Look at the aukey ls02 smartwatch. So i know i’ve done my unboxings already and giving you a software and stuff so i’ll leave a link in the description for that that’s gon na be more about reviewing the device itself, see where you’re getting for your money and see, if i’m, recommending to anybody Or anyone at all, really to be honest, so stick by for the intro um, i will see you down for table. We’Ll. Do a top down look of the device i’ll. Also look. I’Ll also show like a recording of the app you use as well. To sort of you know go through the pairing process with the device at the same time, um lovely, editing, stuff, i guess really – probably not an amateur anyway um. Yes, i will see you in a couple of seconds after the intro is done, and then we will review this bad boy and see if it’s something to spend your money on so take care, see in a bit and then we’ll do we are down at the Table now, to give you well just like a review, an in depth, review of the device itself and see you know the usual stuff you get on a smartwatch really going through the normal thing. That smartwatch should do how well it does that certain thing and sort of going from there really. So, as you can see here, we have the aoki, ls02 smartwatch, of course, as we have mentioned multiple times on this channel already.

So as you can see, um the design of this watch is very it’s. Bob basic i’m going to be honest with you, it’s a bog basic device and that’s not to say that it’s taking anything away from alki, because by all means it really really isn’t going to remember right now on amazon, this device is 29.99. Now that is a lot for your money when i go through this device in general, for you really like it in more of a depth terms, really that’s what we say so going through the device itself and the design of it, which we’re going to start off With the design, first, of course, so the design of the watch is, you know, it’s a smart watch at the end of the day. You know it’s not going to blow your socks off, unfortunately, but that’s not exactly a bad thing either, because this watch is meant to be for people are looking for something simple: what they want fitness tracking, what it does it very well and also you know it Looks the part to a certain degree at the same time? So if you go on besides the device, it is made out of a plastic or polycarbonate sort of design on the sides of this device. Um on this side, you just got one button on the device which this is um but it’s, basically a back button as well as a power button. So when you go into the menus of a device, if you’re in a certain menu, you can click this button.

Here and to go back and back to your watch screen basically and it’s on the side, you’ve just got a lovely, um sort of plastic design there. Of course i say: lovely it’s, plastic. Of course you mean a lot of watches. Do have plastic it’s, not nothing. To be afraid of you know, plastic is sometimes in a situation. You want to save money. You want to use plastic of course anyway. I digress so on the back of the device and you’ve got obviously the heart rate monitor and then you’ve got. Obviously, all the ce marks there, as well as well as the um million power design, amelia power design. They have powered battery of that as well, so it’s 260 milliamp hours of battery life on this one there, which sounds like not a lot all. But you remember, this is a very, very small device with a 1.3 inch display – and i believe, it’s 360 resolution as well, so it’s not going to be um. He doesn’t need a massive battery. Then today it’s a small unit, it’s going to be small, of course. So the design overall i’m very impressed with it really. You know it looks very apple watch like um, now, that’s not set again to take away from alky a lot of people do exactly the same design. I mean at the end of the day, with a smart watch. All you can really do is square or circle. You know if you want to do like a triangle: smart watch, then please do you know, insert the office reference here with a pyramid tablet, but you know otherwise it’s not really going to be something you i mean it’s a smart watch.

What else it’s going to do? You know you can only go so certain ways with the shape of a watch so that’s it so going into further into the overall aesthetic. Obviously, is that the aesthetic of it? Even sorry is you know, it’s, okay, you know it does its job it does it very well at the same time, so you know we can’t complain. No grumble’s. There i’ll give it a good three out of five stars to be honest with you on this one. So you know i’ll go out to overall star, of course, the review um. So now, if we look at the um software of this device as well, so the software is very again it’s basic i’m, not gon na lie to you again. I keep mentioning the price of this thing. It’S 29.99. You know it’s not going to blow your socks off, but it does everything really well at the same time. So let’s have a look here for you, so you can see here. You’Ve got the nice watch faces here. The watch face doesn’t really show much in particular. Really i mean yes, of course, it goes into quite a lot of detail for the small screen it actually has in the first place. So, as you can see here, if you go on the top left hand corner, you have the date. You’Ve got the day there as well top right. You have the weather if it actually loads the top right.

You got the weather, so you can link that through the alky fit application and go through your default weather application on your watch as a on your phone. See: i’m. Sorry as well, um, obviously the time in the middle there and obviously you’ve got the second counter. As well, you have your heart rate and you have the steps done, um, so that’s the steps done for the day. You’Ve also got uk calories burned as well, and also the distance you have done for that day. At the same time, so not too shabby really and also you have options for smart watch faces as well. So if we um go down here so you’ve got your settings menu, you go there and then go to watch face. It will show you. The different watch faces so you’ve got the standard digital watch. You know with all the details. There got a good analog watch as well and then, if you go right here, you’ve got some fancier versions of the original ones. Really. So if i choose that it will show that instead, which you know is pretty good, you know really it’s it’s, giving you extra features with, for the sake of you know, getting making the experience a lot better. You know at the end of the day you know, because as much as it’s nice to have you know a basic watch face, you want something to show for it as well. At the same time, i suppose you’re the only person that’s seeing it but still is still nice to see in the first place.

So if you go for the software, i know i’ve gone through this already in the walkthrough video, but obviously i’m trying to review this. As well at the same time, so the software – you know what for what you’re getting for 30 pounds, you do get quite a lot of in depth detail you know even a fitbit for double the price. Can just can just about do this, but this does it almost to a certain degree better. You know and what i’ll do is as well, and while this is sort of running through this and room for all the details there for you, i will also show a preview of the um of the software on the phone as well, because this is compatible with Android and ios, and which is alkyfit application, go to the app store. You literally just go into the the application itself. You pair the device it’ll show up automatically be good to go there for you, so i will show you and the the software for the phone as well. I mean i’ve got an iphone at the moment. So obviously, i’ll just show you that, but um i’m assuming it’ll be very, very similar on android as well. So with the software, you know what for what you’re getting for the software. It really is amazing. I mean the main feature i love about. This is the take a break feature now, um just to go into a bit of detail about myself.

I may have to do some anxiety on a daily basis, so i need to take a breathe river down again. You know so i mean when i had an apple watch um previously this had that as well, but this just does it even better, but not even better, it doesn’t say a similar degree, so you don’t have haptic feedback what the apple watch does, but this just Shows you a similar scenario as what an apple watch does so you’re, not really doing anything in particular um and yeah, so he’s pretty good, though i mean he’s really good. I think the main thing as well. What i wanted to mention as well on this one is the heart rate. Monitoring is really accurate from what i can see, and you can see that my highest heart rate, the minute was 103 because you know anxiety, sucks um. Otherwise, though it really is accurate, like most things nowadays with heartburn, you can’t really go wrong with it. You also have the um sleep monitoring as well, so i haven’t really tried this yet because i’ve got a really big issue with sort of trying, watches on and i’m gon na go sleep at the same time i don’t know i’m a freak of nature. What can i say um, but otherwise i mean i’ve seen some reviews in it. So from other people as well did try this and he seems to work pretty well, i mean you know, he’s sad, you kind of have to trust these devices when he says you’re getting rubbish, sleep or good sleep don’t.

You really because, obviously, if you feel like you, sleep like a baby but you’re what you’re saying you’re not then obviously you’re gon na trust yourself or a watch, you know that’s, the thing seems: okay, though he seems like it could really be accurate. This is the main thing. We’Ve also got the weather, which is great. You know i love this feature on this watch for 30 pound you’re, getting basically an all encompassing device which gives you almost everything you know, you’re getting fitness tracking. You can track activities, you can track sports. You can track almost everything which is amazing. You also get you know a weather widget as well. If you swipe to the right, you can go to your weather. You can also adjust this as well for the application um, and you just go through here and you’re, going to see your weather and stuff, so it really is an all encompassing device for the money you’re paying for it. Really it really is amazing, really really is um. So if i um swipe down here, let me just go back here right. So if we swipe down here, you’ve got some settings here, so you’ve got doing a disturb mode. Of course, like most things nowadays, you’ve got to do it surf motor watches. You’Ve got a brightness toggle, which you can turn the brightness down or up. If you’d like to you know so now, you’ve also got to find my phone feature as well, which again really really amazing for the money you pay.

I know i keep mentioning this and keep you know banging on the same drum all over this video, but the real reason why this device is absolutely amazing is because of the price you know. If you really think about it, you get. You know your notifications from your iphone, for example, and your android phone. You know all the main applications you use like whatsapp facebook, twitter, all the main things you would use for social media. You get notifications on this. Yes, sure the notification system isn’t ideal. To be honest, i’m going to be honest with you, it’s not ideal, it looks like a pocket calculator when you get notifications up and it looks from satellite announced 10 years ago, but still it looks and you know it looks like it looks the part. I guess really, you know, so it does its job and it does it very well. I mean i know, i’ve been wearing this watch for about a week or so now and the notification system is banned on you know from the apple watch i have previously it’s. Almost similar, i mean you can’t action notifications through this. You can only delete them, but still it’s nice to have that without getting your phone out at the same time, you’re on an exercise or something you don’t want to have your phone out all the time and the risk of dropping it or getting stolen or something You’Ve got your watch there for a reason.

You know, and the main other feature i like to say on this device is the fact that the battery life on this thing – it’s quite it’s – quite amazing. Really, yes, it’s got what was it 480? Was it 480 million pound battery or 260, something in that battery don’t go 480 from and this battery life on this device can last you 20 days up to 20 days is how we like to put it so 20 days. Battery life is absolutely gobsmacking. I think really, you know, because there’s nothing worse than having a device where you you know you have to charge it every day i mean yes, you know every smartwatch doesn’t nowadays anyway, but for a simple fitness tracker like this really is, but with that extra bonus And everything else you know 20 days, battery life is quite amazing and having this watch on for about a week or so now, 20 days to sound about right, i’ve only charged this once and that’s when i got it out of the box because it was a 20 battery, so i thought i’d, just you know, drain it down and then bring it back up again, but i’ve only charged this once ever since i’ve got this device. So absolutely stunning and amazing really to be honest, it really is an amazing bit of kit um, and the next thing i want to mention to you as well is the fact that this is ip68 water resistant as well.

So if you’re going for a swim, you know if you’re going. Let me know if you sweaty, you know if you’re going for a run, you probably will be sweaty at the same time. You know um. This is ip68 water resistant, so really you’re getting your bang. For your buck here and throughout this video, i will sort of show you the technical specifications of this device. Uh ticker at the left hand side of the screen on the right and side. I don’t know to be honest with you um, but yeah. I will show that as well as well as some sort of previews of the application itself, so you’ve got like an all encompassing review of this. Now, if we were to give this a rating out of let’s, say it’s going to be ringing out of 10, i don’t know let’s be frugal here, so i’ll give this device, i will probably say a seven and a half out of ten um, so um. What that means obviously saw my notification, no polish master preview, though um, so the seven and a half, the only thing that’ll really change about. It is maybe a slightly bigger screen to fill the bezels out a little bit now, that’s, not to say the screen on this isn’t great i’m, not saying that at all, not by any stretch of the imagination, just a little bit bigger screen to see everything and That you know that would set it right as well.

I think maybe also sort of in you know investing more in the the watch strap as well. So watchtrap is a very bob basic um rubber watch strap. So i know it’s for fitness, of course, but you can change them yourself, but maybe some like an edition of it with maybe a leather or something you know if you wanted to use it as like a normal watch. You know having like a leather edition for it or something you know something quite nice to my twitter at the same time, but otherwise this device for the money, because this would get a lot less if it was like 60 pound or something it wouldn’t be in The freezer fast because it’s, not it’s impressive, but not 60 pound impressive. I mean it’s more figuring out what the price is, what you’re getting and if it’s worth it. You know, and this is 30 pounds and you can get your notifications, you can track your activities. You’Ve got a really really good app, which shows you everything you can do. You can track your sleep. You can track up to 12 activities on the app itself as well. Ip68. Water resistant you’ve got up to 20 days battery life and overall it’s, just an amazing bit of kit for the price you’re paying for it, so alkie smashed out the park with this, the ls02 smartwatch is a high recommend from me. I’Ll put a link in the description for this as well, so you know where to get this from i’ve got this remarkable.

I bought melky themselves to be there for the purpose of review just to make you aware there um, but, yes, that is the review of the anki ls02 smartwatch. So thank you very much for watching this. I do appreciate it all. The links will be in the description, a way to find me where to find mobile tech talk and everything like that, and i will put every details of my specifications during this video. So you know exactly what you’re getting for your money as well, but overall, a very, very impressive device for the low price range alky are trying to aim for here really well done our key. I appreciate everything um what you’ve sent to me for the review things like that.