Just using that money and getting like a full body case that could protect it now recently, this year, uag released their cases for the apple watch and we’re gon na go ahead and take a look at it and compare it against other third party popular solutions available. In the market, the one case that i was always personally recommending everyone was the unicorn beetle it’s inexpensive. It looks cool it’s stylish and offers the best screen protection as the gap around the display has a nice lip. That goes all the way around perfect. In case you lean on a wall or slide your wrist on a side of building or something trust me i’ve done that before without a case. But earlier this year, uag released their solution towards those type of harsh environments as we’re going to go ahead and check out not just their band, but we’re also going to go ahead and combo it with the full body case that simply just attaches on to your Apple watch now it’s compatible for the newer generation apple watch. So if your apple watch is a series 4 or newer, this also includes the se. The case is fully compatible and then the band well, of course you can put this on even on the older generation apple watch, so let’s go ahead and quickly take a look at these accessories and also compare it against other shock, absorbing cases that are also available In the market, let’s get started, so i guess the same company that makes these very popular shock absorbing cases for smartphones are now making accessories for the apple watch.

Now this case slash bumper retails for just 19 normally and comes available in two color choices to choose from you. Have this one which is black and orange, and the one i got personally is the black on black for a more stealthier look. Unfortunately, a thing i noticed when chopping is that this is only available for the 44 millimeter apple watch. So if you have the 40, unfortunately, the size isn’t available, apparently, which is a darn chain now uag, actually have a lot of different style bands to choose from under store for the app watch and it’s available for either the 44 or the 40. And even if you have the older generation apple watch, these vans are fully compatible. So something like the series three as long as it’s the appropriate size, you can still fit it fit it on just fine, but this band is the civilian strap and what i like about this one. It has a unique built to it and all still has the unique orange as well. Some little highlights here and there, which still looks very stealthy but it’s made out of silicone it’s super flexible, but it is somewhat pricey in my opinion, as this. Actually, this band actually retails for ‘, normally, but taking the case out of the box, this is made out of a very flexible, almost like a nerf style, feel you know, like the cases that nerf the toy company used to produce it, has that similar texture, but Slightly harder, but still feels really easy to like move and bend as you’re seeing right here.

The case just simply attaches onto your apple watch like so, and i think i immediately noticed that it has a massive gap around the speaker and grill area, which is great. That means there’s very little interference whatsoever when it comes to sound or speaker quality. So if you’re having a phone call with your app watch, the other person – and you should be able to hear the caller just fine microphone, cutouts – also nice and open, as well as the power button super responsive, digital crown – has plenty of protection. So there’s no risk of that gain damage and surprisingly, the edge to edge display actually wraps around really nicely around this case as there’s no blockage or anything on the display. Now the lip there is a lip that goes all the way around, which offers a general amount of protection. I would say, but when you compare it against the unicorn beetle, as i previously stated, the lip that goes around this case – it’s much taller but that’s, not an issue, because i think this is the appropriate amount, because i think the unicorn beetle kind of overdoes it. But i’d rather be safe than sorry, which is why i always personally recommend this one. But i do like the uag case a little bit more since i could switch it with any band that i already owned. I’M, not simply stuck with one, and if i want to remove it it just easily just pops off like so no issues.

There whatsoever, i like the edge edge bumpers to look slim and minimum now taking the watch off our wrist there’s, no blockage whatsoever. You can still take off the band with very little interference. You might have to push the case out of the way slightly though, but there’s no interference in terms of just pressing the real quick release button. But you do have to apply a little bit of pressure to slide the band out of the case, as it does slightly grind it, but it’s no biggie. Now, the back sensors, if you do have ecg or even just a simple heart rate, monitoring sensor, it’s, fully exposed there’s, no blockage whatsoever notice how the lip on the side does raise up from my experience. It doesn’t really cause any issues or any irritation or such whenever you’re wearing it. If you do drop the apple watch by itself, without any bands attached to it, i’m pretty sure the sensor is going to make contact to it on a rough surface and damage your apple watch, but in terms of the front face being protected, it’s fully protected there’s. No concerns about that. So, if you do drop it bare just like this, as long as it lands screens down, it should be perfectly fine if it lands back uh, you may need a new heart rate sensor or something hopefully, it doesn’t happen anytime soon. Now, moving along the civilian band is actually not that bad it’s soft it’s stretchy, because it is silicone and on the back there’s actually is a unique groove pattern right here, which should allow any liquid to easily evaporate.

So, if you’re training with this thing, it should be comfortable to wear as it will try to keep itself dry as much as possible, so it doesn’t cost any irritation. Now i think i did notice is that the logo, when wearing it it’s facing you, it’s not facing people around you, which is great for those i like to keep things minimum, but also look nice and the orange highlights also again facing you, it’s not really facing The exterior body of the watch minus this part right here other than that when you compare it against other well known brands like catalysts and their full body protection case. I much rather prefer this than this one, because if you look at the corners, doesn’t really offer that much protection. But it does keep things slim and i do like the fact these. This one actually has removable bands, but i prefer actually being able to use this band even without the case. If i need to and then the unicorn beetle, i love the unicorn beetle, but it is too bulky band that’s attached to it. Doesn’T really feel that great, but in terms of best body protection, i still think the unicorn beetle still wins, because that higher lip that goes around the display. But after having this for about over four years now, handling wear and tear very well so durability, wise unicorn beetle so far is handling extremely well. I just don’t like the the fact that the band is attached to the case itself, because this band isn’t really the most comfortable band available, and then this one over here this one’s alright, i don’t really have that much to say about it.

Just when you attach it, i mean and you’re wearing it. It looks like a kid’s watch in my opinion, which is great, if you’re using the kids mode function, but not the best, looking one but definitely does offer protection, but for the same cost. I rather go for this one or just go ahead and just grab this case part you won’t even bother going with the band the case itself. This thing offers a lot of protection and again looks pretty cool, so yeah honestly, i’m actually quite impressed the case isn’t that bad for this asking price. It actually offers a lot of protection and the cool thing is you’re, not stuck with a single band.