Just not the case for such an already successful smart watch so who should buy this watch then lets talk about it. Im krista grubb, with digital trends, and this is the apple watch series. 7. Music. Im going to be honest with you im, not the most active high energy fitness nut out there by any stretch and theres a lot of health features in the new watch os 8 that i have yet to regularly use even on my own apple watch series 5.. Among other things, apple has added tai, chi and pilates workouts. Additional auditory feedback regarding workout milestones have been added to help keep track of where youre at without having to pull out your phone or even glance at your wrist. Cycling has been improved to better track when youre moving versus when youre stationary and though theres no indication to the user apple says. E bikes will now track uniquely compared to standard bikes. Apologies to my fellow e cyclists for the new challenge, but we all knew we were cheating anyway. The breathe app now offers guided meditation for fitness plus members, and sleep tracking will now offer overnight respiratory insight in case youre wondering yes, all of this did induce enough guilt for me to accept the three month trial of apple fitness plus, so maybe check with me In january, to admire my newfound gains, but dont hold your breath. This is, however, a watch review, not a watch os review, so here we are to the last order of business, wherein i kindly request that you like this video subscribe to the channel too, especially if this isnt your first time here – and i know it isnt – all Of those in an effort to keep me just mentally stable enough to maintain the physical demands of a fitness subscription lets dig into the dang watch.

Shall we series seven comes in five brand new colors this year? Ours is midnight and its sold alongside starlight, green, blue and product red. There is no space gray and you might think well. Midnight is black, so whats the difference. Well, a tiny drop of dark blue is the answer, but not enough that itll be a challenge to match your outfit of the day and unless youre in particular lighting, you may never even notice its there. The watch is now ip6x certified, which is really great news. That means its now able to resist dust better than ever before, and it supposedly has a stronger, more durable screen due to an increased thickness of the glass and some refined geometry. Now, every year apple says every one of its screens is more durable than its predecessor and, while i doubt theyre lying about any of that, as someone who doesnt use screen protectors on any of my devices, certainly not on my watch, they all still scratch. I havent had this one long enough to damage it, so i cant say one way or the other with certainty, but just expect to see your watch reflect your lifestyle and youll never be dissatisfied easily. The most distinguishable aspect of the apple watch series 7, is that its larger 45 and 41 millimeter models replace the series 6s 44 and 40 respectively. The screen itself is larger, as well, of course, and the glass now wraps further around the case, giving it softer corners.

Its not something i could even tell when, comparing closely even to my series 5, but there you have it im nonetheless, pleased with that new screen real estate, which is taken advantage of in a few different ways for one most ui elements like passcode apps notification input Prompts like basically, all of the on screen buttons, pretty much are now a little bit larger up to 20 in many cases, and the result is an interface that is a great deal easier and more enjoyable during everyday use. Youll also gain access to two new watch faces. The first called contour is very sleek trendy, a little hard to read all around impractical and exists only to look cool screams me. If, im being honest, i hope you know how to read an analog clock reasonably quickly without numbers, because if you want to rock this face, youre, either going to learn or youre going to sit there twirling the crown for 10 seconds whenever you need to know the Time, honestly, you might be doing that anyway, its pretty fun. Its quite customizable, though, which i appreciate, and so matching it with a watch band and or a fit, will pose no problem. The other new watch face called modular duo, aims to be the more pragmatic of the two, absolutely cramming information from complications in every corner, up to three to be specific, two large rectangular complications and one smaller one in the remaining top left corner.

It still maintains an easily readable digital clock and overall elegant. Look, though one that doesnt depart wildly from other modular watch faces you may be accustomed to using. Currently that said, in my opinion, apple still leaves plenty to be desired in the world of faces. Its still lacking compared to when i first done the moto 360 on my wrist all the way back in 2014., i doubt well ever be trusted to create our own looks from scratch, nor given more deeply customizable apple, approved third party options. What i will say, though, is by now at least theyve arrived at a reasonable selection straight out of the box, all very elegant and intentional, and certainly more personalized when compared to default offerings from just a few short years ago. Heres a big one. You can text now on that bigger screen using a full qwerty keyboard, making the typing experience a little more pleasant. Is it a huge step up from doodling every individual letter, sometimes two or three times kinda? Realistically, even with swipe or quick path, as apple calls, it youre probably only going to be using something like this. In a pinch for what its worth its a welcome quality of life enhancement and little more, i found myself using it for the purposes of testing and then honestly, never wanting to touch it again, given how much it relies on predictive typing to its merit. I wonder if this would have worked just as well on as far back as like the series 4, for example to me, its exclusivity reads more as well.

If you want it youre going to have to buy this and less of something that wasnt possible until now. Needless to say, i wouldnt consider it a huge selling point Music. As i mentioned, i own a series. Five, and typically i dont sleep with it. This is particularly because its a little uncomfy, which, of course, is something i could get used to, but even more so its because it complicates the charging cycle. I have alongside my phone. If i charge them both at night, theyll be good, pretty much guaranteed through the next day, but this has not been true. If you sleep with the watch, especially if you have an lte model thats a couple of years old, it might or it might not. So when am i supposed to charge worse its not like it charges quickly, it can take an hour or more, depending on how much battery is left thats, where the series 7 makes its other big improvement. Not some would argue, unfortunately, to the size of the battery, but rather to the rate at which it charges with this new charger. The new charger whose cable comes with the watch will charge 33 faster or from zero to 80 in about 45 minutes, or as they put another way, eight hours of sleep tracking can be gained from just eight minutes of charging before you go to bed with this Faster charging ive been able to create a new charging cycle that makes sense and easily fits into my life.

I top it off as i get ready for bed and fill it up as i break in the new day. Ive finally, been able to take full advantage of the sleep tracking that ive heretofore, been too inconvenienced to bother with to reiterate the overall battery life remains the same and granted. This is a brand new device with a very healthy battery, but from my testing that marginally faster charging speed makes owning the newest apple watch. For me just a little sweeter. Does that mean you should upgrade from your series 5 or series 6? Honestly, probably not unless you just want to, but for those who are as close to as objectively ready for a new watch as one can be, it will be one more thing to add to a growing list of features that theyre still living without so what isnt New in the apple watch series 7: well, we already went over its shape and, as you can see, there are no flat sides to be found. Who knows if thats coming next year or ever, the processor carries over from last year as well new only in name s7 for the curious and then what about health? Sensors? Well, theres, no new tech. In that respect either some rumors did suggest a body temperature sensor. More hopeful, yet a blood sugar monitor both are likely still in the works, but theyre not here now a non invasive way to test for blood sugar still seems like magic, yet every year it feels like this might be the year.

We finally actually get it as someone with a few friends who could really use it more than anything. I hope that those rumors come to fruition like yesterday, but i digress, i think the thing to take away is that the apple watch like many of apples device verticals, if that makes sense, is maturing and with that maturity comes what some might perceive as stagnation still Theres plenty to love about the apple watch series 7, particularly if youre already in the market for a new smartwatch for your iphone. This the best available apple watch right now, will give you many years of service before needing to be replaced, and i dont think we should deride it for that. Let me know in the comments, if you have an apple watch, which one you have and if this bigger screen is tempting you at all, or maybe you were really disappointed in the minor redesign and were hoping for something more substantial, either way thats going to be It thank you for watching. Please give this video a like and sub to digital trends.