. So, if watches did s updates like that, this would be a series 6s for sure, but they dont either way. What you need to know is its a minor update matter of fact. At the risk of tanking, this videos watch time watch time uh. This watch is basically a series six, but with a slightly larger display and slightly faster charging same price thats, basically it. But there are a bunch of other little quirks and things you should know about it if youre considering actually getting one but yeah like i said, the flagship new thing about the apple watch series 7. Is that its bigger alright, mostly with the screen too? So you get this 20 larger display in a watch thats just barely bigger than the previous body and right away. You do notice that everywhere the whole ui is a little bigger. You know in the calculator the buttons are a little bit bigger in your notifications. Theres, just a little bit more text the map, if youre navigating, is that much more usable and when youre typing your passcode. Of course the digits are just that much bigger. So for me, i like that the snooze button is also slightly larger in the alarm clock, but just being slightly bigger, with smaller bezels wouldnt be quite enough for a whole new watch. So apple did the apple thing and built a few special features into the series. Seven that specifically worked best for the larger display, so they made two exclusive watch faces for the series: seven only to take advantage of this screen.

This one here is called contour, where the numbers literally wrap all the way around the very edges and then theres. This modular duo watch face which basically has two really large data rich center complications. So i can keep track of exactly how well im crushing my fitness competitions all the time. Then they made a full qwerty keyboard for the watch. Now that sounds terrible at first and it actually looks a little bit ridiculous on your wrist when you go to reply to a text. But it is a swipe keyboard which is easier to crank out words on youre swiping, between letters of the words and auto predict is usually pretty decent. I just personally didnt find myself actually using this very much like it is enough to get a couple words down, but if you get enough words wrong, the ui is barely big enough to go back through and select the words you want to replace. And then you tap in and then re swipe them and youre holding your wrist up this whole time, and i dont know its fine, its fine for quick messages, but im still gon na go with voice text nine times out of ten either way. I think we all knew that having a slightly bigger screen would be a pretty basic upgrade for a smartwatch, but what i was a little more curious about, especially after seeing all of those apple promo videos was actually the shape of this new display.

So if youve seen the videos, then youre familiar theyve pushed the screen right up all the way to the very edges here, and so it gets so close to the edges. That apple was showing readable text literally bleeding over the edges and corners of the watch like readable from the side, which looks awesome in rendered videos with no reflections. But i was very curious about all the reflections and stray light and refractions that happen in real life. Turns out it didnt really make much of a difference at all i mean yes, the apple watch has always had this shape with the curved edges and this year the display does push more up into those corners than ever before, but it doesnt make much of a Difference with readability, where most of the stuff is in the center of the screen, literally the one place i found it to make, the biggest difference is in the exclusive contour watch face that puts the numbers all the way around the most reflective edges of the display. So then, yeah youre gon na have to learn to deal with some more annoying reflections on a regular basis just to see what time it is. I like the bigger screen, though bottom line now something to consider if you have like smaller wrists or if youre a little more sensitive to the size of this big watch like its starting to look like a computer on your wrist. If youre getting the biggest watch – and so you might consider getting this smaller apple watch instead, because that screen size is up to 41 millimeters now, which is still very usable, thats, actually fun fact, one millimeter smaller than the original large sized apple watch.

Now, when i said theres a couple other small changes, i really meant it theres just a couple small things, but the thing about small changes is: if enough of them apply to you, then they can add up to make a bigger change, which is nice, but if They dont apply to you, you might not care, youll, probably know pretty quickly which cant be fallen, so this is now the most durable apple watch ever so i noticed the speaker on the left is now a single slot where previous versions were two slots, but thats, Apparently, not contributing to durability, its actually, the thicker cover glass, and you can never tell just by looking at it from the outside, because it doesnt protrude anymore. It actually goes deeper into the watch and that larger z axis dimension makes it more crack resistant than ever before. So if you tend to put your watch through a lot, maybe you play a lot of sports with it on youre lifting with it. You hit stuff with it – maybe youre, tough on it outdoors, maybe youre my sister and the entire cover glass just breaks off of your watch for no reason then yeah. This may be important to you and then the watch is now ip6x dust resistant, not because of some new hardware or coding, but actually apples never tested the watch for dust resistance before so. Its just kind of a bonus to now have that extra peace of mind.

Theyve always tested for water resistance, though, like people ask me sometimes if they can get the watch wet or shower with it uh. Yes, you can literally dive underwater with an apple watch and itll be fine, its rated for 50 meters deep of water resistance. So its no garmin, but the things have been pretty tough for a while. This watch is also now brighter when youre not looking at it its subtle, but you know so. If you have always on, you know how it gets dimmer when youre not looking at it and then gets brighter when youre checking it when youre checking it same. Brightness max is the same, but when you put it down and its sort of dimmer its a bit brighter in that dim state than the previous one. So if youre, someone who likes to just glance over at the watch without doing like an obvious gesture, then yeah you can check the time or your complications or notifications easier. That way it barely shows on camera. But this new watch is slightly slightly more readable from off axis when its dim its noticeable, when you put them next to each other, but wasnt a huge deal for me. But the little thing that applied to me, the most it charges 33 faster now so same battery life about a day and a half. You can kill it much faster if you do workouts or gps tracked activity stuff like that, but with, and only with the new usbc charger included in the box.

With this new puck, the watch does charge up a bit faster. Its not super dramatic itll still take about an hour to charge it up fully from dead, but if youre like me, im a person that wears a watch like 24 hours a day all the time i sleep in it too. So its my alarm clock, i hate going to sleep with it on, but it is a great alarm clock just tapping me on the wrist. So the only times i really get to charge. It are very brief. Itll be like when im in the shower or when i get up in the morning for a couple minutes, so i want it to charge fast when i do get a chance to charge. So this charging speed boost is appreciated. Uh eight minutes on the new charger is enough for eight hours of sleep tracking, with the screen off so thats, pretty great, just make sure you have a decent usbc power. Brick and your set you wan na, know my biggest disappointment. Actually, with these watches, though, the color choices, so you may have noticed im wearing the product red version of the watch, its very bold, bright red, but i feel like with a watch you you wear it every day. You want it to be a little more neutral. A little more able to match with more things and then, if you want to spice it up, you do that with the watch band like this beautiful new mkbhd leather, strap from moment with the full grain, soft, embossed, leather and trademarked parallelogram tessellation pattern, and that crisp Red accent, link in the description also shout out to moment for co.

Designing this, but apple doesnt offer a neutral color for the aluminum baseline apple watch. I repeat: no neutral, colored aluminum, so aluminum is the baseline, its 400 bucks and i define neutral as like a shade of black or gray or white. So i know some people might consider the starlight pretty neutral, but it definitely has a warmer hue than a silver wood and midnight has a slight blue hue much more than a black wood. So the only way to get a genuine, neutral shade of gray would be to jump to titanium or stainless steel, which is not only heavier but much more expensive. So it just bothers me that i cant get a baseline black aluminum apple watch its you know. Maybe im being picky about the color, but since i am that picky ill, probably just stick with the series six but thats not on sale anymore. So if you want to get one good luck so now on apple site, theyre selling, the lineup of series, seven se and the low end series 3.. So if you can avoid the series 3, you know unless its your first smartwatch, in which case you probably wont, know what youre missing thats fine, but the main differences between series, 7 and se, are the larger always on display. This set of colors, of course, and theres a couple extra sensors like for blood oxygen and the electrocardiogram. The watch se is great for almost everyone, but if you can get past these colors, then yeah.

The series 7 is its the best overall smart watch for the iphone. Still i mean it, doesnt have any crazy new features. It doesnt. Have you know charging on the back of the iphone it doesnt have the new square redesign we might have been hoping for, but yeah its the apple watch but bigger there. You go but yeah theres a new apple event literally next week. So if youre hoping for some more exciting stuff, maybe well see some of it there but thats pretty much it for this one catch you guys very soon in the next one, because its tectober and this stuff just keeps rolling catch.