At i have got a box full of music. All right, sound i've got a smart watch, that's doubling as an earphone case with an earphone built into it that you bluetooth tether to your phone yeah, interesting concept, because you end up bluetoothing two different ways: one to connect the device to an app on your phone And the other way to connect it like you, would a standard, uh earbud that you'd stick in your ear: that's the module, that's, the band housing – and this is the information on how you can get it comes to us from our good good friends at banggood. Banggood'S got the bakey h, 21 it's, a bluetooth, five and that's a big difference in a lot of these that we've reviewed before, because five's gon na give you added improvement in connectivity and faster data transfer, all kinds of stuff for about 50 bucks less. Of course, if i get you a good coupon discount, you can pick one of these up in a whole variety of colors. The show notes will have a link that'll. Take you over to the buying page and i'll have a coupon there that you can apply as far as overall specs it's a full touch device. Now one really nice feature of this one i haven't seen on others. Is it actually measures body temperature too? At least that's what it says: ip67 waterproof now i really wouldn't dunk the earphone part underwater, but it should be splash resistant.

I got all these languages supported. Music players supported with it a built in speaker and mic you'll, be able to make and receive bluetooth phone calls. Of course, with this tethered to your um to your phone there's, the body temperature measurement course sleep monitoring with it wow all kinds of stuff weather forecast is included. This is probably the most sophisticated unit like this that we've ever reviewed it's been. I think a couple of years, since this was the rage. In fact, i've got an entire playlist out there with these types of devices that you'd stick in your ear. Smart watches stick in your ear and this will be in that playlist as well, but this one this one does a bunch more stuff inside the box. In addition, you've got a charging dongle and in a little manual now i'm going to show you. This thing is a little bit tricky uh it's, not your standard charging, wire it's, an alligator clip it's got two prongs on it, and the module itself is here. Okay, we got to pull some stuff off of there. Look at that. I think that's the temperature monitor and then that's the uh diode for heart rate, really sophisticated. That, of course, goes in your ear now i press and hold here line the pins up like so and let go and then plug that into your usb charger and charge. It up so simple as that, but you do have to take.

I believe them yeah. You have to take the module out of the casing in order to to be able to do that. As far as that goes, you've got a little two pins here that you press tuck, the module in here. Oh wow, it just kind of hugs right in there magnetically well sort of magnetically. You didn't see that okay, you press this down and it locks it in place not going to come out and you press the pins to release it to remove it to use it. And then, of course, you got the band itself, which is one of these magnetic type that you can open up slip your wrist in tighten it gently around your arm, put the module in hey, we got it down or what all we got to do is charge It up and turn it on now. Oh one more thing: yep the manual um. The interesting thing about the manual is it's all in chinese. Look at this both sides. Ah there's, the english had me worried there for a minute all right, as we usually do, we're going to show this to you on the screen, so you can freeze frame it and take a look at it. The qr code is right. There you want to uh scan that to download the flow up app, but hopefully you'll download it from the google play store using the link in the show notes. I always trust it better if you can get it from the play store than if you tie into a chinese server and download it to your phone.

That way so check my link for you down in the show notes, always and try to download it from google play store or just type in flow up into the um. You know your basic uh google play store and that should get it to you. There we go well let's, take a look at it. Well, we've got a lot of little covers. We need to take off of here like that one there and then on. The bottom looks like we have one over our sensor. I want to make sure you take that little plastic cover off as well, and the temperature probe has a cover too, that blue is actually plastic on on it. So now the interesting thing is, we have this hole in here and when we put the band inside the hole is going to be in contact with your skin. So it should be able to get your temperature stabilization and everything. And now the first thing that you see is we have two languages: chinese or english, so we're going to select english well, okay, we have to touch a button down here and that put us to english press and hold that selects english and here's the qr code To scan for the app we already have the app installed called uh flow up. This is from the google play store now i've gone ahead and set up a guest account when you first come in. You have a choice of creating an account logging in into that account and it'll track all of your data over time.

I just went in as a guest, so i could give you a couple of days worth of data and you can see how this app lays out and works. Now. An unusual aspect of this particular one and i've put it on now. Um it's actually got a better a smart watch than it does the earphone thing and a lot of them. The earphone was better and it's just a token smart watch, but this one honestly it's got quite a bit of stuff. It'S got several watch faces. We'Ll. Take a look at you can cycle through text messages that come in here's um your step count: distance, traveled for the day, here's last night's sleep time, then you get temperature and if you just stop and wait, it'll show you temperature from the app you can change It to centigrade or fahrenheit, and there you go. I can also long press to activate it again if you want to in the app you'll find that you can also have continuous measuring uh temperature on intervals, which is really cool. Come over to this one you've got the weather in your area as pushed from the phone to the watch, and then you land on this page you, if you don't, touch it. You get an automatic three point. Reading of your heart rate, your blood pressure and your blood oxygen just by stopping on that page and holding still of course, takes it a little while, but it measures all three parameters and comes back and gives you a reading.

Now, if you want to go deeper into any one of them in particular, you simply press and hold there's all of the data i can press and hold now and i'll enter heart rate, in which case i can long press to get that one or i can Go into blood pressure, same thing, long press to start that one or blood oxygen separately, we'll just do that one long, press, it'll, say measuring and it'll come back with the result. Those individual readings can be pushed to the phone and you'll see they show up on a chart, but that one page one typically doesn't it's, just a quick reference for you beyond that. When you leave this, you come back to this same page. If you don't, do anything it'll go back and do that reading all over again pretty sweet press. Here you get into walking and running and mountaineering cycling, uh what ping pong and football i think uh a few others and then uh you bounce out of this again. Very limited it just uses pedometer for the distance type calculations and you get calories burned versus time. Then you have overall setup where you can change a bunch of different parameters. Update the watch get about the watch, those kind of things change your overall brightness. I guess we should show you that one, because it is on a low, brightness level here press and hold, and i can tap it and brighten. It way way up there, which is really really nice or there's your first level, so run it a little bit brighter than what we have been.

How about that level here, which is right in the middle, and you see all these other things too bright screen, is how long it will uh stay illuminated when you have it on. I have it set on 15 and you just cycle through them and eventually you get out you get back to the watch faces you press and hold. You have a digital, uh or analog one. If you want, sadly again, you got to go through all the way around to get back here. You have that one. You have one with a jellyfish and you notice they all have different parameters on it that jellyfish one. Let me come around to that. One again, you saw it has a temperature, this says heart rate and distance traveled or stepped this one has very little on it. This one has your heart rate and weather on it. I mean they all have different parameters, and this has, i don't know 78.3 degrees fahrenheit. I believe, that's, just your weather report for the moment and the local area as updated on the watch from the phone that's, a quick look at the watch and you tether. The watch directly to the app in order to get the functionality and we'll come here in just a minute and go through the app. But if you want to do uh phone calling, um, activating siri or the google assistant, if you want to um yeah phone, calling music, music player or anything that you want to control of music and have it bluetooth play out of this device, you remove it.

You go through the process of tethering it to the watch in the standard way. You would set up an earbud to tether and once it's tethered. Then, whenever you pop the module out, it immediately goes into the headphone mode and it activates the bluetooth to talk only to the watch, so anything that you do on here play music or make a call or if a call is coming into your phone. You just pop this out, put it in your ear and it'll transfer the call right over here, uh pretty slick, pretty pretty nice i'm, not comfortable in my ear with this particular design. I personally, like the ones that you shove in your ear and lock it in and it kind of closes out the ambient uh outside sound, but this one works. This goes under the fold in your ear and it just kind of hangs there i've shaken my head. If you shake it enough, it'll fall out, but otherwise, if you just leave it there and don't mess around with it, i'd put it this way, it's a really great way to take a call that you want to go private with you got a nice health and Slight fitness band right here: if you want to take a call or if you want to listen to some music, not high quality it's, going to be basically phone call quality. You know through one ear, you can pop this thing out. Hang it in your ear and do that, but as far as a bose headphone replacement unit, it ain't going to happen no it's a add on earphone device to an otherwise fairly sophisticated smart watch for um doing health related stuff and speaking of which let's take a Look, you got your um step count by a half hour.

I believe uh shown from midnight uh for today you can go back to previous days by sliding this way there was yesterday nothing the day before here's when i took it out and started messing around with it, and you see all this other data shows up in Here as well, including last night's, sleep time for that particular day when i was asleep restless and awake, no rem sleeping on this one. But if you do sleep with it, it does do sleep analysis in an earphone device that if you had a call come in in the middle of the night, you could answer it while you're laying in bed pretty darn cool health advisor i'm, smartwatch ticks and it's, Showing the step world rank i'm ranked number one because i'm, just as a guest, so it's just me, but you can go in and do all kinds of uh analysis in here. This is just kind of a summary page that's showing where you are in that particular day's activity, uh ranking. I did 1147 steps that day sleep time healthier. This is where you see your heart rate. Blood pressure and blood oxygen looks like a an unlock thing, and indeed it is. If you tap it, it will immediately activate without even turning the device on the measurement of heart rate, blood pressure or blood oxygen. So, as we've mentioned in other videos, it's nice to have remote control from the phone of the biometric measuring parameters on the device when you got like a covid situation and you have a family member who's isolated in another room, you don't want to go into to Constantly check on them, you can do it remotely this way, at least for heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen, and you see it's a continuous reading kind of thing, but low battery drain on the device it's, not even turning on, if you turn it on it's.

On the watch face so it's multiplexing, it can do whatever the user is doing and in the background it can also be doing the health monitoring here under this section called healthier detection is undergoing. I guess how to stop it to be able to get out of it. That'S healthier. These are summaries. Here'S, the uh heart rate details over time taken every half hour unless you manually take one which will show up in there that way and you've got a leading of over high and over low is colorized, and you can see that this is my nighttime sleeping 4 A.M to 8 a.m. Ish, and i was dropping down into the 50s, which is good for a resting heart rate, but would be low if you were, you know awake and moving around that's your heart rate. You got similar kind of stuff for um blood pressure, uh and blood oxygen and and temperature. Okay. This is temperature, i just went into and you can have centigrade or fahrenheit and there's every half hour temperature reading and it will flag if it's too high or too low and of course, i'm in average. So i don't have any aberrations to show you, but it would pick that up. It will show you your minimum and maximum and your average over time temperature. Now with that little temperature module on the back there. Now i have not seen like in the healthier where you can do these things.

I have not seen where you can remotely take temperature. I really wish it did that, especially for coved or flu or a cold, that you could without disturbing somebody quickly, take their temperature and see how they're doing but well that's too bad. But you can get, of course, blood pressure reading here, and this is uh not going to be doing this on a regular basis. This will show you your manually activated details, and so you need to take this periodically through the day and while we're on blood pressure. Most of all on blood pressure, take it with a grain of salt, verify against a calibrated cuff the readings that you're getting if they're, realistic or not 70. Over 13, 113 well 113. Over 70, we usually say systolic over diastolic that's low for me, so i would probably need to calibrate that by adding say 20 points to each of these to get it in my range. If i'm hypertensive there's not a lot of setup in the app that you can adjust it, if you tend to have high blood pressure or low, it just goes against an average, so just use it all of these things just use it for information purposes, including your Heart rate and your temperature as a red flag to go and take deeper measurements if necessary, same thing for blood oxygen. Now, it's just going to get your individual readings and not blood oxygen over time and not give you a warning if you're, high or low as well, especially low, which is really unfortunate.

We have some of the bands that can do sleep, apnea reading and all that kind of stuff, but they're not going to have an earphone in it. So this is about an 80 to 90 percent, really good and well thought out health band with the earphone uh. You can get 100 great uh health bands, but you won't have the earphone if you're looking for a compromise, if you want a way to store an earphone that you can take a phone call and have a really decent watch, this is it um check. Also, the i'll have a code, a link for you to the whole playlist of all of these type of bands that have removable earphones and you can check them and see. I think you'll find and agree that this is one of the best it's, the only one that does temperature as part of it as well. Beyond that you got this tracking area here and you can uh activate this thing. It'Ll it'll kick in gps and put a map in the background which you don't see right now, because i set my google map to a map which is china, but you can select. Google map and it'll show everything of where you are exactly on the planet. You can have that keep the screen light on on your phone, so that you can monitor that, and you can also display weather on here as well, which is up here and then you can just start an activity and it'll give you a countdown and it'll go And then uh it will um.

Take you show you your distance and and speed, and pace and you'll see your chart moving on here and it's irrelevant or not connected as far as i can tell to the band at all. Otherwise, we would see fun things like heart rate show up on here as well, and i wish it did. That would transmit the heart rate from the sensor on the watch to the full app where it would actually show you your track, but we don't have that. Apparently so this would be just a basic standalone, um type of a thing. Are you sure we want to quit? Okay, and that is saved again if you're signed in and logged in, it's – probably safe to the cloud otherwise it's just in here, and if i delete the app all the data will be gone, then you get to your device, you can use it for remote camera. Find the device make it vibrate the health reminders where you can set up active reminders, uh for drinking water or getting up and exercising, and you can set the schedule on that, a basic calendar for checking all of your stuff. You can set up different alarms that will vibrate on the watch, there's no sound on it, and then you get your overall notifications where you can have incoming sms and calls pushed. This is sweet, a silent mode, no matter what you have turned on. You can set and specify a do not disturb period when it will not push.

All of that. You got all these kind of things sent to you that you can go into, and then you got the list of everything that's installed in your phone, that you can turn on and off individually and when they get pushed to your watch. They will show up in here in about that size, font readable on the screen you long tap and then you cycle through them and after you look at them, they disappear, but they do. They do push the full text of of all of those things that you've selected here so it's, pretty darn good for notifications as well and finally, the user. Here, as where you specify your information uh in here. It gives you some data on how well you're doing meeting your goals. You have settings that you can set up at your parameters with your step goal and everything and here's some cool stuff. Not only can you link to google fit but look dang, you see that wake up all right, you're. Looking at the screen now, okay, there are very few that link to strava and that's, really nice that this one does so google fit. Yes, strava is a capability that you can set this thing up and connect over to strava transfer the activity data over to strava. So you have that information and i'm at that is. Is a nice asset that you don't see in many of the fitness watches at all, let alone something that has this little earphone capability as well, so that's pretty much it it's a simple little module we've got a temperature probe.

It'S got a heart rate, probe it's got charging that you use an alligator clip for you can set it up with the headphone uh activity so that in when you pop it out, it immediately connects bluetooth into that headphone mode with uh. The phone long press here will activate your siri or your uh, google and yeah phone calls everything else you can do and in the manual you saw on the screen, it'll show you what tap sequences you do to get different things to happen, depending on what you're Doing with the bluetooth and with the headphone there we got it. Bang good bang good has sent us this one it's a cherry little thing: it's a bakey h21 it's using bluetooth 5. If i didn't mention that meaning, we should have long range, good clarity, no dropouts and so far around the house wearing it and playing with the earphone. It works. Well, the earbud thing is tinny it's, not bassy it's, not really for getting music it's. Only one ear. It'S, not a fancy stereo set, if you're after that there's other ones in the playlist you can check out. But if you want something you can pop out to go into a private phone call directly on your wrist and, at the same time, have good reading and remote reading of basic biometrics like heart rate blood pressure, blood oxygen as well as monitoring temperature.