So today we are going to do an unboxing of the new apple watch series 7., see what that new, larger display is all about and what you get inside of the box. So lets pop this thing: open, wheres, my knife – i just had it – i do have it um. Okay, all right lets see what we got. Okay got like three different things here: wow carl youre over there all right guys, weve got our apple watch. Oh green band. Oh and a green nike band, okay, now the apple watch comes in a few new colors green being one of them. Theyve also got midnight starlight. I think a new, updated product red this green and a blue uh, but lets just open it up now. I know this is supposed to be like super simple, but i always managed to tear it a little bit. Huh huh. Am i gon na? Do it this time? Oh! Thank god. Dont! You just love like the packaging for this stuff. Okay, another green band. It comes with a band, and then these are some extras: okay, okay, that green. Why is it so hard to take out all right? Well get back to that. You also get the apple watch charger as well as some paperwork. You know standard stuff, but i believe this apple watch charger is a bit different this time around. So now, weve got the watch charger here and it has usb type c.

So now we can finally plug this into a usb type c port and it also leads to faster charging. Now i believe battery life is still going to be the same, but you do get 33 faster charging, which is great because the apple watch charges pretty quickly. In my opinion, so even faster charging is gon na make it even better and thats pretty much what you get in the box here. Standard apple watch unboxing. But now let me let me get this thing out there we go – and i like this. This is super clean. You know what this color reminds me of, so this is the green version in aluminum uh and those colors i mentioned before. Those are the new aluminum colors. This reminds me of the i. No, no, i yeah yeah midnight green from the iphone 11 yeah im surprised they came out with this now, instead of when the iphone 11 dropped, itd be cool to kind of see them go side by side, but regardless green is here, and i like it, its A dark green, so its pretty subtle its, not very bright. I like the look of this so far, but real quick, i feel like. I just want to see what all the bands look like that go with it. So its not just dangling there, with just a watch, face im going to open up the nike one. First, oh thats, a clean band: oh man! This is probably going to be my band of choice.

This is the this. Is a nike sport loop in green, so thats a nike band lets take a quick look at the other two okay guys so weve got our typical sport band over here solo loop and the nike band and all the greens look pretty good. I, like the look of this now this one you uh, take off my apple watch. You just put your hand in like this Music. Now that weve got it unboxed, we got our strap lets talk about whats new, all right guys, so it looks like were all set up and good to go and right off the bat. Just looking at the watch face that i typically use the screen does seem a bit larger now for those of you who dont know the new app watch has about a 20 larger screen and its not larger in size. They didnt change the body or anything they just shrunk. The bezels a bit, i think, about a millimeter on each side and weve got almost a 20 increase in overall size of the screen. Its actually got a bit of a new design, its a bit more round than the old version. So if i wanted to go ahead – and i dont know switch to one of the new watch faces that take advantage of the larger screen – oh look at that. I kind of like this uh whole rainbow look, but let me let me look for the teal.

You guys already know and not necessarily teal but ill ill go for this. Oh wow thats, actually kind of interesting when you go to add a new watch face about the one from my phone just came over, but if you were to add a new screen, it has a new section where you can just see new faces. Now these spaces will take advantage of the larger screen and uh lets. Just lets just add this green one. Just for now, since weve got the green apple watch right, so you might not be able to tell by me like putting it close to the camera or anything, but it does look like the numbers kind of bleed over on the edge and its meant to do That take a look at this side. The numbers are pretty skinny over here. Can you see the numbers? Oh, my god. Can nobody notice it? Okay, we need another opinion kevin right on that on the edge on the edge of the actual screen right above the bike. I cant read them, but i see you see somethings there right. I see something all right: well, its really subtle, apparently its not about seeing the time from the site, its about being able to just see a little bit whatever Laughter. Now, this larger screen is almost 20 larger than the series 6 and over 50 larger than the series 3, which is also available, i believe for like 199, but yeah youre getting a lot more screen over here now.

This apple watch is also supposed to be quite a bit brighter when youve got always on display its actually 70 brighter than the previous model. 70 is a huge deal, so youre gon na be able to see that always on display a bit easier when youre indoors. So lets see if its, that always on display, oh man, yeah thats, thats, pretty bright, you can see that really clearly so thats thats super easy to see and its not going to impact battery life battery life is going to be the same as like with the Series 6, but you do get the larger display and you get that faster 32 charging, so im glad that thats not gon na take a hit on the battery life. Now, of course, with this new larger design, theres going to be ui elements that change as well. Uh, so that swipe up screen youve got much bigger buttons and im not mad at that, because this button right here that that is my best friend that find your iphone button. I need to see that every time like with my phone so youre going to get larger buttons there. I believe youll also see larger buttons with things like the stopwatch. Youll see that its a bit larger here, since it really takes advantage of that new real estate and youll, also be able to see it when youre writing a text message. So now, when you go into messages – and you want to write a new message – get a full on keyboard to type your messages.

So if you had issues swiping out the letters and or maybe even dictating your text, you can go ahead and type. It lets see how hard it is or easy. It is to write a message with this new keyboard: uh, hey, okay, carl, so listen. I completely fat fingered. All of that and pressed a bunch of keys that i didnt mean to, but i was typing gibberish that it autocorrected, like a beast, so im happy to see that and you guys wanted to see if you could swipe on this keyboard right yeah. Can you swipe yeah, it works, it works better, its smooth, so you could swipe or you could type it out, but you get full access to the keyboard. If you want to type a message, so you guys there you go and the clock right here that weve been looking at and thats been pretty much like the watch face of series. Seven uh. This is one of the new watch faces that youll only find on the series seven and i believe, theres a second one. I think its this modular duo. This one also takes advantage of the larger screen. This actually looks pretty clean now. Another change that came with this new watch is now it is also ip6x rated, so that means no dust or dirt is going to be able to get into this, as well as that water protection thats up to, i think 50 meters, so you can swim, get A little dirt in here and your watch is going to be safe, but there are some really adventurous: people out there who are taking their apple watches and all kinds of scenarios uh.

One thing that is good to note is that this is also going to be a bit more durable in terms of the screen cracking so its actually, i think, up to 50 thicker at the tallest point of the screen compared to the series six. Basically, if youre doing anything, crazy, youre gon na have a harder time cracking the screen, not scratching it or anything, but actually cracking it compared to like the previous generation, so thats always good for those wild folks out there thats not me. I ill be like this. Like not my watch, you crack your apple watch screen, see dont ever ask me to borrow anything bro. I dont trust this guy, but yeah for the folks out there who are out there cracking their screens for their apple watch youll be happy to hear that this one is more durable and, of course, this also comes with all of those health features that you saw From previous models like the blood oxygen sensor and the ecg, so you still have all those cool health stuff. But the big thing here is the new design that larger face some of those new colors that were seeing with the aluminum model, as well as that faster charging, but you know, were gon na put this thing through its paces, of course, give you guys a full Review on whether or not you should pick one of these up so definitely stay tuned for that, if youre not subscribed, already be sure to hit that subscribe button and keep an eye out for that.

Oh yeah, we got ta talk about price. This guy starts at 3.99, but they still offer the apple watch, se, which starts at 279.99. Oh yeah, theres, no 99.. We talked about this jay theres, no more 99.. This is 3.99 app watch. Se 279 and the apple watch 3 is 199., spend the 80 bucks and buy the sc guys. Trust me, but yeah thats about it for everything. Thats new with the apple watch series 7. well be covering it in a full review, like i said, but well catch. You guys in the next video till then its your average consumer peace. How did you crack it? Carl all right so funny story um.