It'S got bluetooth, calling capability, as well as memory on board, to store a ton of music that you can play out of the watch or tethered to tws earbuds. You can do all of that with this one. You get all these different kind of controls here. You'Ve got access to notifications pushed from your phone, your step count heart rate last night's, sleep time, uh weather in your area, which is pushed from your phone to the watch. When you get in here, you got step count and heart rate. Again, you also can do blood pressure and blood oxygen. You'Ve got a sporting activity that includes all kinds of typical stuff running climbing walking as well as swimming on this one. You'Ve got that capability because it is fully waterproof. You got the weather again, stop watches built into it messages and when you get down in here, you've got uh selectable dials that you can choose from and you can push additional dials from a server on the app really robust contacts. Uh and and your your call records as well. In addition to all of this, we want to get over here and show you that, when you get into music, you have your music that you've installed into the watch that you can play or you can switch and have mobile music played bluetooth tethered from all of Your music library in your phone – and you can connect this directly to the headset and have it play out of the headset instead of out of the watch, they've really thought this thing through it's, a great little watch.

It'S got a nice leather style band on the outside and mr tick sweaty after you on the underneath side, uh yeah it's, a nice little watch, uh very thin, very light very capable it's.