A youtube channel on the web at smartwatchticks.com got a brand new watch in for you to take a look at this. One is actually being marketed as a dress. Business watch and you can tell it’s got an upscale die. Whoa, an upscale dial to it, looks like it fell in the box on the way out here. Well, good thing: it’s uh shock proof huh there it is. We got the gold one too. Look at that it’s a designer watch, guys you’re. Looking for all the top specs and all the bells and whistles, this is a designer watch it’s a basic smart watch, but we’re not going to see a whole lot of extra things that wow look. The exact same watch faces already on and glowing we’ll run through. It, but i want you to to recognize that it’s, a primarily for its fashion appeal, which is fine. I mean, after all, those big fancy stores in the uh department store complexes that sell watches with brand names, uh that’s, what they’re all about it’s fashion right. Well, this is fashion from the smartwatch realm there’s. The charger connects to usb any user manual will get to once. You know what it actually is. You’Re looking at it’s called the bakey f9 coming to us from banggood it’s um. What did they say? 280 milliamp hour uh device and ip67 waterproof and the typical kind of functions that you see on a smart watch. You’Ve got the heart rate and blood pressure and blood oxygen.

All full touch 1.3 inch. I believe, dial you got all these languages supported. It connects to the fit app we’ve reviewed that several times so we’ll, probably just refer you to other reviews, to look closely at the app all these things, including weather forecasts, are built into it. You can make your own watch faces. Uh it’s got a nice selection and, of course, a very dressy dial you’re, looking at 280 milliamp hour battery with it says 30 days of standby time and 15 days usage, which is great there, you go 1.3 inch 240 by 240 and that’s it so the user’s Manual that comes with it in the box in english, looks like this there’s, where you can download the app scanning the qr code go directly to the google play, store or use the link we have in the show notes to get there simple process of pairing using The touch screen and then you got icon driven screens for all these different functions. Interestingly, as dressy as the watch looks that you could wear in, i don’t know as a lobbyist in washington dc. To me, the layout of the pictures looks rather comic book. Rather, child focus i’ve seen much more dressy ways of presenting the user interface and i would have leaned toward that for a dressy watch. But maybe all you got to do is just flash or dial, and that will be enough to get everybody happy right now. We’Re gon na check it and see if i’ve got enough power to play with it there.

It is on. Look at that. It really is a very dressy watch, it’s uh got even the holes are actually covered. You see that where it it connects in so it’s going for the fashion market. No doubt i’m, not yeah. I am i’m getting the twist your wrist to see the time swipe down. You see the batteries almost empty, so let’s run through quickly. We’Ve got what have we got? We’Ve got uh brightness there’s, one, two, three, four, five, six different levels, there’s, our lowest, which is probably about right for the video. This is uh. You know, find your phone type vibration. I think here you’ve got a timer for it. Uh, oh a nice big sized uh, stop watch when we swipe out of it and we come back into it. Is it still running nope, it resets it so, like i said typical smartwatch reset and about now we don’t want to reset it, and about tells you the information you need f9a for pairing it to your phone that’s when you go that way. When you go this way, we’ve got your step count just took it out of the box. Here’S last night’s sleep time when you land on this page it’s going to be doing heart rate wow, i don’t even see the diode working in there. It might not even have enough power for that. Let’S see what it’ll do. Oh, it just keeps turning the screen off on me anyway.

That would be our heart rate. We would then have um your uh blood pressure right right there and blood oxygen reading would be taken right there. You got a music player when you’re tethered to your phone that’ll play the music on the phone. You can use it as a remote camera to trigger your phone here’s, the breathing exercises where you inhale and exhale and breathe in it says i’m not getting a vibration on the watch, which is unfortunate. I like it when you get the vibration, you don’t have to look at the screen. You can close your eyes and drift off, but this doesn’t, so you have to be watching it, that’s the breath cycle, information and then back to the watch face which, when you press and hold vibrated there, we go there’s a different face and yet another one wow. These are dressy faces. Some of these look at that yeah. You know if you wan na a fashion, smart watch. This really is it’s. One of the nicest i’ve seen let’s go with that one. There we go it vibrated and we’re. There go this way, wow empty message. I guess that’s your message, notification area and this way all your different exercises walking running and so forth, not too many it has swimming. So it must be waterproof. It’S claims, ip67 um. By the way, does the crown turn it turns, but it doesn’t do anything when you go into one of these like uh running that’s, a typical one, yeah look at that tells us we have low power, so it’s not going to go any further than that i’ll Charge it up and we’ll demo a little bit of that since there’s a few functions aren’t working well, unless it’s fully charged.

Okay, i put some charge on it. I tethered it to the app and i i’ve actually put a brand new watch face on there as well put some steps on it and we’re good to go so let’s come back over here to the fitness area there we are and look at running again now. Uh, since it has enough power, you see it kicks in immediately. It starts timing, the run you can get calories, steps and uh heart rate off of this, and it looks like distance traveled. You can stop it from there. You can check it and that will terminate it, but there wasn’t enough time, so it won’t be saved, but overall that’s how you would access all of this information and yeah all in all, it’s a really attractive watch, it’s. Definitely a dress watch. You can use it in any occasion. It comes in a couple of different uh colors, all of them with the screws around the bezel. This is the gold with the black band and it is available from banggood that’s right, it’s called the f9 check it out.