Smart watches inside here is a lot. What can you buy for 10 bucks? A couple of Starbucks? Maybe a Big Mac meal. I don't know how about a smart watch if you've been waiting, if you've been wondering, if a smart watches for you for 10 bucks, you can have one. It looks almost like an Apple watch, even it's, like wow wow wow wow check this thing out. 10 bucks. I don't believe it honestly look at how sealed it is yeah, it's, plastic, yeah, it's, cheap yeah. It charges right into a standard USB port. You don't need to carry wires with you with connectors and dongles and Wow all right. Let'S let's tell you about it. I know give me give me mr. dicks gim me: bang good has got this 10 watch well 11, but check and see. If I got a coupon for you to get it down below 10 bucks, okay, it's a baekje, we see a lot of baekje watches, fancy name one one: six plus okay, well it's the one one: six plus it's a 1.3 inch custom dial, dynamic blood pressure; blood Oxygen on and on and on speaking of on, let's get in here, they had to put this out because I think folks were we're. Looking for charging cable in the package, it's not, and they repackage that. I guess so that it doesn't even have the bands on it. So everybody knows you pull the band's off in order to charge it.

So I wanted to put that on there and make sure you know as well. In general, our specifications have this thing: it's in multiple colors, black purple I've, you name it. They uses Bluetooth 4.0 for tethering to your phone for only 10 bucks it's using this interesting app called lei fun device. We'Re gon na check that out on this review as well once languages supported waterproof ip67, you can drop this in water. It'S gon na survive, don't do hot water, but you should be able to wash your hands with it or yeah if it gets wet. It'S gon na be okay, it supports walking, running riding badminton a whole bunch of other sports features, and did we mention all the health things of blood pressure and blood oxygen? All of that yeah? Are they accurate? No? Well, I don't know I don't know if they are not you're gon na have to check them on your own, but for ten bucks, I'd be a little leery of the values that you get as long as they're, not faked. You could probably check them against a regulated instrument and see if there's a deviation one way or another. You know if you're reading, high or low than what your normal is and adjust for that, but for all practical purposes, use caution when measuring all your biometrics on any watch. In particular, this little tin dollar, one okay, there's the rest of the specs, so we pulled it out of the package.

What else is in the box? Ten dollars get your bands. Oh, I got the purple ones all now. That'S sweet! Look at that and their little snap on bands let's see. Usually I think that the buckle one goes on the top, so we just pop it on like that pop it on like that and then yep yep you'd slide it in you put it on I'll. Do it officially in a little bit and look look you've got a nice Wow. You know these should be stocking stuffers for Christmas. They could be office, gifts that you give to the the staff you know buy. Ten of them for a hundred bucks and you've got a really nice present way. Do you see what this thing will do, but first the manual we've got a cute little manual in Chinese and I hope in English. Yes, here we go all this and a manual. We were gon na show it to you on the screen, so you can freeze frame it and read about it. There'S the app you're gon na download okay go ahead. It'S called the lei fun health because there were two of them. I found in the Google Play Store, we'll tether it to layfon health. These are the displays that you get and look at that they're good size displays, Wow, Wow, dominar, heart rate, monitoring, all sorts of things. You'Ve got sedentary, reminders nice and shape the bracelet to take a photo when you go into the photo mode.

So you really have a lot of the features that we're finding on the much higher end higher expensive watches. In a in a little teeny, 10 plastic watch. Wow all right I'm gon na charge it up and we will turn it on one button right here: press and hold and it's firing it up. There is so much to show you measurement wise on this one that I'm gon na demo it on my arm cool out of the pink purple. Whatever integrates from the watch face right, there let's walk through what you see on the watch first and then we're gon na bring in the guest appearance of the tethering app when we tap it. If I hit the button just right, you saw the wet watch face. We get our step count miles and calories burned. We have a fitness section, I'm gon na press and hold that give you an example: here's run if I press and hold again it's gon na start calculating a run it vibrated. It gives me time and then my steps and calculated distance and calories burnt will appear right there on that screen. When you're done you press and hold that should get us out of here. I guess we have to be in pause mode. First, there we go tap over to stop, then press and hold, and then that takes us back out of it, but you can cycle through the other things. You'Ve got running, badminton, climbing and cycling on this 10 watch.

The back arrow takes you back to the top level and we were moving along. We tap once more you're into a heart rate. Now let's linger here in the heart rate, section now it's, showing you the step count and the calories burned down below. While it calculates your heart rate, you saw it started out real and now it's jumped down really low and now it's kind of hovering in the zone. Here I noticed that it looks like it's taking several discrete readings and as it a ver ajiz those over time. It starts to move in closer to your exact rate when it finishes. It shows it to you, but you got to catch it quickly, because once it's gone it's gone when the watch turns off. It starts back over again from the beginning to calculate your heart rate. So it's meant for a quick response, quick view of your heart rate, while you're active this rate does not tether to the app either I'll show you that you can actually instigate it from the phone app and get a reading. That will stay in the app. But this is just for reference purposes and there you go it's out again when you tap it again now you're coming into blood pressure and it's gon na do the systolic diastolic thing again. You keep your step count. Information down below takes just a few seconds to do it and there I am 125 over 89. If I press once more, I get into blood oxygen.

Those are the three biometrics that it's calculating, not sure about accuracy, as I mentioned before, something you need to check with a calibrated instrument, usually we're running between ninety five. Ninety eight, it seems to bounce around a lot on that one before it settles down, and then you got find your phone if you're tethered, you can send a signal and do that you can read messages tethered and sent from your phone to the watch, which is Cool and then there's an overall information page is what you need for tethering. If you need that at all and finally, the off button that'll turn it off for you. Oh, went back to the watch, face there's no easy way to get back to the face either. Other than to go all the way through so a few limitations in a little ten dollar watch, but you learn to live with them. If you press and hold you switch to the other watch face, he says: come on, press hold and wait, and there you go. This watch face also has your heart rate and your step count. The step count updates as you walk with the watch, but the heart rate only updates, if you actually do a new heart rate reading, either from the watch or directly from the app now. Speaking of the app let's bring that in, and I got to tell you something: the app is set up to be really black it's one of those night things and I've inverted it because I got such bad reflections in here.

I can't even show it to you on the phone, so it doesn't look like this at the very end, I'll flip it back. So you can see what it really looks like everything. Black is white. Everything color is the opposite: its flipped, when you get into it and you're tethered. You get this information on your main home, page there's, your step, countin feet, it's, distance, traveled and feet, that's, cool and calories, burned and more of a breakdown down here. When you go to the second tab now you have the ability to instigate a activity right here in the phone, and you can download this app for free and do this part without even having the watch, because this will tie in to all of your sensors in The phone, if you want to carry your phone along, including your altitude, gain and loss and your pace and lapse time and all of that stuff, so that's, pretty nifty right in here and you've got the the trend summary, and this is where it gets fun. I put a little bit of data on here today, so you can see here's your step, count, mileage and calories, and they should correlate pretty well to each other based on. You know the fact that they're all being derived from your step counter you get down here and there's last night's sleep monitor and it will be divided in a pie chart against all of the different parameters. Awake light sleep and deep sleep now heart rate and blood pressure, we saw those right here's a couple of dots that I've taken different times.

If I tap here, I get into this particular screen, here's the watch and, if I say start the measurement and we're tethered it's, going to activate the heart rate on the watch and give you a reading, so let's switch gears. Let'S say you really are like working out at the gym or something on a treadmill or whatever, and you got access to your phone right in front of you. Well, you can keep this watch on your arm as the extended node measurement node of your phone. For ten bucks, you've got to use the equivalent in a sense of one of those exercise – bands right, it's highs in here. It gives you your reading. It takes several of them before it settles on the final reading and then it gives it to you same thing happens now, and I think I got ta go over here, yeah that's, where we were and see. I got a new data point on the graph as well same thing happens with blood pressure. I could start the measurement. It shows me my previous ones, I've recorded and the latest one right there. It automatically turns the screen on doing the blood pressure. Reading it's going to give us our systolic diastolic 130 over 83 and it's done all recorded already set so that's a nifty little thing in the third tab of all of this information. It doesn't do that for blood oxygen, unfortunately, but it does for those two.

You have weekly and monthly information here as well and then, finally, your information here, here's your averages, here's your personal data, where you can put in your gender and units that you like, and your height and weight and birthday, and all that stuff, my device. This is where you can check for firmware, update and update it if necessary. This one did need an update and it got the over. The air update went just fine targets setting for your steps per day and it calculates against that a help screen and an about and when you're back here on the beginning screen you've got some things up here that lead to some interesting stuff. It says the LAIV fund is connected. What did I do shake shake for selfie? This is gon na put it into a camera mode where not shake the phone, but I am gon na shake the phone just so you can see if I shake the watch yeah, it should take a picture. Alright, whatever that's a feature in here, the shake for selfie synchronizing, the data I'm, not sure to where, if he's set up to the cloud, I didn't login or anything, but it has that feature in here as well. Some of these now may apply to more expensive devices, and not all of them apply to this band, so I don't know if they don't seem to work. It might not be here here's. Your message reminder your band function settings now.

This is where you can set it up. Yep it's already turned on. Have the screen turn on when raising so when you twist it when you twist it hello, it's supposed to light up and show you the time you have sedentary reminders, drinking water reminders and a smart anti loss. So if you're separated from your phone, you lose Bluetooth, it should vibrate, or your phone should ring that kind of thing. So you're never far away from from your stuff. That is a band function. Then you have smart alarms that you can set in here looks like about five of them from the phone push to the watch, so that you'll get vibrations of those alarm times, and then you can search device which I guess will search for the device. I don't know I haven't tried that one yet looks like that might be meant for some other device, because it's not accurate on are working on this one. The overall sleep monitor is on this page. I think that's, where we were on there and then again. Each of these tabs are separate. Lot of the information is gleaned from the trends summary after you've used it for a while, and the last tab is where you set everything up. Okay, this is how you share stuff to all of the different places. You'Ve got that you want to push it out to, and that is the overall app you can connect and disconnect directly from that page as well, so here's.

What it looks like for real this is that tethering page that you come into first, where you're going to link to the particular watch. This is that opening page we're, looking at and it's a sequenced by date and set for sleep, monitor at this point, here's that middle one here's your trend, information and what it looks like in each of the different categories and in the last one. So much darker screen and I found it actually easier to read if I completely inverted everything you get to that under system under settings into accessibility into the display area that's, where you have control of stuff like flipping, colors or brightness on your screen alrighty, we we've Been looking at quite the little jewel here for about ten dollars, we've got ourselves a nice little. It is plastic but Apple. Looking sized Fitness Health Watch with one button on the front and cycling through a lot of different things, that you can do blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate and available right now from banget check. The show notes down below for the link that'll. Take you to the buying page and I'm, pretty sure I got a coupon on this one too. So let's see how low a price they can give us below and already incredible eleven dollars.