At smart watch, ticks calm, we're continuing our overview of smart watches. For the ladies, this is another new one. Getting ready for Valentine's coming up, it's called the baekje m8. It comes in a nice pink box when you open the lid to it. You find the watch sitting nicely presented in a little insert piece. We can take this out. It'S got a really fun metal band, but you can get it with a variety of colors and bands. You have a cover on the front of it and look at that bullying. All the way around let's take a look at inside the box, but first I want to show you that you can pick this one up from banggood. They are definitely delivering for the ladies. This season got a few of them. We'Ve been reviewing the m8. I checked the show notes for a buying link and a coupon discount on this one let's look at the specs here we go it as these other ones do now incorporates a minstrel period prediction information. They can track all the different parts of a ladies cycle right. There on the watch tell you about where you are: you got blood pressure, heart rate capability in all of this gold or silver it of course tethers with Android or iOS, and it uses the wear health app, which is very much the same as all the other Ones too, we've got all these different languages supported this one's ip68 and they claim you can swim with it 24 hour and 30.

Second heart rate measurement, the standard 24 hours in intervals, or you can do a really accurate one. If you want to blood pressure blood oxygen again, sleep monitoring, all these different modes are on. Here. You'Ve got your DG sensor for the a pedometer and heart rate sensor. In it, the screen is a 1.0 four inch, IPS 240 by 198 pixel and 150 milli amp hour battery capacity on it too so let's get in there when we take out the cover of the box Wow. Okay, this is glued to this that this one was sitting in. We have another one of these cosmetic case type chargers, and we saw this on an earlier version of these watches, so we opened this, we slide it in there. We clamp it down. So this is the same exact size and charging capability, as some of the other ones will hopefully do a wrap up video that pulls them all together here for you shortly, but that's how this works plugs into USB, very easy to use and then, of course, there's. A manual that comes with it, which looks like it's in Chinese on one side and this side is English, so there's the color picture of it and the QR codes that you would download to get the app for your iOS platform. But again we have the link for you directly in the show notes, but you can download it from here. If you want to here's how to start to use, it shows you some of the pictures that are in it warranty and specification information and again you can just freeze frame on the screen and read that at your leisure and this one includes a warranty card as Well and then Chinese on this side, alrighty let's, clear everything out and turn it on for you.

There now doesn't that just look spectacular on mr. ticks, yeah. Okay, so we definitely got bling all around it. We'Ve got the nice metal band. We'Ve got the button that we can push to go through things and it's got a built in pedometer, so you have step count, calories, burned and distance traveled that features part of it. Then you get the measurement section and like the rest of them, they've got optical diodes on the back, and so it can produce two readings for you on this watch. The heart rate and blood pressure readings come in here, it's, pretty decent sized digits white against black contrast. So it should be easy to see fairly well in bright, sunlight blood pressure would be reading right here and then, of course, it can accumulate your hours and minutes of last night's sleep time and it'll transfer over more data to the tethering, app, of course, than just What you're, seeing right here you've got a sports section now when we go in here everything is timed against calories and heart rates, so you've got a walking and a running sequence. Then you've got hiking. What else have we got? Looks like a tennis or something like that type of a sport, cycling and again you're measuring time and calories burned and heart rate ping pong looks like basketball there and football soccer right there and then swimming, but you can measure as well, because this one's ip68 waterproof You got a timer built into this one when you press and hold it starts and stops right here, measures two tenths of a second there's, no lap time on it and when you're long press it takes you back out of that we got a cycle all the Way through to see that the next thing is messages pushed from the phone when you're tethered or the find your phone link that would vibrate over there here are themes.

Themes are your watch faces, so let's look at those. We got the first one that you saw. Then we've got this colorful kind of a pink with a female on the front and I'm, not sure what butterfly is going on battery date time all of that stuff, and we got to go back to theme to change it again. You can't just press and hold. Unfortunately, on the watch face, you set them here in theme, but it only has three. This one's kind of fun looks like somebody's rocking the moon with the Stars up above date, time battery power, all of that's there, as well and beyond the theme we have brightness control, which we press and we can change the brightness up to that level. That level for brightest or pretty dim, so you got a good range of brightness if you want it dimmer at night or really really bright during the day. I keep it at about 3 for these reviews that's just about bright enough, that it doesn't wash on camera and then information for tethering, the model, number m8 and so forth. So there you go all in all it's a pretty attractive, women's band slips right on the wrists. If your wrist is small enough to take it off, so you can adjust it to any size that you want simply by looping it around like that. Okay! Well, where can you get this one directly from banggood it's? The baekje m8 once again check the show notes for the buying link and a discount coupon.

If we got one for you and yeah enjoy, this could be a great gift for yourself or for a loved one.