You can use the crown to zoom out let’s zoom back in the thing that’s good. The thing that’s special about this app watch is that it has sorry about that. Damn it has an ecg app, so hold your finger on the crown oh that’s required for your wrist, never mind um. We have fitness on it’s hard to have on this thing. We have fitness on here, here’s your ring, the red is the red asia walking the greens after size and blue is standing and from your phone let’s. Put that there right here from your phone, okay, so from your phone, when you get an apple watch, these two apps are pre installed, which is the apple watch app and the fitness app. So if you go on the watch app here’s, your wash information click on done and you can change your watch face so example: let’s just do motion. You can choose your thing. So if you want to choose some jellyfish, you can do that. Flowers, butterflies, come back. Yeah there’s multiple watch faces to choose from this this one’s the nike this this one is sorry about that. This one is the this one’s, the nike plus, so it comes with a nike hybrid pre installed and with the fitness app, you can see your fitness from your phone and this watch this watch costed 430 dollars pretty expensive. Let’S unlock this again. Okay for this, what this watch face has your activity, the weather, calories, burned and stuff, your battery percentage, so now let’s open this has phone on it.

So if you want to type something Music that, for example, you can – this is so hard to tap on – you can type that it has imessage fitness hearing noise, environment settings, so you can change your settings. Calculator basically basically has any app an iphone does. It has me emoji the app store blood oxygen, heart rate, pcg, the weather channel and that’s it. I hope you enjoyed your view.