I know a lot of people go for, like the third party, amazon bands and that’s totally fine. I actually bought a few myself. However, i am a little more prone to buy apple’s own bands, just because i find that they’re, you know really well built and all that stuff, but not to turn it into that kind of conversation. I use these three, the most um. I guess i’ll start in my, you know in order of least favorite to most favorite. This is actually my least favorite band. I know it was uh. You know highly controversial the whole fitting aspect of it and like using online tools and some people. Uh really didn’t have luck with the tool and i’m kind of one of those people um, but anyway, guys this one i’m, not a fan of, because it’s not very like uh what’s. The word i’m looking for, i don’t, want to say easy to take on and off, but it definitely isn’t as apple esque, as i would like it so like, for instance, this just feels kind of wonky to me like i know some people think it’s, not that Big of a deal it really isn’t, but that’s just my experience. Um i’m, not a huge fan of of of that process. There uh and simultaneously taking it off at the same time, uh is kind of like a weird. Like i don’t know. I don’t like this. Like slingshot, it actually kind of hurts my knuckles, sometimes because the watch will will hit this like pretty hard um now.

The only thing i do like is that you don’t have to worry about, like which side gets the which lug or which side gets. What band you know a lot of times i don’t know if you guys are like me, dude like some of these bands. I, like i’ll, put it on wait: that’s wrong, wait, that’s, wrong, wait, that’s wrong, like what the f um but that’s that’s, probably more of a me problem than anything else uh, but overall, it definitely has lasted. I got to give them credit. You know if you were to show me this um without me, using it long term. I would definitely get this thing’s not lasting, but i don’t know what magic chemical they use or whatever that they’re using that this thing has kept its size and hasn’t. You know hasn’t started to peel or break um, but overall it’s, probably my least favorite band, my next least favorite or next favorite is probably actually i’m going to order, my favorite so um. This is probably my next least favorite. I don’t know how i’m gon na word this um. I know this band has been around for a while guys, the milanese loop, uh and it’s definitely nice. It definitely like takes it from a sportier. Look to a more traditional watch. Look if you’re in it! For that um i don’t really pair these with the aluminum watches, because i feel like it does look a little odd having all the stainless steel and polished metal and then the aluminum watch.

But some people manage to make it and make it work. Um and real. Quick, if you guys are ever wanting to know or if you ever wondered like how do you know if these are real or not, because i know on amazon and other places, you can get them cheaper, uh or they have like knockoffs or you want the genuine One, but you want to pay, you know less i’ll see if i can get the camera to focus there um. Let me see there there’s a little uh, 44 millimeter uh it’s, probably not going to. Maybe you can see it guys there’s a little 44 millimeter, embossment or etched or laser engraved there uh. I can’t tell if you guys can see that, but anyway, one lug is going to have the size of the band and it’ll say 44 or 38 or 42 uh or whatever the sizes are these days and then the other side you’re going to have an assembled In china, let me see if i can find it guys: uh you’ll, have it assembled in china. I got ta find it because it’s so tiny or maybe maybe it’s just that or is it on the other side, the 44 and then maybe they changed it. They used to have assembled in china on these. Oh there it is it’s just right on the left um. If you look here see if i can get the camera to focus there, a little bit you’ll see like an assembled in china, uh and so that’s.

A good way to tell if these are real, if it says assembled in china on one uh part of this here and then on the other, it’ll actually say: uh 44. again, i’ll show you this see. If i get it to focus, it’ll, say 44 uh, millimeter or 38 or 42 any of those sizes there that’s how you know they’re real and you can kind of tell uh. You know this shimmers a lot more, some of them don’t shimmer and then another good way to tell is this rubber um padding here to protect the metal here a lot of times they don’t put that on there on some of the fake ones um, but anyway, Let me throw it on see if i can remember how this thing goes on. I i use this usually on the weekends or, if i’m going out or something like that um, but overall it’s held up really. Well honestly, you buy one of these bands once and it should really last you a lifetime. I don’t see why you would need to buy these over and over again and they actually dropped the price this past year they used to be 200 or 150 dollars, uh now they’re about a buck uh. Well, not even about 50. they’re, just a hundred dollars now, which was a big deal um. If you wanted these uh, i rock this sometimes again, it’s. Definitely not a sportier look guys but uh. I i can.

I can rock this um. You know with a button down or something like that, but i’m, a fan of this one um and then the next band i have is due this year or last year or, however, you want to word it um is this leather link, which was definitely polarizing. I know a lot of people were like this thing is ugly i’m, not sure why they made this. I kind of like it. It is. It is odd, looking and again if you want to do a comparison between this and like a real one. Obviously you’re gon na get let’s see if i can get the light to hit it you’re gon na get the natural leather and then the size of uh. The bands are right there let’s see. If i get the camera to focus on this a little bit. Uh come on buddy um. Well, maybe i’ll include some photos but you’ll get different, um different measurements here, like 44 or 38. Well, actually, no you’re only going to get 44 and and 42 now, probably um, but it’s definitely held up pretty well. The magnets are really strong. Actually, let me see if i can remember how this goes. I think this one goes here and this one goes here um. It is odd to get on. I have smaller wrists uh and so you kind of have to like tuck like tuck this one under here and then pull this kind of hard to get it to to to have a snug fit there um, but overall i’m.

A fan of this look uh and i know they have the leather loop, the level loops a little easier to get on here guys but uh. This one’s. Definitely pretty nice and i’ve. Had people ask me: oh where’d, you get that and people think it’s like amazon, and i think you can get like certain ones that look like this on amazon um, but overall i’ve been a fan of this i’m. Sorry, if i watch hooks gross i’ve been working outside and doing a couple other things here um. Do you see that look at that geez? The magics are crazy. Um i’m. A fan of this look uh it’s, definitely aged well. I don’t have any nicks or anything anything kind of deteriorating on this bin, and so i would definitely recommend this and i don’t really see this band going on sale uh, i wouldn’t say it’s a hundred dollars. You know good, but it’s definitely a nice one. So if you’re looking for a nice, leather or metal band, you can’t go wrong with with either this one. The milanese lube, which i think is 99 bucks. This one’s also 99 bucks, and this one here is 50. uh and again guys like. If you have any bands you’d want to recommend, let me know on uh on the co in the comments below i’ve. You know i’ve searched, so i always get weary of buying third party bands, because i did once and i had uh the lug actually break on me.

It was not a cheap one, so it was like 15 20 bucks which, in amazon band worlds like higher end and uh it broke, and the watch dropped and cracked the back and i had to do a apple care replacement and so i’m still a little sad About that, but overall, these are the bands i use the most. I don’t want to be a band, you know and have uh like 50 bands, just because my wife would probably kill me, especially the ones that are genuine. They cost 50. 100.