One button operates it. You got heart rate capability in here, ecg with plates on the corners and, of course, on the back that produces a really nice ecg chart and data from the app here's last night's sleep time. You have an exercise area with simple exercises like basic walking or running you get your time and heart rate and step count, cycling, just basically calories and so forth, and uh, hiking and that's about it. For fitness very simple – and you have more when you go into more – you have got now um your overall step count, calories, burned and distance traveled for the day. Then you get into blood pressure and blood oxygen readings. After that, you can either long press to get your notifications pushed from your phone or long press here to find your phone if you've lost it a very simple stopwatch that just runs while it's on and turns off when it's uh, when you leave it, and you Can turn the band completely off there that's it you've got a couple of more different watch faces in here. Long press and press once are the two activities to guide you through.