episode, you will find right on the bottom right over here. Don’T forget to subscribe, we’re gon na have lots of giveaways, maybe even give away my ceramic Music apple watch. Anything we discussed in this episode. You’Ll find right on the bottom let’s get into the unboxing begin. Now i got this for 3.99. I got the variant which is the 44 millimeter space gray aluminum case black sports vent, because i always change my pants now. The presentation of apples always impeccable and they found a way to have an origami styled opening. Now we have two things: we have the watch band and we have the apple watch, so let’s, unfurl, Music, okay, let’s, take a look. We have a basic setup. We have the apple watch charger with a 5 watt, brick, so we’ll put these on the side, and now we take a look at the apple watch. You’Ll see it’s in a nice felt package we’re going to snip it out and, as you see it’s a 44 millimeter watch, you can see the back it’s the series 5, but it’s really great craftsmanship. As you see it already has fingerprints on it.

So let us take a look at the band and then we’ll break down exactly how this looks. So we pop it off here now i’m, coming from an apple watch too. This was a ceramic band. I didn’t feel the need to go and get the same model, but there are a ton of differences between the two and the five and we’ll cover that in another episode. Now this has a display that never sleeps and let’s take a look. It comes in four different styles, you have the aluminum, you have the stainless steel, you have titanium, which is brand new and they brought back the ceramic Music. Okay, so let’s take a look. We have here different sizes and i think i’m going to go with this. One here we’re going to pop this on, like so it locks in place and we’ll. Do the smaller one have baby wrists? Okay, so now that we have that let’s turn it on to the materials are really really good. Okay, so let’s take a deeper look. So, as i told you, this comes in four different colors, the aluminum, the steel, the ceramic and the titanium. Now this here has an always on display it’s, an oled display, but due to the s5 soc, which means system on check it’s. Basically, the cpu and a gpu all in one chip, and it has the same gpu cpu as the four but what’s new – is a new display driver and it has a power management chip.

Hence the all day display and improved battery life. You’Re going to get about 18 hours of use with this now it has a variable refresh rate of every second, which means it uses less power uh when it’s not being looked at. It goes and it drops to one hertz now, i’ve been wanting this feature since the very first uh apple watch and i’m sure you guys have been waiting for this too. Now it will not be off, it will just go dim and when you raise your wrist it will just illuminate to its full power now so, which means no more apple watch shake in here now you will get 18 hours, so you don’t have to charge every Single day, but i would say honestly if you take off and dim the feature of having it on all the time, you could probably stretch it out to about two days, but right now, we’re gon na try it out with um the same dim feature on so You’Re gon na get about 18 hours right here now. The new apple watch has a built in compass which will help you find true north. If you’ve ever used, the uh mat app with this and you’ve gone the wrong way and you’ve had to reorient yourself from the previous models. You know exactly what i’m talking about this is going to help. You find your way and it’s going to know what direction you are without you having to know which way you’re facing so that’s really good.

Now the series 5 comes with more storage. Now these older version here comes with 16 gigs, but this has 32 gigs, which means more music directly on your device. But it also means more room for apps, which makes this a standalone device separate from your iphone um that’s, going to be really really good. When you’re using it now, the cellular version has more antennas inside for a international cellular brand, which means, if you ever have a problem. You hold the side right over here and it will allow you to make a international call to the local police. Even if you don’t have a cellular plan now this does not have a cellular plan um, but i didn’t need that now, i’ll probably get another one. I think i’ll probably get the ceramic one um. I really like the ceramic outlook on here, but we’ll see how this goes now. What sets this, apart from other watches out, there is you’re going to get the apple eco structure, you’re going to be tied in with the phone and your ipad and the mac. So once you’re in the apple eco structure, they pull you back in and but it’s really good. I i love the experience in here. Another feature that this has is, if you hold this button down right over here for 30 seconds, it has a built in a electro cardiogram, the ekg, to tell you if you have any heart complications, and it will tell you if you need to go see your Doctor as well now, you also can put abs directly on, which means you don’t need to pull out the phone you’re gon na have access with siri, which means you can call siri and say: hey siri, get me tesla, apps and it’ll bring it up.

But when you do searches on the internet, it will grab stuff from google and bring it right to you to be able to access the internet right on your phone on your watch, which is really really cool. It also has a menstrual cycle, uh tracker, which will help the ladies out there. I think apple should have came out with this a long time ago to show the ladies that they have uh been taken care of, but i i think it’s not an easy thing to do, or else they would have done it but i’m glad it has it. Now, when you talk, siri now has access to the internet, which means on the series one and two didn’t do that it relied on the phone, but on here, we’ll go directly on the internet and do that now, if you look on the top corner right over Here let’s see right in the corner right here you have a built in noise meter and what it’s doing is it’s grabbing and seeing exactly the decibel range and will tell you when you are peaking or reaching uh something that’s going to damage your ear now. We’Re. Officially going to take off the old watch – and i may do a giveaway on this – and just if you were wondering what the trading value for my old apple watch was was ceramic well let’s just say it was 60 dollars. I paid 1200 for it so series two kind of surprised.

Okay. So if you look, this is the 44 millimeter variant and it fits nice um it’s, not as heavy as the ceramic band, but you’re going to get protection. Now also, i opted to get the apple care so make sure i always get up with carried all my devices. This is going to ensure that you have coverage now. You can either pay 79 for the apple care at once, or they’ll take up three dollars a month uh for there, but it’s really good. I also opted to get the black band. I have a ton of other bands, but it’s not gon na reach it, but i get my bands from a place called get modern and i’m gon na get a variety of bands to check it out for you guys to see now. Do me a favor if you found value in this or you’re thinking about getting an apple watch, let me know what series you’re coming to no i’m. Coming from a series. Two, i have a one which i gave away to a friend. Um. Are you gon na get the apple watch series five, if you had it for a while what’s your favorite feature? Let me know on the bottom. I would love to know what apps i should be looking out for now. The next we’re going to do is a comparison between the two and the five well that’s going to do this episode. I will catch you guys in the next one.

Remember i t means i try i’m really looking forward to uh using this, and if you take a look wait, you can see that it’s gon na go dim after a while and then all you do. Is you raise it and you’re good to go? Oh that’s going to do for this episode. I will catch you guys in the next one. Do me a favor if you think this brought value, give me a like if you want to see more of the content and want to stay abreast as to what we’re doing on the channel well hit that notification button and also hit that subscribe button. I do lots of giveaways here and i’ll catch you on the next one.