15, a lunar distance and of course, you know, we pay attention when it’s a lunar distance as opposed to talking astronomical units where you’re talking millions of miles. So this is a true close call, and thankfully this one relatively small somewhere between about 14 and 30 feet. So if it did come into our atmosphere, chances are it wouldn’t have done any major destruction uh. Yet this is the 75th known asteroid to come within one lunar distance of this year and you know last year was busy too so you know it’s it’s busy out there. It is high traffic high traffic area. Yes, we are definitely in a high traffic area, and you know this is something that’s. A major concern for many many people they’re the growing realization that there is so much stuff up there as far as satellites and discarded rocket boosters and things uh that they will become an issue they sure will, if not already, and we see a dead soviet satellite And a discarded chinese rocket body could collide in space thursday night exploding into thousands of bits of dangerous debris. You know we got ta just. Why do we have to put garbage all over everything? You know and there’s been this uh air leak on the international space station, which gets me thinking about the hopi prophecy of like one of the very last signs before the war breaks out according to hopi prophecy is a dwelling place in the heavens will come down? Yes, that’s true, so you know anytime, i see this type of stuff yeah.

I i studied too much prophecy as a kid and it’s just stayed with me, like nostradamus quatrains, all the hopi prophecies, the biblical prophecies it’s all just it’s in there yeah. The balance is key dear yes, so they’re saying anywhere from between 10 and 20 chance of collision, which is very significant, and when you have you know, elon musk, putting up tens of thousands of satellites up there. And, of course you know, we’ve talked about the star link and how it’s it’s all changing the night sky and boy there’s traffic. Up there i mean there’s, so much stuff you can see like last night was a little bit of a long night. For us. We didn’t really sleep so well, and you know just taking a look at the night sky. You know where we are because there’s no light pollution it’s just amazing to see that milky way up there, just so beautiful and brilliant, and really you just have to just you know, give it a few minutes and you’ll see something high altitude moving. That may be a satellite or maybe it’s, not but definitely not a plane. Oh yeah, i don’t think there’s satellites because they’re just you look at this bright star for a moment and then it just sort of moves really fast and stops again. Yeah satellites aren’t going to do that, so you know, but there are a lot of satellites up there and it’s growing it’s growing leaps and bounds, and it seems like they started to shoot things up into the uh.

You know into orbit up there around 2017 2017. Everything just picked up – and i remember you remember, when um not to get off track, but when all the world leaders or was that 2016, when they all went down to antarctica, i think it was 2016. They all went down the antarctica right so it’s like they knew we’re into changing times and boy we have been so this is there’s. If they are going to collide, they say it’s going to be um over the south pacific. I believe. Let me just double check again, so we have a dead soviet satellite and discarded chinese rocket bodies. Speeding towards each other in space could crash catastrophically thursday night leo labs. A company that uses radar track satellite and debris in space said on tuesday it’s monitoring a very high risk, conjunction wow there’s, a there’s another high risk conjunction. We have to talk to you guys about and we’ll do a video on it because we got in some info um december 17th through 21st is what i received, and then we took a peek at it and there’s a very interesting astrological conjunction then and we’ll tell You more about that an upcoming video, so these these two large pieces of space junk could miss each other by just ‘ feet so that’s, a close call and so leo labs calculated a 10 chance that the objects will collide at 8, 56 pm eastern time on Thursday, if they do, the explosion will send bits of debris rocketing in all directions.

Ten percent chance may seem low, but nasa routinely moves the international space station when orbiting laboratory faces just a point: zero, zero one percent or one in one hundred thousand chance of colliding with something out there. And since you know these are both defunct, nobody can move them out of the way and the odds will likely change. They say the collision will probably not be a danger to anybody on earth, since the satellites are 616 miles above the ground and are not and are set to cross paths above antarctica as well see. Okay, but the debris would definitely create major problems in space and could cause you know, other the possibility for other objects to come into contact with debris sounds like a mess is coming. You know it’s gon na get to be more and more of a mess as they put more and more stuff up there all the time and then just taking a look over here cameron, peak fire grows the largest in colorado, history and, of course, we’ve had the Largest fires in california, history, by by a mile i mean just no comparison this year and and we had we’ve had record years the last couple years. So this is the area we’re, looking at close to fort collins, a little bit to the west of fort collins, north of uh denver so record record everything we’re. Looking at all the changes. Now southern new england was hit by a rare duration, which is an inline straight line, wind event which again used to be very rare.

But in these times all these things are are not going to necessarily be rare anymore. So national weather service confirmed that, and that was an unusually power, powerful storm that happened last week on the 7th and it was a direction it killed at least two people and left more than two hundred thousand without power. I know i’ve seen that word derecho at least like a dozen times this year, yeah yeah and then we’ve talked about the wildfires and and paraguay and bolivia and brazil. You know south america has now got a major major drought going in certain areas and major major wildfires going on as well. So this extreme drought has drained the paraguay river to its lowest level in 50 years and of course, all these things are going to add up to challenges in the food supply which we know are underway yeah. They definitely are, and also it’s going to uh cause more of an issue with drinking water in so many areas and of course the american southwest. You know that’s a major concern over here and you know many people on the reservations, in fact, most of them on the reservations you know like navajo land and hopi land, most don’t have running water and yeah. You got ta haul it and you know think about how would that sound to most americans having to go haul your water right, exactly especially in drought, conditions that we have, and unfortunately we have a second mass die off right now, and this is off the kamchatka Peninsula there in russia – and this was two weeks after the first one, so there’s two mass die offs right now in some areas, 90 95 percent of the sea life is dead, that is horrible and they think it has to do with, because there’s reports of strange Um smells which you know what is this is this related to fukushima.

Is this related to underwater volcanic activity? Is it somebody polluting, i mean just dumping into the ocean? Is it some sort of you know chemical release that they don’t want to tell us the truth. Right that’s what i’m feeling – and we probably will never know the truth. That’S happened a lot in russia, but it’s happened in other places around the globe too, very, very sad. These unexplained deaths of sea life and so on tuesday, fish octopuses crabs are all washing ashore. All dead, unfortunately, too much of this going on this is where we got to get in harmony with the planet, and this whole system that we’re in has been one that just re regards the planet as an asset and unfortunately uh abuses it they absolutely do so. They found a lost 2017 airport, airbus engine found under 12 feet of greenland ice and um. This happened when a plane had a spontaneous explosion, and you can see this is the actual engine right here. They lost a big big chunk of it. Now the plane was able to make an emergency landing, but um. This was back in 2017, but then they just found uh. This missing piece under you know 12 feet of ice. So you know the point is too that the greenland ice sheet is growing uh yeah, really fast too changing times so guys. Thank you. So much for your support on kofi and patreon make sure you’re subscribed and have the bell clicked as always stay safe out.