One guys greetings and welcome to SmartWatch ticks were a YouTube channel on the web. At SmartWatch fitness tracker body temperature monitor yep covet is amongst us, and China is reacting by bringing us new technology that includes temperature monitoring, but not just temperature monitoring, there's gon na be a bunch. You'Re gon na see them here a lot of them that do temperature but check this one out. First of all, it's coming to us from bang good they've got a whole bunch of these of they're lining up and folks. They said they sent me a Christmas bag. Like Santa Claus, presence filled with watches so we're gon na work. Our way through this particular one is a baekje 66. Remember that it's got thermometer. It'S got ECG, plus PBG and it's about 33 bucks, maybe get it under 30 we'll see. If I can get you a coupon as usual check the show notes below the video a lot of people, miss that and asked me where's. Where can I get it? Well, you can get it from bang good, but you can buy it directly using our link and that helps us out so check the show notes now we're gon na get to the good stuff. Before I even show you the specs. This is a snapshot right from their advertising pages imported core tests, more accurate. They say the bracelet not only uses a dual light, enhanced PPG sensor, but it also is a compact bracelet equipped with an ECG okay, which improves the level of monitoring its using the 2020 medical certification chip TI 129 in this one.

No, I don't know a whole lot about that, but it sure sounds impressive TI I think stands for Texas Instruments: an American ship in the Chinese watch, ECG chip, professional medical chip, TI 129 and PPG photoelectric chip from Silicon Labs, so that's gon na be for part Of it, another part of it is about the temperature and they threw this picture in here. Of course, the the band is going to be in centigrade and I'm all over them to try to give us a chance to change it to Fahrenheit all us. British american people, who use a whole crazy, different numbering system, butts integrate, is what you get in centigrade is what we've got in there, showing a picture that it correlates with in, like a tenth of a centigrade degree with a standard temperature measurement yeah. I got some good calibrated temperature measurement, stuff and we'll check that out, but you don't see pictures like this doing some actual comparison analysis on this, I hope they're, pretty proud of their product. Then you come to this: they've got actually an all day temperature monitor with it. They say: questions are automatically monitored 24 hours a day and temperature data is synchronized to the app so now we're. Getting an app that's gon na be not just watching your sleep monitoring in your heartrate and maybe your blood pressure, blood oxygen but body temperature as well. So as you cycle up and down and shift through your body temperature, if you got something it's gon na show it, and even if you don't, got something this could be pretty interesting and showing you if you're dehydrated and your temperature level is rising or how your Cycle is going with exercise.

I mean what a great concept to have an all day temperature monitor. I will open it. I promise you, I know you're waiting, but I got ta. Show you this max right. The beautiful thing about YouTube is two things you can put it in really faster than I can go like this. If you could click a little look in the right hand, corner make it 1.25 or 1.5 or even 2.0 you'll, be amazed how fast you can get through these. Secondly, you can all Scrabble through it and just zip up to where I open the box, but you're gon na miss this good stuff, like the specs that say it's the e66 using bluetooth for wish that was higher but it's. Alright, it works with iOS and Android, like everything, it's, a single touch thing no swiping and moving on this one that's going to be a touch away through the buttons got all these languages supported in the app and these in the watch that's something new they're splitting It apart and showing you which languages work separately in the app itself ip68. That means it should be dunka belen water got the support for the thermometer and the ECG plus PPG heart rate, monitor that's in here blood pressure, blood, oxygen step, count, multi modes, all the typical stuff that we see the G sensors here, that's free, your pedometer heart Rate sensor and, of course, thermometer and the screens of 128 by 220 TFT nothing to write home about there, it's a typical band, but it's the goodies inside that make this thing really special about 30 days standby time and about 77 days of usage.

So you could get by wearing this thing, charging it once a week and hopefully have a 247 24 hours a day temperature monitoring on it. I sure hope so so let's dive in take a look. Shall we it's got a little lifting tab? Make note of the time so next time you can skip right over here and get past all of my pontification well it's not coming out so I'm gon na have to take the whole plastic thing out here: it's in there pretty tight it's, just the band and The manual so not a bunch of wires and other things, which tells me we probably pop off one of the ins on here to get to the charger it's got a little cover on it and it's got this plate with a line in the middle of it. Handsome design look at that on the sides on the back of it. We'Ve got two plates, which is usually your ECG stuff, and it looks like a couple of diodes and us and a sensor in the middle really really really soft band that's gon na be great breathable, easy, it's, not very flexible up at the top put it on. Once we turn it on let's work our way through this: okay here's, some Chinese and English ECG test conditions; okay, a new generation of electrode, heart rate testing products, heart rate and HRV reports from the bioelectrical analysis of the human body of certain requirements on the conductivity.

Okay, when the human skin is relatively right, that contact skin needs to be hardened, I think they mean moistened or wet with water in order to reach the test conditions so, typically yeah. You need to have some moisture on your arm in order for it to work and then here's the test method, it's, giving you the guidance on this. I won't read it. You can freeze frame it and I will be playing with it anyway, but it looks like you're gon na be touching two places on the band and that's on this side. There'S a quality check thing on it as well. They really are striving for quality and accuracy. It looks like and diving into the book. The first chapter section is in English. These are the other supported languages in the manual really nicely done. Huh smart health is the tethering band that they're recommending with this one and yep. The charger is right here: you pull the band off in order to stick it in and charge it, which I'll do in a minute before we dive into it. Colorful pictures colorful manual we're just gon na page through it, oh good, it does weather sleep monitoring. You can get messages at brightness adjustment on it as well precautions and now we're into another language right and it's. All color coded a lot of lot of detail going on in this band. Well, at this point, I think we need to play with it.

Don'T you well, this one looks like it indeed is a winner. Wait till you see all it can do and what it does tethered to the app you got about three different watch faces you can choose from pushed from the app you got. Your basic step. Count information calories, burned, it's, not so much a fitness watch as it is a health watch, starting with temperature of all the ones I've seen on the market, they're all in degrees centigrade. But look for you, Fahrenheit lovers. There is a way in the app to change. The display to Fahrenheit to within a tenth of a degree and we're actually going to use this 500 high end infrared instrument to check the temperature on this see how accurate it is. That'S called the check me Pro by the way by well you, and we have a review on that on this channel as well. So there we go, got the temperature and it's continuously, showing it right now tap. Here I get into blood pressure, giving it a few seconds. It'Ll meander around and it'll. Show you your not blood pressure, but heart rate it'll show your heart rate there. It is 81 using the green diodes underneath that it's got the PPG tap again you get into blood pressure. What I noticed on this one and it's one drawback on the app I hope they fix is it comes in a little low based on my particular body. So it would be nice if, like some of the other apps, you have a calibration thing.

What I do is, I add about 20 and 10 and that pops it up to roughly the range that I'm in and of course, then it gives us a deviation. So I'd say 126 over 81, probably about right for me, so you figure it out for yourself and then you just use this number and add or subtract the Delta. The nice thing is, if the app has that and does it for you – it just vibrated and locked that one in then it's a little more convenient and then we get into this one – and this is the actual ECG and what you got to do is long Press and hold and it'll go into this mode, and you see down at the bottom, the little white line is going to have a little red thing going across it and it's going to give you another heart rate. This heart rate reading is based not only on the optical diodes which are on, but the electrical plates that are down there combined with this one, which is the ECG plus BBG, now I'm gon na kind of mess around with my finger here, a little bit and Mess around here because later I'm going to show you the ECG chart of this one and you're gon na see exactly where we did this, because it is doing a live honest to goodness ECG chart. In addition, I'll wait till the app. I know it will excite you with that stuff takes about a minute, or so you see now it's giving me my heart rate.

77 BPM. I don't think there's a big difference between what you're getting this way and you're getting the optical way, but this is more refined because it combines the two techniques together. So for a more accurate, I would say or likely more accurate heart rate using this. One is great and says to go to the app to see it because it doesn't display the actual chart here, but it's recorded it and there's another one recorded in here already, and these can stack up I'm, not sure how many you can put in it. But you can put a few and which is really nice, because you're doing an on the cuff ECG chart collection and monitoring your heart rate. So if you're working out heavy working in the yard, like I do and you just like exhaust yourself, you got this thing on. You can tap it. You can see if your heart is keeping a really good rhythm. Under that intense aerobic, workout and alright I'll tell you in the app it submits it to an artificial intelligence system that can assess multiple factors of your heart rate and your heart wave. To tell you, if you have any heart conditions, you may want to check on with your medical, professional, just vibrated 98 in my blood oxygen, if I'm, not fast enough. Of course, it goes back to time we'll loop through there to where we were now we get to sport, press and hold and, like I said, it's really light on sport.

You just have a running thing. You have a basic fitness thing and you have a riding thing, and none of these are GPS and they're pretty much just going to use the speedometer and your heart rate and a timer to calculate your calories burned. Last night's sleep time here, but that's all the further. You can look here on the app you can see more messages if they're pushed from your phone. Yes, you can read them on the watch here. You can't reply to them and then your overall set up press and hold here you can turn on or off the twist your wrists to see the time you have three levels of brightness. This is the brightest one, so you're probably going to want to keep it on that brightest level and then reset the whole watch wipe out all the data and you can shut down the watch as well or PAP once more and go back and then you're back To your time, which, when you press and hold, does not let you actually change to watch faces that has to happen in the app which means it's time to look at the app right like I've said before, when you see me using my main phone instead of My old LG g3 from the past, it probably means this is a watch. I want to use and work with check this out. What'S new last updated June 22nd. Today is the 23rd just yesterday.

Overall, what this app is is a basic app that does what it does it's relatively new, only about 5000 downloads on it so far, but what it does is pretty cool I got are all set up: I've used it a day now a little over a day. So you're gon na see all of that stuff. You got your overall step count that we saw on here, calories, burned and so forth. Uh uh, uh, you're, jumping ahead tap in here. You see throughout the day in a bar chart how much how many steps you put on during a half hour window. So you can track all that throughout the day and see it in a couple of different ways and go back through any days you want to. In the past or right there, oops that's my display brightness let's, get that about right for the screen here. It'S, sometimes it gets in the way where I've got it on the side. I have to be careful with that display. Brightness is an app. I know some of you don't know it's a third party app that can be downloaded. That puts a little slider that on any screen you can automatically adjust. The brightness works great on Android smartwatches watch any of the reviews of an Android smart watch, I'm. Sure you'll learn about it. There cuz, I put it in all of them. Alright ECG. This is the fun stuff here's a blank ECG page.

I can initiate it from here press that button and we can see a live chart and it'll. Give you your heart rate. Your heart rate variability and your calculated blood pressure we'll do that after I show you this when I tap here, it's refreshing from the cloud all of my data from the past, and each of these are the different activities that I've done either from the app or As you saw me press and hold from here – and they come through with an AI diagnosis to them and again loosely using the word diagnosis, I'll say: advice, a medical in interpretive advice for you to get a diagnosis; okay, very important in at least United States that We do not diagnose and treat with any of these devices date, and time is on here, and you see here's the last couple of them that I put in. If I hit sync, it says in sync, and so you load up your in sync songs and listen to it, while it's going and then when it's done, sending it to the cloud going through the artificial intelligence process of assessing the entire heart wave. It'Ll, come back and it'll look like this, where you have your records and your Diagnostics and this one was 623 at 1013, and this was 1003. So this is the most recent one. I did one just before we started here, which should just be a plain old, regular one. This is the one I want to show you that we are syncing right now.

That is the fancy one there we go that I messed around with now. You see the chart is here and then boom there's, where I was wiggling it around with my fingers right and here and boom. Now I want. I want to point one other thing out. It looks upside down for you that understand these charts that little peak thing there, the p wave, I think it is, it should be up. Why is it down? Why? Because in the settings you can set this to be on your left arm or your right arm? I sleep with it on my right arm, so it's currently set for right arms. So the test is going to presume that it's over here and it's, going to make the chart. Look like that. I could save that to the album here's, my heart rate and heart rate variability for that test with those squiggles. If you want to see it up close, you just go to the Diagnostics and there it is the whole waveform with me messing around that, and there is the diagnostic result because it was reading it all screwy. By the way, I left, the defaults in here said it for female 18 years old. I didn't mess around with that. Sometimes when you put female in on these apps, if it handles female period tracking and that will make a difference and it'll show up it's. Not so on this particular app, but I left it that way anyway.

So it's got a suspected diagnostic here and if I go into this, oh it's down further okay, so it's telling me a suspected sinus and check this out. It'S got these deep definitions of all of these. Do we see a suspected sinus in here? No but hey let's say you have a report of a vent ich Euler escape. I can tap here it's going off to the server and it's coming back with a description of what that is how the wave would be analyzed for it and more information, and all of these are deeply detailed, yeah yeah remember it's called smart health. You can download it from the Google Play Store right now. I don't know without being connected to the watch. If you can get this far into it, you know if you don't have one of these. In other words, if you just want to play with the the app and look at the definitions of all these things, you could try, try downloading it and see, but for around 30 bucks. This is definitely definitely one of the best ECG watches I've ever seen. That'S. All screwy – and I purposely made it that way: let's pick another one, let's just go back here. This is a much more smooth one. The spikes are in the correct direction and if I look at the Diagnostics on that one, oh it's got a little bit of a little bit of movement in it. But you see it's saying normal ECG and these are the details related to that and then that's.

The overall chart and again the same criteria apply here, so you with me so far so let's play with live, chart I'm going to make sure that watch is going I'm gon na hit, play I'm, gon na, say start and it's lining up. I touch the button that should activate it. We get the line going across the screen. Watch these things up here there it's picking it up. You see there's a little. Oh yeah forget to mention. If you don't put your phone in silent mode, it's gon na drive you freakin, nuts, and the button are the sounds. You hear that there is space between them. That'S, the heart rate, variability kicking in the more relaxed. You are actually the more space there is between. All of these peaks again it's upside down cuz. I should have it. On my right hand, there we go we're getting all these readings. I'M gon na roll around my finger a little bit it's delayed about five six seconds and there's there's, my movement of my finger and I'm just gon na. Take it all the way off and see what happens here with 75 I'm, not touching it at all, and it freezes up so yay, yay yay, remember the thing I was talking about in here this stuff: the medical certification chip TI 129 it's working folks, great great Great great let's move on to some other goodies now back out of here back out of here, we've got blood pressure which is stewing using the optical diodes and it's doing it every 10 minutes, and you have the ability to change that frequency and, like I mentioned Before mine are all coming in low low a lower than I would expect, but they're oscillating around that particular point.

So for me I would need to add 20, maybe even 30, depending on to these numbers. Little light hypertensive mister tics. Can you tell Naha so yeah? You get blood pressure accuracy I don't know, certainly nothing like what we just saw in the ECG, with the fancy chips over there, but nonetheless it's in here show who your lowest and your highest. You can go back other days if you've got that data tracking and so forth, beyond blood pressure. Now we get into heart rate, same kind of thing: you got a dot pattern, showing your half hour, hourly a half hour, probably of reading up to the current time and there they are spread out every 10 minutes. It looks like here and additional ones. If you do them manually, which I went through – and I did just before starting this review – make sure everything was working: okay, every 10 minutes, otherwise a manual one will be injected in there too, and what looks like replace the one that would otherwise normally be there And there's yesterday, when I first started using it all to midnight and through to today, so you can keep this puppy on and get continuous charts to get yourself a good baseline in blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and temperature, which we'll get to after you. Take a look at sleep time. Ah bad night, last night sleep wise, I went to bed early, then I woke up and I decided to do some more stuff.

The time zone difference between me and China means I am usually asleep when everybody's awake. So I had some correspondence to do for a few hours and then I went back to sleep again and I was wondering: is it just gon na catch the first half the last half all of it? It caught all of it and that's my awake time there, but it just shows you when you went to bed when you woke up deep sleep light sleep. All those things are there and your summary is down at the bottom, but interesting that it grabbed that data, and it asks you to assess what your sleep quality was and, of course, on all these pages. You can send the actual snapshot of this page out to anywhere you want sleep, blood, oxygen, same situation, here's my overall readings, every 10 minutes my chart against current time and because it's blood oxygen. I would really prefer to see this chart go from like seventy to a hundred percent nobody's alive down at forty sixty percent, so Midori, oh I'm, talking too fast for myself the difference between 98 and a hundred, you probably can't, see in these dots and it doesn't Do anything when you touch on the chart to give you the actual number? Thank goodness you have the real numbers down here. So if you manage to catch sleep apnea for example – and you were way down at 85 or something at a particular time, that would be an alarm and you could see a dot there.

You'Re not gon na see that on this watch disband this app because for one it's, not using the red diodes, just the green ones to compute blood oxygen, so the accuracy isn't as fine as it is on something like the stove and blade band. In fact, the spoken blade and this one together make a perfect complement with the ECG ai analysis and the thermometer temperature testing that are missing from the stove and blade in that capacity. But with a red diode capability to do sleep, apnea analysis, Lorenz, scatter, diagrams complimentary watches, together both of those one on either arm when you're sleeping and you're medically wired for forebear, really so blood oxygen, the same kind of thing and now the fun stuff temperature. Here you go, you can set it for centigrade or Fahrenheit. You get your chart. Reading right there and again, the differential should be much closer. Nobody'S gon na have a 38 or 19 degree temperature, but that's a future improvement time every 10 minutes. If you want to here's where we took some individual readings and here's the cumulative readings throughout the night, that everything's oscillating pretty well 96 97, but is that accurate, well let's run over here and check it out so this device? I press this button. You see where it says temperature. I press that, and it talks to me about how to do those sensor port, which is up here and touch it to my forehead, tap that arrow and shows you what to do, and you kind of run it around on the forehead.

This one's getting the temperature of my skin on my hand, so first thing, I'm gon na do is press this button. I'Ll be right back you'll see me, leave the screen, oh it's, making a sound and it came back out of okay. I got to do it really quickly: temperature press. Ninety seven point: eight: now I want to do the same temperature here right next to the band, and I got here there I don't know: if that's going to interfere. Ninety three three what's, the band telling me let's, get over to temperature let's, do a couple of more readings with this one highly calibrated highly accurate used in hospitals. Ninety three three I'm, showing ninety six nine right on my hand, arm right there, so I'm gon na do it again test it I'm gon na put it right on my skin right next to the band out of range let's. Try it one more time. I know. It'S taking time to do this, but I know you guys are really want to know the truth. So let's do it. Ninety three three I'm gon na. Do it one more time where there's no hair just to confirm, but you know it's, good we're, getting consistent results with this and ninety four four there, and for this one yeah it went out again let's. Let it come back now. One thing to say about that, and I don't know that this is happening yeah. Ninety six point nine.

So this is higher, so you could get two degrees subtract, two degrees from that. Maybe – and it would be more accurate as long as this is consistent, so I would have to have a fever and see if this is always two degrees lower than that. Would this be a hundred when this is a hundred and two that kind of thing don't know? The thing I wanted to say is there's a difference between skintimate temperature and presumed internal temperature, and some of the bands that I have coming in pretty soon for review. Have that difference shown there's the temperature taken at your skin surface, and then it does some sort of an algorithm to calculate what your internal temperature should be in case. You want to see if you've got a fever or not, and there are two different numbers. This is truly reading the skin temperature right now. This one may, I don't know be giving you that adjusted internal temperature, because your skin temperature is going to be cooler because it's always cooler outside than it is your temperature, your internal temperature. Nonetheless, there we go we've got a continuous temperature record coming into this thing and and you'll see in a moment when I get into all the setup of this, you can set a particular temperature alarm on it. So if you exceed a particular temperature, if your aerobic, if you're out running if you're doing things and you start getting dehydrated and your body temperature starts going up, you can set a flag for that.

So those are all of the different categories that you've got here. You have activities where you can do running bodybuilding or writing again. It'S really limited don't buy this as a fitness watch. You'Ll be disappointed, get an amazed Fitbit. If you want to or BIP S or hey the new uh, oh gosh. What was it call t rex right, the t rex or the Stratos three? Those are all incredible: fitness bands that do a little bit of health stuff, but nothing like temperature and ECG charts, you're gon na become a watch collector. Yet I swear there's just no way around it, here's, where you can set up friends when you're logged into the app and compare stuff back and forth with them and here's the overall setup that lets you get into the connected band itself, which is here, and these Are the themes which I'm on theme three I'm gon na go back to theme one and you can see that's the watch face that you get with that one and the others are similar. This is a small time, but you do have some of your step. Count. Type data on it we saw theme 3 and then theme 4 is, if you want just a nice analog watch without a lot of data and that's available. There notifications sedentary reminding alarm clock there's your heart rate that you can do from not at all up to six every sixty minutes in 10, minute increments.

I set it for 10 minutes it's going to eat up more time more battery, doing that. But I like monitoring it like that temperature monitoring again interval time can be changed. Your temperature isn't going to change as radically as your heart rate is so you could take your heart off temperature every hour if you want to, but if you're exercising, and you really think you might overdo it, you might want to do it every 10 minutes, but Again, it's every 10 minutes, it's, not gon na be continuous continuous. So when you get your alarm that you can set in 1 degree increments, you're gon na want to recognize that it might not trigger that alarm. For a minimum of 10 minutes, it's really meant more. For monitoring your health, if you have an infection, if you're going to bed, if you temperature goes up – and you want to be notified about that – then you have that capability. Any of these! You change! You just hit the save. It sends that new signal to the watch and you're good to go that was temperature, find your device doesn't do much it just vibrates it. Well, you have to turn it on and oh there it goes is vibrating. I think if you turn it on when you're out of range it's going to vibrate to let you know you left your phone behind see, I was set for the right hand, so I can switch it to the left hand and now, if I do an ECG, The charts gon na turn out the correct way screen intensity is high that's, the brightness.

We have the three different levels and there's low, he says, save it show it to you, it's, really dim on low, so that's. A failing I would like to see is a is a better overall bright screen, especially for outdoors and now it's bright again, but you do have that you can disconnect it. You can reset the watch you can disconnect. You can do all that kind of stuff and then, as far as you, you can set your target for sleep and sports. Your unit settings all of them can be turned back to metric or stay again, temperature height and inches and so forth can be in imperial. So really nice to see that capability and about us user help and a place you can give them overall feedback really interesting up and coming just updated. Yesterday, they're taking an active role in this, only five thousand copies of the app oven have been used. So far. Oh it's, taking my temperature interesting it just vibrated, so maybe it hit that the high threshold and is notifying me of that we've done a temperature calibration of sorts test with this instrument showing that there is a difference between skin temperature read by calibrated high end device Using infrared and whatever mechanism this one is using so take that into account. I don't see a temperature probe per se there's, just the two plates for ECG and the optical sensor so I'm. Imagining that there must be some sort of a temperature system built in here.

That'S reading the actual skin temperature, but I don't know it's getting it somehow could be driving it from the optical for all. We know all right. We got ta summarize for you guys, because we've been here a long time but a worthwhile time. I think on this one so far, the only band that is reporting temperature in Fahrenheit, the only one I've seen that's, giving you a continuous temperature reading with alarm that cannotify you. If you are beyond a certain level, the only one that's got a sophisticated ECG system that can capture the whole ECG on the device on the fly and multiple copies of that one after another, not just one. That then replaces the last one. If you don't transfer it to your phone in time, this can accumulate them. Transfer them over. This one has a really detailed, artificial intelligence tie in to the ECG heart wave. To give you information that you can use to go and get a professional diagnosis from a medical practitioner and all for about 30 bucks check the show notes I'm gon na see if I could get it down to under 30, for you at anytime. I don't know when you're watching this, if it's June, you know 2020 as the coronavirus we're, not sure, if it's coming back up in the first wave or it's a second wave bouncing up, but we just hit 9 million worldwide cases. A hundred and twenty thousand deaths in the United States and a little band that can monitor your temperature might be a worthwhile investment this day and age.

Ok, thanks for being with us. Thanks for your likes on these videos, it really helps, and of course your subscription is more than welcome. We'Ve got lots of goodies coming. I got a whole Christmas bag. Full of bands like this that have temperature built in, but so far this is a benchmark. I'M. Gon na be comparing them to so always come back to the e 66.