This time we are going to review apple watch series 6 and no doubt this watch has been in trend and it’s been a town gossip for being a major disruptor in smart watch market. But before starting the review. Video please share subscribe and like our channel and give thumbs up to this video. So this is apple watch series, 6 and we’re going to analyze all the features, deeply and we’ll see how it differentiates from its previous version series 5 and what unique features it has. So you’re seeing one of the watch face right now. This is a very cool animation, i would say and yeah so likewise, you’ll get so many watch faces. There are plenty of options to choose. Your watch face just need to swipe right and you will find so many watch faces and animations like this, and the good thing with the watch faces are that you can customize your watch face very easily. You can edit them. So if you wanted to customize your watch face, what you need to do is suppose, if you wanted to customize this one, you wanted to do some changes tap on this press, the edit button, and you just need to use the crown of the watch and fix The color tone, if you want to see so as you you know, uh, you move the crown of the watch and the color tone is fixing accordingly. So now you can see here. These are the complications which are present on the watch face.

So complications are nothing but the apps available, so suppose if we wanted to change or replace one complication, so there is a spotify icon here, so i am replacing the spotify with some another complication and when you tap on it you will find a lot many options. Just need to go through and suppose, if i’m taking this aqi and aky is there. So likewise, if you want to change another complication, tap on it and choose which one you want to keep on your watch face, so likewise, you can customize your complications on your watch face very easily, so, yes and that’s how you will find so it’s like you, Will get 20 watch faces by default by apple and there’s? This thing that you can share your watch face watch faces to other people and you can also download and install the new watch faces with the apps available. So this is also one of the watch face. Recently launched by apple – and you know, the cool thing is when you you tap on this watch face it: no, it changes its color tone and it’s quite enticing, so yeah. So likewise, and this is also one of the animation. So what it does is that it tracks your breathing style and it creates animation accordingly. So this again is very cool animation watch face, i would say so. These all are the complications which you will find on your apple watch series six and one thing which i would say that you know the functionality is very smooth: it’s it’s, really smooth because of its latest processor uh system and package s6 and the watch operating system.

Uh os 7.2, so you can see here as we moving fingers. It’S it’s very easy to operate and there is no lag find in this. So it’s it’s very smooth to operate, and this is like you can create and customize your memoji over here. So just need to tap on the cross button and customize your memosy with the help of skin hairstyle bros, whatever the you know, suits your persona, suits your character and that’s. How you can create your memoji we’re going to choose this one. So we’ll go with this. So, as we know, this watch is a health focused, smart watch and it has features like sleep tracking feature always on altimeter sensor hand wash detector to give you alert after 20 seconds, and i guess which they have inserted. Considering the current panoramic situation and now you’re seeing is the electro cardiogram sensor, so this echid sensor will track your pulse rate and displace the output. So you need to press the crown of the watch, keep it for 30 seconds and then it will give you the pulse rate and displace the output on the watch. So it’s really a cool feature to track your health status which they have given in the watch. Now, moving forward to one of the revolutionary feature which they have given in the watch, and you would have heard a lot about it auto feature to track blood oxygen level. So wear it on your wrist. Keep it for 15 seconds and this sensor will measure your blood oxygen level.

It will track your blood oxygen level and give you the accurate and healthy output between the range of 95 to 100. Now you would have noticed this, the red color banner, i would say, solo loop. You can also get these bands. There are plenty of different, beautiful colors of bands available on the internet, though they don’t have buckle, but you can choose your size and go for these cool pants or solo loops. Now let’s navigate to the settings and see what all the options are given and there are plenty of options are given, which you can go through that and see. If you need to do some changes, some necessary changes, so software updates are there and then the wi fi. Is there wi fi it has a 5 gigahertz uh bandwidth. It also has a lte connection. To you know, download stuff from internet has a bluetooth which has a range of 30 to 35 feet. This is the brightness feature of 1000. Nits has something very unique in this watch, so even if you’re standing under a bright sun, you can easily notice your screen blood oxygen level. Is there calculator? Is there? So all these options are available under the settings? You just need to open the settings and see what all is there for you. So, no doubt the performance is really very smooth if you know move your fingers around on the dial and you will just feel the smoothness of this performance uh.

This watch performance it’s. Very easy to operate, and this is a fitness tracking. Where you know all the activities will be listed here guys. This apple watch series 6 comes with the two variants of 40 and 44 mm, and this is certainly water resistant watch up to 50 to 60 meters and this cost around 420, or, i would say, 44k in indian currency, now let’s see how to add. These cool watch faces or cool animations in your apple watch and what all the apps, which are available in app store that you can find, and you can use them to add new watch faces so we’re, going to show you here that how to do that. So these all are the cool animations and the watch faces, which we have added – and you can see here that there are plenty of watch faces so apple, give you around 20 watch faces by default. But if you really wanted to add new one, then you can go to the app store and there are numerous softwares available to download the these watch faces and you can go for that, but uh in this process. What we have used is the buddy watch. We have downloaded that app from the app store and we have pre installed it and we all the watch faces which we have uh installed in this one, is, with the help of that buddy watch app, so we’re going to show you how to use that and How all these watch faces have been installed and added now, let’s see how to use this buddy watch app, which we have already installed it in the iphone, and now you will find here so many options of watch faces that is displayed on your screen.

What you need to do is, if you like watch, face just need to tap on this and download it and that’s. All the task is done now at the bottom. You will find add to my faces option. So click on this and the watch face will be added to the list automatically. So if you click on this and this watch face would be easily added in your list and you can use this watch face later with the your apple watch. So you can see here that we have already added it, but if you really wanted to remove this watch face, then you just need to tap on the red button: go to remove and that’s all it’s done. It has been removed from the list now, if you see at the top uh, there are a number of faces which has been shown: it’s 32. The count, so we have installed 32 faces till now with the help of this app. So this would show you the number of faces which you have been installed now going back to the app. So likewise you can, if you really like some other watch face, you just need to tap on it. Download it and add to the list of new watch faces and then you can use it uh later so yeah that’s also. Likewise, there are so many other softwares and apps, which are available, which you can really use to download your watch face and you can use them, install them and add to your list now let’s jump to this another app, which is a fitness app that is available In your iphone, so this is the fitness app to track your health status.

You can also do it with your apple watch, but if you’re really looking forward to contemplate the deep fitness insights, then you should certainly use this app and you can track the health status of a particular day or for a week or for a month, and it Would easily enlist all the health records, so you can see here it is uh it’s showing that exercise. Timing, it’s, showing how many kilocalories have you burned and if you go down there are options like how many steps you have covered the distance you have traveled. So all the small small insights would be shown on your screen and that’s how it’s going to help you over here and if we go down there is one more thing which is awards, so click on that and it would show you the list of awards. You have been achieved by that time so again, it’s a really cool app to track your health status and keep you up to date. Now, one more thing which we want to show you is the battery percentage of your apple watch, so you can easily notice or track your uh battery percentage of your apple watch or with the help of the widget available on your home screen. So now the question is: do we really need to upgrade to apple watch series 6? What are the different and unique features this watch has as compared to series 5.. So we have experienced few of the features that i’m going to enlist here extended battery life.

It has a super fast charging. The second thing is the fast processor. Third is a thousand nits of brightness on its display, so even if you’re standing under the bright sun, the screen would be very much noticeable to you other than that. You have plenty of options to choose. Your watch faces and much more so that’s all from our side and please drop your feedback in comment. Section and we’ll see you soon with our next review.