Only a g69 sticker here on top let’s get it open. Music. Okay, so here we see securely packed is the smartwatch body. We have the rose gold bezel variant, while silver and iron gray, bezel variants are also available. The body is 8.8 millimeter thick with heart rate and g sensors let’s see what else is in the box according to specifications. This is an ip68 waterproof device. Here we have the strap and pins so far. We still do not see any branding on this device. This trap we order is the metallic one it’s, a 22 millimeter with a length of 260. it’s, a melanie, strap type like a little chain mail. It also has this magnet to lock at any point in the strap. Next, in the box, we have the usb powered charger. It has two pins with a magnetic lock that matches the polarity on the watch. Lastly, we have this manual nicely printed, but still no branding of any kind. Now let’s try to install the bracelet to the body. These two pins have little latches, so we will not need any tool to install them by the way. There are also silver and iron gray straps available, as well as silicon straps of the three collar variants. Fixing the strap can be a bit tricky and you’ll need steady fingers to do it fast. I wish they had the strap installed out of the box. That would make life easier, let’s. Remove this protective film on the magnet and let’s try to see if this magnetic lock works, the magnetic lock is quite strong and effective good let’s power it up there.

We go a spur specification. This is a 1.69 inch tft display with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels, but the bezels are thicker than those shown on the pictures at maximum brightness. The level is more than enough indoors. It is packed with all these different functions that we listed in the description below as per specification. The battery capacity is 180 mah with a standby duration of about 30 days. It also claims about five to eight days of use. Even in the device details there is still no brand mention, so we can conclude for now that this is a generic oem device marketed under the bakey brand. So here we see the features and functions available. Do check them in the description below. We also see here that this is a full touch screen display and you may need some time to get used to the control gestures. Here we can see that you can switch up to 4 watch faces on the device on the app. However, we will see later that there are more options, including a customizable one time to check the weight. This is a relatively light device and we see here that it only weighs 58 grams, including the strap let’s, get a charge up for now and let’s check the app for the meantime. In the manual there is a qr code that points to an app called the fit after installing it, you will be asked for some physical details, such as gender age, height and weight, so let’s go here and have the app pair with a device go to add Device and wait for the g69 to appear there.

We go just select the device to pair here. We see more options for the device, but let’s have a look at the watch faces first, so these are the four default on the device, but pressing more here we see a lot more watch faces available. Also, the ford default phase is a customizable, so you can choose a photo and make it a background for this face nice. There are a lot more options on the app as well as this physiological cycle reminder for the ladies. The maximum brightness level outdoors is still acceptable, it’s, not very bright but still readable. So there you have it guys, the biki, g69 smartwatch for sure it’s no premium device, but for a price to features perspective it’s quite good. At the time of this video, the price is around 32 us dollars online and we also place an affiliate link below. If you want to get one, we will also review more budget smart watches in the future.