So let’s check out the apple watch series 6 in 2021 and see if it’s still worth your hard cash stay tuned, guys welcome back to tech. It easy so the apple watch series 6. now there’s many reasons why i believe the apple watch series 6 was apple’s best smart watch yet, and it may have even taken the crown for the best smartwatch of 2020 and believe me, that’s, tough, to say coming from A samsung fanboy first let’s take a look at the ui, so it’s running on apple’s, watchos, 7 and there’s a lot to love about it and a few things i’m, not too keen on. Most importantly, though, the watch is super smooth, lagging or stuttering isn’t. Something i’ve noticed a single time in the six months of using it and honestly it’s a really pleasant stress, free experience. Almost so bearing in mind that i daily drive a samsung phone and a galaxy watch 3.. I found the app tray to be a little bit difficult, especially for first time users. Don’T get me wrong. It looks and feels amazing the haptic feedback you get when zooming in and out feels awesome, but for someone who might be new to apple or not quite so, tech savvy it’s a lot. You have all these different icons, which are pretty tiny and all over the place and i’m not going to lie. I don’t think they’re quite as clear as they could be. I know when i started using it.

It took me a good while to figure out which app was which really. This is the only hugely negative thing. I have to say about the apple watch series 6., but i do think simplicity would be a welcome factor into their next version of the ui. For example, the samsung galaxy watch 3 has the app wheel, which tells you clearly which app is which, admittedly, it doesn’t look nearly as nice as the apple watch series 6. But it is a lot more practical. Now you can change the menu on the apple watch series 6 to a list view which will display the names, but that, in my opinion, doesn’t work as well, and it looks worse than the galaxy watch ui. One thing that does look absolutely awesome in the apple watch series 6 is the watch faces they’re, absolutely stunning, and really what make the screen pop they’re also extremely customizable, so you can get really creative with them, though it doesn’t have. The choice of third party watch faces like the galaxy watch 3 does, which bothered me at first but then again, the galaxy watch. Doesn’T have the insane customizable watch faces, the apple watch, ships with so it’s a fair trade off really so let’s get on to some more of the goodies. So this time around the apple watch series 6 has a brighter screen and always on display, which is a welcomed, upgrade in my opinion, considering these devices are going to be used for fitness outside mainly it’s important that you’re able to see the screen in direct sunlight.

Another thing which is brilliant is the fast charging. You can charge this up fully in just 90 minutes, which does balance itself out a bit considering. It does only have a mere 18 hours of battery life, which yeah isn’t great, but it is enough to get you through the day with ease popping it on charge. Whilst you’re in the shower or having your dinner, it will mean you can make the most of all those tracking features, and i suppose we should go through what those tracking features actually are. So, thanks to watch os 7, you can now track your sleep. Spo2 heart rate steps and more there’s even an automatic hand, wash timer, which starts whenever the apple watch series 6 detects. You started washing your hands, something that samsung appear to have stolen whoops. Now, if you’re wondering about the accuracy of the apple watch series 6, when it comes down to spo2 and heart rate tracking, i recently did a test putting it against a medical grade device and comparing it to the galaxy watch. 3. and honestly, the results were favorable towards the apple watch series. 6.. I was really impressed with how it performed if you do want to check out that video. I will put a link down in the comment section. So what else can the apple watch series 6? Do well, you can make and receive calls get texts through and even receive emails with both the lte and the gps versions.

The lte version will, let you make and receive calls and more, even when away from the phone, whilst the gps version will only have that feature available when you’re in range of your smartphone in the six months of usage, i’ve found this to work. Fine, i have the gps version here and surprisingly, i use it to make calls a lot i’m extremely busy all the time, and it just allows me to continue doing what i’m doing. I have no difficulty hearing. Anyone and haven’t had any complaints about being able to hear me. So the apple watch series 6 seems to be great in that department. Now maybe i’ve convinced you to take the plunge and go for it, but which model should you go for if you’re, not particularly tech savvy, you might be looking at all the various different models with a confused face, so let’s start with the cheapest option. The apple watch se, whilst not technically part of the apple watch series 6 family. It was released around the same time and will likely be an option. Many of you are considering so what’s the difference between the apple watch series 6 and the se version. Well, first and foremost, you can wave goodbye to sp02 monitoring on the se version. The se version also uses the s5 system, whilst the series 6 uses the s6, which is a fair bit faster. That being said, the s5 system is still twice as fast as a 2017 apple watch.

Series 3 watch, so not slow by any means. One other feature you’ll miss out on is the ecg feature that’s exclusively on the apple watch series six. So the se is really your budget option here. Still absolutely fine. In my opinion, though, if you’re relatively healthy anyway, you most likely won’t use the ecg feature, but you may miss the sp02 monitoring feature if i’m honest, but yes, the apple watch, se does have the green light for me in 2021. Now we have the gps and the gps plus lte models, so the models with lte at the end mean they can be used on their own as a cellular device, as i mentioned earlier, allowing you to make and receive calls without the need for your smartphone around These are typically more expensive, though so really think about whether this is a feature you’re really going to need. Gps version can still make and receive calls, but you must be near your phone. Lastly, there is just a size which is pretty obvious, but if you do opt for the larger version there will be another price increase. Personally, i think most of you will be fine with the smaller version and i’d honestly just go for the gps version. Most of us have our phones on us all the time anyway, so it wouldn’t make much of a difference. People who might want to opt for the larger 44 millimeter version and the lte version are those of you who, like your sport, so cycling and running, and doing a lot of things when you’re quite far away from the house and don’t really want to lug your Phone around with you so yeah that was a quick revisit and buying guide.

I guess for the apple watch series 6 in 2021. One last note: i do expect there to be a newer model later on in the year. The apple watch series 7.. However, with the feature set on the apple watch series 6 – i can’t see it becoming useless anytime soon, so i wouldn’t let that stop you from buying one. If you did want to wait until september time for the newer model make sure you still consider the apple watch series 6 as the price will most likely drop a little making it an even more excellent value buy. If you do want to check the prices, there will be links down in the description for a few different countries anyway, guys. Let me know down in the comment section your thoughts on the apple watch series 6 in 2021 and if there’s anything else, i can help you with i’ll try and do my best. But for now thank you.