com, we have a fitness band good. Well, a smart band that manages your health. They say and oh boy, it feels kind of loose and it is. This is tiny, tiny. What let's see it's an M 4x yeah they're running out a letter number of combinations, another baekje watch, brightness, adjusted heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, monitor, ECG, PBG, the whole works in this little band for 20 bucks, Wow, smaller and cheaper. Ok, let's talk a little bit about it. It'S a single touch thing one button it's using a funky wife, it app yet another new app coming out with these things a lot to cover IP 67 waterproof it's got blood pressure blood oxygen. All the support for all the typical things, push notifications, low power, okay, that's good to know, auto light up screens stop watching it. Hmm. You also have support for alarm calendar sedentary reminder the remote camera quite a bit of good stuff. In this a little point. 0. 9 inch 9, 6 inch TFT 80 by 160 screen and that's typical on these a little battery 90 milliamp. Our gets you about 10 days, standby 5 days use and two hours charge time. Hopefully there's a bandwidth. It here it's the module itself and we can pull off the little cover on the ECG piece. It looks like and then also there's a cover on the front. Ok, when we take out the insert, we find the two things: we need a band and a charging dock of sorts, and it looks like a manual as well.

So the charger is a little slide in contraption. Looks like it goes in like this somehow let's see Wow. Does it snap in those pins have to make contact there? I guess that's it. They push in it's hugging the sides somewhat, and we plug it in to charge it. So you have to take the module out of the band and you got a fuss with this thing to get it to charge. It'S already two strikes against it in my book. All right, the band itself comes in a variety of colors it's, a very inexpensive silicon thing with the loop through connection and this snaps in there, but we got to charge it first and in a manual and in the manual in English. I hope let's see Chinese English, okay, it's talking about the m4x. It gives you the QR code, for a variety of different platforms, to download the app that we'll need to tether it, and it shows you, some representative screens for a display of the time, looks like there's, two of them and then the different screens that you'll see For all the different functions that are on here, which of course includes your standard pedometer, sleep monitoring, heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen and an ECG function, sports with all the different sports shown here and what you'll see on the screens when you go into them and Then the extra stopwatch power and so forth pretty much a basic fitness band that incorporates ECG and blood oxygen in a very strange kind of way.

To put it together so we'll charge it up and give it a run through, for you, yeah have a sense when something just doesn't smell right: well: I'm, not gon na waste! You guys this time with this review, don't buy it. Don'T buy this one it's a gutta do not buy flag on it, I'm about to show you what companies attempt to get away with beyond fake and actual fraud. Not saying this is you use your judgement but I'm gon na show you something. First of all, the crazy way it charges and the silly way it goes into the band are kind of funky in and of themselves, and you have to pop this out in order to be able to charge it. You saw that let's put it in. I try to keep the button away from the button on this end. I believe that's the way we slide it. I think it comes in easiest from below and will pop it into the band, and there we go okay, now it's actually in here, and I could strap it on and slide it through, which we're going to be doing, because I have to show you some of The actual test results let's walk through it. First, there is the time that's the brightest. It gets. You tap it again. You got your step count. Distance, traveled and calories burned all from the pedometer last night's sleep time. If you use it for that, and then you get into heart rate, which it'll immediately go into testing with the regular diodes on the back and it's taking a while there.

You go really tiny digits on a dim screen, not easy to see here's a blood pressure. You saw there was a reading there, you give it a while and it's gon na come back with another reading, not gon na waste. Your time and here's blood oxygen, same kind of thing, it'll flash a little bit and then it'll give you a reading. So you don't have to press anything to activate these readings. You just have to land there and let it be, and then you get to ECG. This is what we're gon na point out and I'll be back on that you notice that there was a heart rate on here associated with the ECG and a process whereby you can transmit the ECG to the phone app. Then you got a training section and if you press in here you have walking and jogging and hiking and of course, cycling. None of this is GPS, monitored, mind you it's all gon na be pedometer or on the things that don't involve distance, it's, simply gon na be calories versus time and then more which, when you press here, goes into an about the watch like a stopwatch feature to Find the phone feature you can reset the band, you can shut the whole thing down and that's it and then you're back to home screen. When you press and hold on the home screen, you can change to a different kind of a face. There again they're using dark blue numbers against the black background on a dim screen, we're indoors now and it's, not very bright in here right now and it's, almost marginal on being able to read it all right, let's get into the situation that I want to cover For you, I'm part of the reason, beyond all the three or four I've already told you why I don't recommend this here's, the the app that they tether to and it's got some data in.

It shows you your last workout, your heart rate area, sleep, blood, pressure, blood, oxygen, all looks really good and then ECG. Now we talked a little bit about some bands and apps that have created fake ECGs by using a simulated repeating segment, in particular the number one dt 28 in association with the fundu pro app and several other bands that work with the fundu pro app it's. Just totally fake you can seethe its exact same waveform over and over again little segments that just repeats when you're taking the ECG. This one is way worse. I hit start testing and it nothing until I touched the button. It switched the watch to say ECG, but look carefully at the chart. My finger is motionless it's not moving around yet it's got all kinds of noise and then it settles down – and it starts doing a chart now I'm going to move my finger all around. That should make all kinds of noise and it's not it's exactly the same. Goes for a little while gives me a heart rate, and then it stops. I can't replay it. I can't scroll it. I can't export it. I can't do anything with it except start testing. Again. Ok watch carefully when I touch the button, and only when I touch the button, it completes some sort of a circuit that starts the playback of a simulation. Look at that no change whatsoever. If you monitor it, it's exactly the same pattern of the first one rewind and check it out, look that's my heart rate ECG.

You need to be touching electrodes and closing a circuit for it to happen. One more time. Oh, look at that. It popped out of the band it lost its cover, it's doing its ECG. Ok, do I need to say anymore what I will tell you, because I have two folks: this band comes from Banga pologize, bang good for this it's, not their fault. Honestly, they don't know they get these things in from vendors it's made by baekje I'm, really surprised, because in a minute, well, not a minute, but in an upcoming review, you're gon na see an incredible review of a baekje fitness band that is like gon na blow. Your socks off the same company, different product warning, the baekje m4x fitness band, 20 bucks or less I'm, not even gon na ask for a discount coupon cuz. I don't want you guys to buy it, pay the darn money. If you want this thing, if you don't deserve a discount yeah, the first time I've ever had one this bad and – and you saw it's it's just totally looping, I don't even need to have the band on. It is sending a signal here because it turns on the ECG and hey look. Finally, the screen is bright, isn't that cool. Maybe if I press and hold I can get out of this – I don't know anyway, it's running it's, running its stock. The thing that's so disappointing is this: could look legitimate, they give the noise and then they start doing a kind of what looks like a regular heart wave and so it's it's fraud in my book that you put something out that looks realistic or they're.

Finally, please wear correctly it's noticing that I'm not wearing it, but it's still giving us the chart all the other stuff about it. The fitness, the step count the heart rate, the blood pressure. I don't care I'm done all right, but listen come back for the next couple of reviews, because you're gon na see things that are state of the art never been seen before and really gon na make up for stuff like this and just a shout out to Any of the ethical Chinese vendors out there when somebody puts something like this out, it speaks to the whole Chinese quality and truthfulness police yourselves don't. Let this kind of stuff ever make it to market. Okay, honestly, you let this gets the market, and people are gon na continue to talk bad, even when the things are incredible, like the next ones, you're about to see all right off.