Today we are having a look at the astrum’s smartwatch uh the m2. This is also one of the smartwatch watches that is ip68 water resistant, um, yeah, ip68 grade uh just another addition to the astrum smartwatches. This one has got into the interchangeable, strap well yeah that’s with all of them: 40 curved glass, full metal body. I think that’s, the only one of the watches that’s that actually states full metal body, but there is more of the watches that is full metal bodies. Um 24 hour heart rate, monitor this one. It says multisport mode ip68, waterproof blade, oxygen, monitor and call messages alerts. So let’s see what you get in the box here: okay, there we go it’s, just a little pamphlet or whatever or just you know, to keep it from scratching. I believe um i’ve got silicon straps uh, also the kinds where the quick release pins Music it’s got a bit of a well sort of a texture. Here, i think it’s to keep these from maybe moving around a lot um yeah. It does feel like it like it stays in place with this uh little bumps you’ve got here, uh let’s, see if the other side also got that oh yeah. Yes, so, as you can see, the straps has got little little bumps corrugated bumps um, so that’s the straps um there’s the little watch in this box. You get your charger, okay, so yeah. I believe these are one of those charges.

The whole watch fits into. Yes, not magnetic or anything like that, um just push the whole watch into this thing and it’ll charge its battery there’s a little booklet. Also in the box um. This one also uses the y fit app. So if you’re familiar with that app it’s, just a basic app to to sync with your smartphone and use the watch a little bit more efficiently, okay, let’s take off peel off this little sticker. Here, um there’s the front of the watch, so they state. This is a full metal body, it’s like a brushed, brushed, aluminium, aluminium kind of a finish. They show a little button. The back of the watch. Uh it’s got your sensors and your charging pins there um, you know that’s that’s, the whole thing let’s quickly. Try and connect put these bands on it’s, not too difficult, Music, the bottom one or in there. Maybe i shouldn’t look at the camera for doing this. Okay uh straps are in this is how it looks with the straps attached. Let’S push it into the charger. I think it’s going to be a bit difficult with these it’s got these sharp edges so um the 1887. I think that one has got a more rounded face so to push it in here is a bit easier, but for this one you have to really push it hard to get it in let’s. Just take it out again, as i’ve said before it’s only every other week or whatever you have to do that so it’s, not that bad let’s get.

This thing switched on hello, wow, okay, so it’s got a nice display here, let’s just see uh and the basic menus that’s on all of these they’re all the same on these ones. You can’t swipe from the main face. You can’t swipe right to check out your messages, so what it gives you when you swipe right it gives you: how much did you sleep step counter and how much sports, whatever sport you recorded on this, if you swipe left same thing from top to bottom it’s, The same thing into the menu and bottom to top it’s the same thing into the menu. You can also just lock it or show the display or switch it on and off with this little button. If it’s on your wrist and you bring it up, it’ll switch on the display and yeah that’s about it. Um you can definitely change the look. The i mean the faces um. Maybe we can quickly check check out a watch face uh there’s, the little all the red one it’s got a little bit less information on there. I, like the ones that that gives you a bit more information, because this is a smart watch, so let’s see something bit more digital, okay, yeah and you can download download extra faces for this. So the moment it’s only got three, but i think you can put four or five different looks or on on this. This one is a customizable face, so if you’re on the phone you can customize it and it’ll look a bit different than um yeah.

The average smart watch. Okay, let’s uh quickly see how it looks when you try to do the heart rate: um yeah, okay, so it does flash that little green light to pick up your heart rate i’m. Just going to hold my finger there. Maybe it’ll pick it up and give us a heart rate or maybe not we’ll, see now, because it should be on your wrist yeah, okay, so it needs to be on the on the wrist Music um. O2 sensors – maybe yeah okay. So it does pick it up through through my finger. I think it might pick up the heart rate also, but yeah i wasn’t holding it properly. So there is also upgrades or firmware updates for these watches. I have had a previous one Music asking for a firmware update, so i did that and they say just uh yeah. It just fixes issues or whatever it needs to be connected to the app to show you, the weather and that’s about it. It’S, a nice and smooth fast, and it does give your messages or show your messages or whatsapps or whatever on the screen. As you get them, you can end the call with us. You can’t answer calls or make calls with these. I don’t think they’ve got microphones or speakers or anything like that in them, it’s just a it’s like a smart, strap or band on your arm, so yeah that’s, the astrum m2 nice little watch, um practical and just gives you a bit more information before you take Out your phone from your pocket, so i’ve been wearing this astrum’s Music m2 smartwatch for the past week and yeah it’s, also good on battery life um.

Well, it says 92 because i just charged it uh yesterday um, but yeah it takes takes about like five to ten percent of battery per day. It depends on how active you are this one is well, i got a good night rests there. This watch also shows your steps and everything when you swipe left and right when you go from the top to the bottom. It’S got the same menu as the sn 87, so yeah also a good quality screen. I do love the full metal body. It does detect the heart rate um periodically so yeah it. It does everything you you want it to do. It does show my highest heart rate was 114 and lowest was 50. looks like that. So i think this. This is what it shows here at the bottom. Um yeah, so if this is uh the kind of watch or whatever you want or the things you need in a smart watch, then then this one will work for you, um Music, about the watch. This one also did a firmware upgrade on the on the software. On the watch, and apparently that fixes a few bugs or whatever, but this Music, this one has a strap, as i showed, with these um little bumps. Um it’s it’s comfortable it’s it’s, a it’s, a lightweight watch it’s, got aluminium kind of a metal, chassis, aluminium chassis and also easy enough to charge and set up on the app and work and everything so yeah, i’m happy with it and yeah.