You have, of course, your step count, information and you can do heart rate reading here using the regular diode technology, but here here you get into two forms of temperature testing, one from your wrist, simple, as holding it down waiting just a few seconds and an infrared Diode, just like what you have at the airport is receiving the temperature reading directly from your skin. You can go in here to the forehead mode and i'll. Show you when i take the watch off, use the sensor to point it at yours or someone else's forehead. A couple of inches away and get the temperature the same way. The professionals monitor it here's a long press for training to get you into basic training stuff for walking and running and cycling, and then a few other sports wrote, skipping and so forth in here and of course, back will take you out of that. You notice i'm. Touching just one spot at the bottom that's the activity here short or long pressed. If i had any messages, they would be right. There i've got a music player. If i want to, i can long press to get into tools which include four different styles of watch faces. Yeah find your phone, of course, a stopwatch, basically reset changing the brightness, the qr code to download the uh, the tethering app for this one and back to your watch, face which this one's pretty cool got seconds. Counting. You got a variety of bands.

You can choose, this is the type you can just slip right off of your wrist. If you get it down here right and then you can see how the back of this watch actually works. There you go. I'Ve got a infrared sensor for temperature right here and when you're in the temperature mode – and you activate it – you have three seconds to get in position.