This is a silver color as it stays on the box. The box is square well as well. You can see so pretty basic box to be honest, leading a healthy lifestyle, cpu rtl8762c, whatever that means bluetooth. 5.0 battery capacity, is 2 280 mah that’s. The watch size ip68, waterproof twitch screen, which is the full twitch screen we’ll see if that is instead of being a big puzzle, you know what they’re like uh package, smartwatch charger and that’s about it, let’s see what we get inside right. Let me just check and watch might have actually oh yeah. Actually the watch is already on the watch band itself. Let’S go straight in to the watch, so the bands are exactly the same as the original would be their favorite original. Well, we’re gon na have to check let’s. Take it off. You don’t. Have the uh push balls where you push it in to slide out all it is, is you just slide them out straight away, so that’s totally different compared to the original but anyways we’re? Talking about this one, so here is the w46 it’s, a silver uh body with white buns, like i said you can get it in different colors. It doesn’t have no main button. It’S got a cutout mic and the crown so everything is done by the crown let’s. Take this plastic off and uh, hopefully well yeah let’s take a look at the back, so the back looks exactly the same as the series four and five um it doesn’t have the new sensor type as the original series six.

Does this actually says bluetooth watch series? 6, 44 millimeter aluminium ceramic case, ecg, heart rate and that’s. Why and you’ve got the pass sticker right. There, qc plastic, no idea what’s that past, but that’s definitely a fake as well so let’s zoom in for you uh. The button is quite hard on it. Let me just push in you: get a vibration as well, and yeah we’ve got a vibration, but we’ve got nothing. Let me just press it again. Oh yeah, so that’s it’s come on check that out. They’Ve actually tried to make it as full screen as possible. You have got a bezel at the bottom and i’m, pretty sure that’s. Okay at the top, it is a little bezel i’m, not gon na lie. The crown bone is quite stiff. I’M, not gon na lie, so let’s check out the um white traces. A lot of people actually said they want to check out watch faces, so let’s see how many they’ve got hold it in one two, three, four, five that’s it just five. You may be able to change it once you actually um download the app so we’ll check that out later in the video, so let’s go back into this one let’s see this one. So do we click the corners to see if they work, no, they don’t. So the button doesn’t work let’s check out the crown so i’m pressing i’m turning the crown but that’s not actually doing anything as well tap to wait that doesn’t work, so let’s uh swipe down you’ve got your shortcuts information about the phone model watch six.

The version 4. 1.04 and that’s it under the crown, so i don’t think that actually goes any further, so let’s swipe it back down and there’s, no other other swipe down for that. So that’s the battery that’s, the qr code. What which one is that one so that’s the smart style and the grid so let’s swipe it to the left and there we go as you can see, there’s. No, the crown doesn’t actually work on this one wow. I thought it actually would have so the crown does not work, as you can see right here with the w46, so that’s a shame. Uh let’s go back and let’s see what apps we get. So if we go into that one do nine grids and go back and, as you can see here, you can get me two different styles, the smart which you saw or the grid one you can’t get three different ones, as you can see so it’s a slide. One, and that is the same let’s go into setting the display dials switch same again and yeah, so let’s go back into settings, display again brightness so let’s. How do you put this up? Oh yeah, you just slide it across so that’s. The highest brightness let’s go on this crap, where you can actually have to go back vibration, incense vibration, essentially whatever it says, turn risk to wake. Let’S put that six seconds screen time. You can change it to nine seconds let’s.

Do it as long as possible, because this will just go straight off um that’s, a slide back that actually works so menu style and that actually works as well, so that’s good system about shutdown and reset. So that is it for the settings and we’ve done information, which one is that that’s, the smart style, which one is that one no idea so it has. The w46 is quite, is quite decent. I’M, not gon na lie. What we’re gon na do in this video is we’re gon na connect it to my phone download the app as well check to see if some of the uh health features work as well so that’s. The main feature is the health. It looks good don’t get me wrong. It has that minus a few features with the original uh main thing being. Is this the crown doesn’t work so that’s, no good swapping it to the right. You’Ve got your exercise which you can actually use, and no it doesn’t work i’m, not going to try it again. So that’s your exercise, swiping it up from the bottom, your notification, stopping it down your shortcuts and swiping it to the left. Is your menu so that’s? What it has so i’m, pretty sure that’s the pedometer uh sleep mode, breathe mode and heart rate and temperature what’s that one that’s your temperature as well, and which one’s that one that’s your blood pressure. Sorry uh your blood oxygen, which that definitely must be a fake which one’s that one that’s your ecg that’s, your music that’s, your woman’s health as well feature is not turned on that’s.

Your exercise, your weather, alarm, clock, stop, watch and count down your messages as well. You can search and that’s your brightness and yeah that’s about it, so that is it for the menu now. What i will do is put this on my wrist and let’s see what the health features are like right. Here we go so let’s go back into menu. Let’S go to heart rate, just press anywhere onto the screen and it’s actually moving, so it doesn’t actually say measuring though that’s the thing so let’s see. If we get anything so we have 86 to 87 beats per minute. It just jumps to 80 12 they’ve gone down to 82 79 78, so it does jump down as well. 72. Now what i’m gon na do is see. As you can see, i think the health apps give you an accurate reading. Um, like i said, if you want it for sure, it’s good don’t get me wrong, but if you wanted to track your health just get an original watch, because the amount of money you’re going to be paying for this. You can pick up like a series, two or three or maybe of well yeah series, two, two or three or even a fitbit whatever, and that will give you an accurate reading of your uh heart rate and i don’t think blood pressure because that’s the i’m, the The only uh feature that the fake ones have the blood pressure, so it’s, giving 113 over 70 i’m, not 17 over 70 or whatever.

So, as you know, the health apps don’t work as good load is um. It says here fit cloud pro which i’ve already downloaded before so search now. Uh, hopefully let’s see if this bluetooth is almost switching down and i think it’s not as you can see, watch six disconnected let’s uh binding bracelet, as you can see right there pair i’m buying successful, display, iphone notifications and enjoy now so that’s about it. So watch is connected and let’s zoom in for you straight away. We can actually see watch face and let’s press that so we’ve got the watch face, though, which you can have all of these watch faces onto your watch. They’Ll just download it straight on. So three, six nine twelve, so you probably got about 16. 17. 15. 16. 17. You can tell i’m not good at maths, so that’s how much what for watch faces. I don’t think you can download any or you can edit let’s press edit. No, you can’t download anymore it’s, just them so bracelet alarms message reminders you can actually toggle on and off from there lift wrist to awake, so let’s see so it doesn’t. Do it now let’s press it on, and it does do it so that doesn’t work that’s. A good thing enhance heart rate measurement, continuous health monitor and so that’s, the all of the stuff you can actually do on your app going to home, actually calculates all of your readings and puts it onto this app here, and you can put your daily steps in Your height weight everything on your app from here, so you just got to sign in.

If you want to do it, if you want to record everything so yeah that’s about it for the watch face, uh let’s see if you can actually use the call feature it doesn’t actually give you an app of the call feature. Just the messages. So let’s see what happens if we make a quick phone call and uh let’s see if that actually comes up that it’s calling on so it doesn’t actually work on on the w46. As you can see right there, you only can get notifications, it was our there. We go that’s uh, so that’s your notifications, so that is what it’s showing uh you do get notifications. You just sent me a message as you can see on there uh, but you can’t actually take a phone call on it, that’s, no good. So you can see the notifications do come up, you can toggle on and off from the notifications. You get uh on the app. So if you want to download that you can download it, but there we have it people that is the w46 smartwatch the series six clone, not a good clone in my opinion, because quite a lot of features, don’t work, uh they’ve got no power button here they Should have um they’ve got no buttons here to take off the bands which you know it looks a bit a little bit better if it is because it looks the same as the series six you can’t use the phone application, you only can get notifications the health Apps don’t work, but overall it looks okay.