A youtube channel on the web at smartwatchtix.com been a long time coming, but it's here. This is an exact uh, identical ecg reading, capable blood oxygen, sleep apnea everything you've wanted to see in the spoven blade. You remember that one i basically talked about that one about any time anybody wants to know about a really good health band that's, the one i refer. This p10 is basically identical, identical to the spoven blade. The p10 now is a bakey product, bakey p10 from banggood and in the show notes. I'Ll have a link for you to pick it up, hopefully with a coupon discount on here. It does ecg ppg blood oxygen using red diodes, it's it's it's. Definitely the cat's meow. Looking at all of the specs for it here, just like the spoken blade, it runs with the h band app or h band 2.. I did tell you that they discontinued the h band 2 and it's all just the h band now, but if you're lucky enough to have a a copy of the h band 2 on your phone or something don't, upgrade it to the h band and leave it Separate because they can tether separately to two different devices which i'll be showing you later, the languages supported are here, it does the hpv index. Ecg and ppg heart rate, monitor blood pressure. Everything and, most importantly, just like the spoven blade you can do an ecg chart live full time strapped to your chest, actually attached to your body as opposed to worn on your wrist let's jump into it and take a look in the box called smart life.

We have a lot of stuff, let's, see, we've got a card, we've got another little card and then we've got uh. The product inside here is the little chicklet itself. This is it everything everything is run with this little module, and here we've got a band. Of course, that we can put on it i'm just going to take this thing out and we will attach it that's how we wear it on the arm and then we've got the little tray here, and this is the thing that we attach this into and uh All of a sudden, you got all kinds of capability, you'll, be able to touch and do an ecg chart just from here or you'll, be able to connect this into a a mountable chest, strap or chest device or an actual strap. That goes around your waist. That stuff's here in the black bag, getting you excited, i hope so inside here – is a manual we'll. Look at in a moment go through all of that, underneath oh wow, there's, even little cutouts that they didn't push through. Oh, this would be fun for your little child to play with right. It comes with everything and then in here is uh, most likely the charging stuff yep that's it a charging wire. Now, unlike the spoven blade where you pull off the straps and stick it into charge, this one actually comes with a charging wire, so you got choice. Now you've got choice of all kinds of ways of doing the basically the same thing which we're going to show you now let's get into here.

I'Ve got a card in chinese and in english, and it talks about how you wear it, where you want to wear the band on your wrist, the straps, the mounting into this thing, holding it to get the electrode connection. And then the chest illustration uses the same thing and you attach these suction cup or sticky cups, and you put it on your chest right there and the chest strap you put it in here and then you attach this on a strap that wraps around your waist And holds it on there and you can measure it that way, so all kinds of different ways wrist holding it with your hand, attaching it or strapping it on to get a decent, ecg chart and you'll see in a moment on the watch, the mode that you Pick to get that continuous ecg thing happening little warranty card manual users manual that goes across it looks like nice, colorful thing and we'll just run you through this. So you have it on record there's the uh qr code that you scan, depending on your device and again it's the h band, app that's being used, some color pictures showing you what the different screens look like and they um just cycle through that. You have some options that you can choose from the app to make some changes to what you see: okay, a little bit more here, yeah there's holding it. This is where it differentiates from the other products that you can actually hold it for getting a reading.

There'S. The proper mounting or positioning for getting your heart information when you're sitting calmly and here is something different. You see that you can add a stop watch to the watch. It'S not set up for that right now, but in the app you can do that and it's identical on the spoven blade as well it's, the only two that you can also add a stopwatch feature to it and you have a selection of the different uh watch. Uh faces there and i'll just show you here, so we don't go through all of those online okay and i think that's it now let's uh. Oh, we got ta dive into here and just show you the components that come in this box. Okay, i bought the one that has the uh strap. So if you get the one that is for the chest, mount you'll basically get these little stickum things there's two in each bag, and this came with three of them and you will snap them right in here and they're sticky on the underside peel it off here. Here and stick it on okay, but if you get the strap a little extra money when you buy it, and i would recommend getting this since you're, getting all set up for it. You'Re going to have the same kind of thing, you're going to be able to snap this thing directly on here: okay and then wrap this around and it looks like it's got a sticky kind of surface here with some plates underneath that are going to be touching.

Your skin to make that contact and then, of course, it's an adjustable strap from there and the module will be sitting in here and it'll remotely be sending the ecg to your phone. You can watch it live on your phone, but for right now, i'm going to make it into a watch, so we can compare it with the spoven and show you some other stuff. Okay here they both are not meaning. For this to be a comparison, video, but there's really no way. I can review this one, which is identical to this one. Unless we actually do a bit of a comparison. Uh we i've got the band on it's removable bands on this one with the uh clip, which means they're interchangeable. If you want to use a different kind of band the same size, you can do that the spoken blade you have to pull the tips off they're, not interchangeable and they're on here really tight. There we go so i prefer the bands like this, and i wanted to take these off, to show you that, in the mount that you have for doing the chest hook up, you have to literally take the band off. You slide this in here and in here, and you set it on there and that makes contact, and now you can attach that to your chest and use it remotely this one now and i just tested it, you can leave the bands on you just simply snap.

It in and now you can use it again. If you have these kind of things on it directly on the chest or you can put it in the band itself, i touched that it turned it on that's how you touch it. You touch it for a couple of seconds and it'll turn on so it's already on right. Now this we have to pop out of here and it's a little tight, not too bad, and there we go and i'm just going to run with this one like this where's up on this okay different watch faces and you notice it has that push unlock that's A feature that you can set up on uh the app only on these two bands, there's a lot of them that use the h band app, but uh only this one. These two well come here. You, oh they're, not behaving. I don't have any step count on this one. I have a little bit on that one and it is so fast so i'm going to be quiet and try to go through these. So you can see they are exactly the same. Displays there's last night's sleep time on both watches blood oxygen here's, where you do the ecg, and here is the mode you enter. If you're going to do it strapped to your body and darn, it just went back again. The last thing is a power off button. So the hardware is different, but the software is identical inside and in terms of what it does and how it interfaces with the app i got them set up in the h band and the h band 2 app.

Now the spoven blade is uh. The h band app – and this is last night's results and i've – seen this weird thing happening in the sleep cycle um, i don't know what it is i'm wearing it too, tight or too loose or something funky, but it has a period where it just shows that I'M, awake but i'm, not and i'm, getting that on both of them. This is the spoken blade reporting it here is last night's sleep time from the p10. You can see that the h band 2 has a little bit different display of how it's, showing your heart rate and such here it's more of a continuous line, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, heart rate variability. This is the p10 showing that and of course, when you go into blood oxygen, you can see your sleep apnea points. I had four according to this as an indicator. This is some of the other data that you've get i'm rushing through it because you've seen this before and you can go over and watch the review on the spoken blade and see all of this in much more detail, and i move much more slowly and explain Everything uh that you're seeing here, but both of them use basically the same app. I could switch in one hook, one to h band and the other h band. Two, they interchangeable, the the apps are the same, and the data accumulated is the same. Now, when we go into the ecg, this is where it gets interesting here's, where i could do a test by just say, start testing, and when i hit this button, it activates the test and, of course this has to be making contact, and i have to be Touching the the third electrode for that part of it to work and that's what we do when we have it on the wrist same thing here you got the two plates and you touch the electrode.

Now, when you have this thing strapped in to the the chest unit, the these electrodes are on your body, and i presume we have touched the electrode on the front. I don't know we haven't done that yet that's, a future video i'm going to be showing you the chest, mount for the spoken blade, the p10 with the actual belt and also the gold standard. This is the well. You check me pro that has a strap as well that you plug in here, and you get an ecg chart across the screen on this one too, and this is a fda listed. This is what i would use as my reference confirmation about a solid ecg signal and we could compare and see how closely these signals are to that, but that's, a future video. This one is to introduce you once again to the p10 okay it's a bakey p10, and it does all of the uh biometric information. All the vital sign. Reading that you've come to expect what's really cool is the heart rate uses the green diodes. The blood oxygen uses the red diode and the infrared diode you saw it light there for just a second okay. I went past it and it's that red diode technology that allows us to get all that detailed information in two places. The heart rate variability here with the lorenz scatter diagram that can be produced every night and compared against these different types, which you can go into and get an explanation of what it may mean regarding your particular heart health.

Again, this is advisory, information and not diagnostics, but you can just like compare it's just more like a rocket or a comet. I can't tell it looks like pretty thick on both ends, maybe it's a torpedo, no it's, not a door anyway. You just have fun with it check it out. You can get your heart rate, uh data actually shown in milliseconds for every 10 minutes that it's doing the test and what's really really fun about this and the blood oxygen stuff. Actually is the sleep apnea points that you see in those little yellow dots if it gets deep enough severe enough a big enough drop, it can trigger a vibration in the band, both of them work, the same way and it's a good, solid vibration, and it can Wake you up when you're holding your breath from an apnea event and that's really really cool. You get your overall blood oxygen concentration. You get an evaluation like, for example, my respiratory rate is relatively low, should be 18 to 26, but i tend to talk a lot. No really so i'm able to hold a breath, and i could go for a really long time without ever having to take another breath, because i just hold the oxygen really well and that results in me having a very long and extended breathing cycle time. So i do have a very long respiratory rate. That was one breath. Okay, where do you get this puppy? Bang good.

Of course, thank you banggood. So much for sending this one out, i've been looking for something comparable to the spoken blade. We all have um and now we've got it it's, a different format, uh pros and cons between the two check, the show notes for the buying link, and if you use our link, it helps us out in getting more of this stuff so yeah. This is the encouragement to uh. If you like this thing – and you learned about it here, to use our link, if you can this one um, i told you about the mrs tick shock factor in another video, when this is on your wrist with the bands on it, because how it protrudes it Just sucks in there really nice and if i'm rolling over it doesn't move very well very much so you don't get any light coming out from the green and the red diodes, so the shock factor is really low one. Maybe what is a shock factor? It'S shocking. Mrs thix, when i roll over and this big green light flashes in her eyes and she goes wow. What was that um, this one it's a little wider, it still protrudes a little bit, but i even strap tight, which you don't want to make it over tight. If it wiggles a little bit, the green light does shine. You get up to go to the bathroom, you can just hold it like this point, your wrist down and light your path to the bathroom it really it works that way.

Oh wow, i guess i touched something and it wow it's just going off on me, i'm, too, close to there there you saw the power off button, oh and the sleep time, and everything, oh by the way that exercise thing: it's a joke, it's only one thing And it's not really measuring anything except time versus uh versus uh calories burned with heart rate, i believe there press and enter you don't get selections of running and cycling and walking. You just basically get time heart rate, and then it goes away too quickly. But it is in there if you want to do a fitness thing, so i think i told you everything where to get it, what it comes with and you can buy it with the strap or just with the pads it'll come either way. But i recommend getting the strap. We are going to test this thing out with the strap this one with the pads and this baby that checkme pro with the um connection belt, that it comes with that whoa, okay, it's trying to do an ecg for me. Right now there we go see how accurate this thing is. I mean it's, just it's it's, a clean signal that comes through on this one, and this is it's a connection point for just doing a quick, quick and dirty in your hand kind. But when you have it all strapped, together, it's even better you've been watching smartwatch ticks we uh.

We got a lot of good stuff coming your way, and this one in particular. The p10 is available right now, it's a really good price overall um get it with the strap, get it without it and you're good to go. Okay.