Every year a whole new wave of smart watches designed for the ladies for women for girls. All comes out, and each year they're more and more sophisticated I've shown you a couple of them already this month and now I'm, showing you the last one in the parade of new watches on the market. Before we give you the grand summary in a Valentine's Day, video are you ready inside this box is a beautiful one. That also happens to be one of the best design ones ever it's called the baekje. 8K 15 comes to us from banggood and you're about to see what all it can do very impressed by the user interface on this one, the others we've shown. You have been pretty much all the same once you push the buttons and looked at them. Even the icons were identical, but this one you're about to see it's quite different and much more sophisticated for one. It uses the H band app for tethering H band is known for having the female cycle possibilities built into it and when you register as a female user, not only do you get accurate information on the different aspects of your cycle in the app but you'll also See it on supporting watches – and this is one of those okay. It'S got the basic stuff G sensor: it's a 1.0 8 inch IPS screen it's 240 by 120 pixels, and that means that you got a little hot spot on the bottom that's where you've actually touched to move through it.

It does have a button on the side, though, so you really have two buttons to work with, which is great you're, not spending all your time doing, stuff and and not knowing how to even turn it off all right. Let'S take it out of the box. It floats in here on its own little special contrack and hold it into place, and the band is really exquisite now this is the gold. One misses tix likes gold, so I typically try to request this color but you'll see in the product information that it comes in a variety of different colors as well there's a little cover on the back. It covers up the charging ports it's a simple charging unit. You'Ll see in a moment, and then you've got your diode area and sensor for a heart rate and blood pressure. You'Ve got an interesting connection here with some bling, some rhinestones around the edge and these different sections can be taken apart. They'Re all covered with plastic right now, so it's really set up and made for presentation deeper in the box. You find that wire. I was talking about it's a little too pin connector standard magnetic coupling charger that I always get backwards there. We go plug that in plug that in charge it up very quick charging to from what I noticed and then you get this little tool yeah it. I try to think what could I, how could I describe this to you as a a pick for your teeth? You know like a toothpick, no, you know what it is.

You put these bands in here if you need to take it just turned on. If you need to take out one of these units to be able to fit your arm, you can do that with this. By pushing the pin inside of it, you don't have to take it to a jewelry store to have that done. What this is excited to go she's already, jumping into all the different activities be patient, I'll, be to you in just a minute, got the diode going trying to do a heart rate reading. Well. This is good we'll watch from here and see if it gets her. A reading of thin air right, while I show you the manual these – are the instructions for this bracelet gives you oh look at that we, our heart rate, is 60 yeah, okay, that's, another thing. Folks, as you've seen in all of my reviews, I don't guarantee can't guarantee can't even really talk about the accuracy of the bio reading device is on on all of these, like heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, EKG, sleep apnea. All of these things you have to kind of check out on your own. Some of them work accurately, some of them don't, so you've got your basic buttons. You'Ve got the QR code to scan for you to download the app or just check our show notes. Of course, I'll have a link over there and I'll have a link to other videos where we review the H band app in great detail, because it's got a lot of capabilities to it.

There'S more capability to the app than there is to the watch. I'Ll tell you that, for sure so with, if they've got a really good band, watch app that they're using for this one here's, some color pictures that show you the different screens we'll be walking through that on the watch itself and few more. What I like about this manual is: it is seeded with colored pictures. So if you're gon na give this to a loved one and she's not terribly technical, then this could be a great introduction to kind of get over. The fear of how do you set the thing up and use it here's that tool in action, showing you exactly how to replace the pieces or put them in and out of the band and then we've got it in Chinese as well. All right, I know it's anxious to show off for you so I'm gon na clear everything out and it is already charged up. I did that earlier so let's give it a whirl. I turned it back off for for a moment. I wanted to show you that it has a plastic cover on it. This is not a screen protector. You see the little notches in there it's just a plastic protector with a little handle here that you can lift take off to reveal this really sweet curved glass screen now that's great, because you're not going to get harsh reflections from it. So another little attention to detail: I know I'm, a guy it's and it's like okay, but this is what it looks like on skews my hairy arm, it's, actually a practically set for my size, which is a medium male arm, so it should fit any of the Ladies out, there most likely press and hold will turn it and it vibrates and comes back to the first face on here.

There'S a touch area down here. When you touch and hold you'll see you have some other bands and it's not swipe sensitive. You have to touch it to go to the next one touch and hold and it'll bring that one up so there's a second face which is commonly what you're, seeing in the product literature with the time and information on it here's another one, that's a nighttime look: Yeah it's got a flat tire for those of you who look for that kind of stuff, they've written the word touch on the bezel and it just how they make this one work. Look that one went away, here's another one and this one's kind of designed. So you don't even notice that it's got that little area at the bottom with date and time and battery power level and Bluetooth. Connection are on here as well, which is really good and then we're back to the main when we started with which I just want to point out. It'S the first time, I've seen a band on a watch that has a flat tire that's, yet analog where they've. Actually put the numbers across the bottom to integrate it most of the time they just cut them off. The 7 is half showing the 6 is completely gone, had to wait for a ladies band for somebody to get smart enough to make an analogue face. That works with a watch that has that flat tire, okay, so that's how we went through and looked at all of the faces.

It'S got the twist and it's very quick, very quick to show you the time touch and now you're into your step. Count calories burned distance traveled. Here we are into sleep time, total deep sleep and light sleep. Here we are into the heart rate. We saw it just a moment ago giving you a reading of thin air. That always makes me question. Okay, how accurate is the real data going to be if it can come up with a number when it's not actually reading the blood moving through the capillaries? This is doubly worrisome because it's coming up with the exact same number that it got reading in thin air. So I'm, not going to comment more on this other than you'd need check it on your own, with the calibrated instrument to let to find out if that's reasonable, for you right now. I think I'm in about the 80s, because I'm a little wired and I'm doing a review and it's coming up it's coming up, but I don't know anyway. Can'T really speak to it. Here'S, your heart blood pressure, blood pressure, because you have a systolic and a diastolic reading these usually take longer. They require you to be still not talking like me, not moving around and, of course, making good contact with your skin. So after it has time to assess the movement of the blood and do it's algorithm to calculate what's called the PTT yes or something that pulse time transit, you should get numbers and it didn't make it okay on this one.

So we don't have a reading to show you but I've been very active talking about this here's, the female one round. This is where it's actually monitoring your menstrual cycle. If you're a lady, you have to go to the app and put in a parameter that it signifies the beginning of your cycle and from then and your number of days and all kinds of other stuff it'll calculate. And let you know where you are in a general sense, like ovulation or safe day, or something like that, but you have to put that data in there and that's what it's asking for right now. I don't have any Courtney, of course, any input to it. Right now, then, you get to sports here's, your overall sports, and it immediately goes in and starts recording bits per minute. Your calories burned and beats per minute heart rate and it's up at 72. It'S doing it live right now and your step count and you can pause out of that. You could exit out of that or you can move back around to begin with, so it doesn't have a whole variety of sports it's. Basically, one thing, and one thing only, but it is a timed sporting activity messages are as they'll be pushed to you from your phone when you have that turned on and inside of more we can go into and I still got a lot of stuff. You'Ve got stop watching a countdown timer, and these you get to by just moving the underline here.

Your information setting, which you have on here and you get another whole bunch of stuff where you can have it, notify you about phone calls and all these are settable from the app. But you can also set them from the watch, which is cool. Do you want to be notified of a phone call, but not text messaging? Do you want SMS, then press and hold and it'll turn it on how about we chat? Okay, QQ Facebook and Twitter are also selectable, LinkedIn, whatsapp and line. I mean look at this Instagram snapchat, Skype, Wow Gmail and in case we forgot their other. All those capabilities are there when it's underlined on back you just press and hold and that's how you get out of it, and that was just information setting under this section, which also has find your phone. The ability to change the brightness on the watch and auto lock, okay, then you've got this switch and when you tap and hold here now, you can turn on or off alarms that you set. It can beep you when you're disconnected from your phone here's the twist. Your wrists to see the time which is turned on you could turn that off at night. If you want to monitor your sedentariness, actually have heart rate monitoring and heart rate alarm for you, this is really sophisticated and there's blood pressure monitoring on here as well and again tap when it's on back and then you're out of that, and of course you can Clear the data and start all over now, we've looped completely on that one and we'll go back, and that is the more section and then you've got the power off which you can do by pressing and holding the button and the information you need for tethering and You'Re back to your watch faces so that's, pretty much it again.

It tethers to the H band app, which is really good. You can get that from the Google Play Store or just check our show notes to download it, and you can pick it up before. Valentines it's called the Bakey a k15 and it's available from bang. Good and Valentine's is just one holiday. There is birthdays and there is anniversaries and there's just because you want to so. They tend to put these things out in January February, simply because of the upcoming holiday but they're good to have any time of the year. You may be watching this in the summer. Fall or winter or even in 2022 for all, I know so just check the show notes down below for the buying link to come over here and pick it up, and if I got any good coupons for you I'll list them there too. To give you a discount on the price, it always helps us out. If you can use our links when you go over to take a look at them and that way they know that you're watching the channel and that you're interested in buying their products well that's. It for today and get ready we've got the big Valentine's summary of the top lady's smartwatches and a special peek at some new watch face designs, specifically for Valentine's type faces for Android smartwatches it'll. Be part of that big review. To make sure you subscribe.