You have notifications pushed from your phone to the watch and you have full selection of any apps you'd like to get that information from you. Have your step count, distance, traveled, calories, burned and last night's sleep time yep, you also haven't. This is fun temperature reading on it in either centigrade or fahrenheit, set by the app you just land on that page and it measures it for you and you have weather in your area pushed from the phone again centigrade or fahrenheit your choice. This page does a three person reading well a three event: reading of heart rate, uh blood pressure and blood oxygen when you just land on the page, if you want deeper analysis after you get your data, just press and hold, and you can selectively do heart rate Blood pressure or blood oxygen readings independently. The information on this one is just a quick read and the information you get from the long press will be able to be transferred to your phone later on. You have a sports section which just has a variety of exercises and an overall setup uh. Here you can change the brightness such screen. You can find your phone, you can change your languages, you can update the watch. You can factory, restore it shut it down. All the typical kind of stuff – and from here you have a variety of watch, faces that you can cycle through. However, in addition to all of the fun stuff you see there, you can pop the module out and it doubles as an earbud when you set it up properly as soon as you pop it out.

It'Ll bluetooth tether as an earbud to your phone for receiving phone calls for activating siri or your google assistant and, of course, for listening to music. You have tap controls on it and everything, not the loudest or the best earphone it's. Basically, what you'd need for making calls or answering calls and going into private mode as soon as you slip it back in it, takes it out of the headphone mode, puts it back in the watch mode, you're good to go with the nice metal band, and there Are optional bands that you can slip it around your wrist and the dock that holds the module on your arm? You'Ve got a complete solution for communications, health and basic fitness it's.