At smart watch ticks calm and we are unboxing a really fun fitness health band. That odd does a whole bunch of cool stuff here's. Some of the functions, ECG detection, heart rate, monitoring, blood pressure. All that good stuff, with the caveat that none of this, has been verified as accurate, so you're using it for your own entertainment purposes. Okay, all these measurements from this p11 baked EP 11 band are just simply for reference and give you some insight in case. You need to talk to your health professional. What we've got here is a device from banggood and it's 30 bucks retail. We hopefully I'll, have a coupon for you, get it even a lower price, and it does all kinds of stuff. We'Re gon na show you that after we take a look at the specs, its comes in different colors. I think I got a red one in this box runs with basic Bluetooth, 4 and works with iOS and Android, using the H band or the new H band 2 app turns out that both of these apps will really work. Well, you got all these different supported languages, it should change automatically when you tether it to your particular phone in whatever language you're running and they claim ip67 waterproof, which in Chinese is a little like you can splash it, but I wouldn't really stick it in water. Very long, it might survive a dunk in the sink or other Bowl that holds water, but you're, not gon na swim with it.

Okay it's got support for, like I said all these different functions. In fact, it's got just about everything except for blood oxygen and all the stuff you get as a result of analyzing blood. Oxygen and we'll show you that more when we get into the overall app. But first we got to take it out of the box right. Open the lid inside we find the band in the little bag that it came with, but uncle ticks is played with it already. So I I just crammed it back in here. Sorry, I usually try to put it together. Pretty yeah whoops got me on that. One here it is it's got a TPU band, this kind of beefy up here at the top, and the reason is these bands are removable because that's actually how you charge it. It'S got two plates on the back and it's got two green diodes here with a receiver for getting your PPG readings. The thing it sets this one apart makes it only thirty bucks instead of fifty is the fact that it does not have the red diodes that we've seen on some of the others. By now, hopefully, you've seen a comparison, video that I did that compared four bands, including this one together, and this falls in the category of those without red diodes and the red diodes are needed for all of the blood oxygen stuff. So if you're not dealing with sleep apnea, you want a little bit less expensive band, but do all the other things.

This might be it so there's the band inside here we've got a little quality control thing. We'Ve got oh wow. Look at this. It says we've got ECG gel with this. Ah ah. Well, they do want this to be moist against your skin to give good contact. So you can get a good ECG and it looks like maybe in this box yeah sure enough, there's, some ECG gel Wow. What will they think of next? Alright? So when you get the p11, you get the band, you get, the gel, you get the manual and that's pretty much all you need, because this thing charges on its own let's, look through the manual again here you just pop the end off to plug it into Any USB charger and it'll charge it up. The instructions are simple. You just watch the cymbal until it's charged it's got a TFT color display the app that you're going to download there's the QR code to get the H band app and I'm going to show you some stuff on an H band app but honestly they're pretty close To identical they're keeping up with both of the apps and you can use them back and forth a nice thing is: if you have two different devices, you can run one of them paired to H band and one with H, band and they'll actually work independent of Each other I do that all the time then compare the results. So here you go, we've got the different screens that you're gon na see as you pace through them.

Ecg monitoring, heart rate, monitoring, blood pressure, monitoring, blood pressure I'm. Finding is a little tenuous. I can't say that it's really accurate, but it does take blood pressure readings. Often you have the capability in the app of setting up a personal blood pressure reading that is accurate for you derive from wearing a cuff, for example, and then what this band will do was show deviations from that normal and that's kind of the best way to To do blood pressure on these devices, this is the. It also supports the Lauren's, scatter diagram or scatter plot. They call it and you have these different types of images. Well, what kaettadhum the app anyway it's a quick and easy way to just take a glance at a graph and get a feel for how you slept last night and whether you had any heart issues now we're not going to use that word. That starts with a D or that one with a D. These are possible indicators that you may want to consult your trained physician to give you some further testing related to okay, but they've put it in here. China works totally different and this is not passing through any approval cycles in the United States or other countries, so they can get away with diagnosis knew that I'd use. That word. I shouldn't that that's a really bad word it's, like one of those that the other words if I use that would get me bands.

I don't want to use that word here. We go. You got running, you got GPS in your phone. That will track your tracks and you could, if you take your phone with you, you can use the band, accumulate your data and get your tracks right in the app as well and so forth. Taking photos all kinds of things so that's pretty much it Chinese on that side, and now we get to the band, and this is where the fun begins: there's only one button, you press it here, I'll just touch: it really there's a little vibration and then it Pops up with the time screen so let's take a quick look. Let'S walk through here. Your time screen is first, then you get your basic step count: distance, traveled and calories burned, which comes from the built in pedometer. You have last night's sleep time if you've recorded that open, if you're, not quick, it goes right back to the beginning. So to get to all of these things, you have to move one by one through them. Here'S, where you do the ECG testing on the band, and then you get heart rate here. Finally, you can have the press to enter to go into fitness activity ah, and we timed out again and after that you have blood pressure reading on here. So you have heart rate and blood pressure and then power off okay. What does it look like on the band on the on the actual app well let's.

Take a look I'm, bringing up the H, fan 2 app and it's got a bunch of data in here. Already now, the data was acquired from a different but similar band to this one that does everything this band does and blood oxygen. So I want to just show you the difference in all this when you're in the app you get your step count and your hours slept with circles that show how well you're doing against that goal. Beyond that, then you get into this line where the app the watch that's connected is shown. This would say: P 11 right here after you're tethered, you can hit more and you have all these functions that you can remotely trigger. So, if you're wearing this on your arm or an elderly person that you're in charge of is wearing it, you can literally monitor it directly from the app as long as you're within Bluetooth range and your tether that's heart rate that's blood pressure. This does not do blood oxygen, and this is ECG, so you should be able to do those three and go into settings directly from that line where it says more beyond that. You get into sleep time when you analyze the sleep time and this band creates the same kind of chart. It shows you the times you were awake, your REM, sleep, that's, your dream, state insomnia. If you are having any your light sleep in your deep sleep and your overall sleep quality, which wasn't very good but it's, very busy, as far as giving us some nice data to look at goes over your awake times, your efficiency falling asleep and your overall sleep Efficiency of going back to sleep when you roust it out of a deep sleep, I guess anyway.

All of this is that scientific sleep capability and it's in this little 30 band, just as well as it is in the more expensive ones, heart rate variability, is something that it can compute, and this is that Lorenz scatter plot or scatter diagram that they're talking about It'S mapping your heart rate, variability versus itself in a crazy kind of way that they figured out. That can give you these different type of images, and each of these images represents a different type of a physical condition. And when you touch on these – and I have other reviews showing much more detail of this app it'll go in there and it'll, tell you if you have one that looks like this, what is most commonly going on that gives you some information that you can talk To your doctor or health professional about it gives you this overall Loren's plot report, and I got five stars on all of them last night. Even with that crazy sleep pattern going on, my art was really good. The heart rate, change was v, sudden change in heart rate, was good, neural state and heart rhythm change, and you touch on any of these and it'll. Give you more of an explanation. My overall index is up here and I can hit the heart rate data and actually look at the data that was collected in the process. Hrv is part of this because it uses the green dye. Oh it's, not the red ones.

The only thing the red diodes are used for is blood oxygen, so you won't see this part on the app. When you get this band, you need an upgrade to a a different band, but I'll show you your blood oxygen shows you your overall rate of your blood oxygen through the night, it's, usually 97. 98. In that neighborhood and the little yellow dots I don't. If you can see them down, there represent moments of apnea and apnea. Is that point in time when you're like holding your breath and if you have this thing set way down here to hypoxia and arousal turned on it will vibrate to let you know when you are having an episode of sleep, apnea but that's blood oxygen, and that Requires the red diodes, in addition to the green ones and they're not on this band, just to let you know, but I wanted to show you that won't go over all the other things because they don't apply then there's, your basic heart rate. You get a chart. You get the data that supports it. You can look at all of that stuff and your blood pressure and it's giving you your readings taken every five minutes, systolic diastolic bounces around somewhat again, I don't know about the accuracy of this. But if you put in your personal numbers it gets pretty darn, close plus or minus a little bit if for some reason, you're way off, I honestly don't know if the band any of these bands would report that to you and let you know that you are Like really high blood pressure right now, haven't been able to test that I don't know anybody that has so take.

These measurements is with a grain of salt, as they say, and just rely on your trained medical professional, especially related to blood pressure and your long term. Heart, health, of which blood pressure plays a big part: okay, ECG. This is that business where you're using the two electrodes in the back and the one in the front wearing it on your arm. I have an ECG report that I did here just to show you what these things look like. It tells you basically your heart rate, your QT interval and your heart rate variability, and when you hit playback, you can get it to play back. The reading that you took now, you can do a reading directly on the band when you're away from everywhere, but I found the best thing to do is to set it all up, have a tethered, have it set into the ECG screen and activate it from the Phone and let the phone tell the band to do it, then you just keep your thumb on it, while you're wearing it or your finger and you'll get this kind of a chart. You can expand it whoops that's, my brightness control in here. You guys know about this brightness right, okay, that's good! Well, anyway, it's got it's got to stop. I guess there we go. You can get the whole thing just kind of spread out that way. If you want to look at it as well or that compact like that – and it tells you the result and it's saying there's no abnormal phenomenon in that particular ECG and they'll all be listed here as you get different records and, of course I'd.

Like I say you can start testing right there, while you're wearing the band. Yes with this one. This one does support all of that function as well, and then finally, you've got your sports, which is showing you your distance walk during every half hour, it's, not a very sophisticated thing, but it is tracking your pedometer and, of course, with the pedometer going on. You can also wan na try your heart rate and blood pressure and see how things are happening as far as activity goes there. If you tap the running key now you get into the running aspect of the app and you can actually start a run from the phone while you're wearing the watch and mine is where you put in all of your particular data I'm, not reviewing the app I've Already done that, just to let you know that this is all set up for it and it works really well with the p11, so one last walkthrough on here it can change the faces. If you want to you'll see all of these results, when you get here, you would press an enter to begin an ECG report when you're here it's going to automatically start the green diodes and give you your heart rate when you press and enter here now. This is where it begins: the one sport only running and it's a timed heart rate with distance, traveled and calories burnt, and you can pause it and if you long press here that will return out of it and get you back to time.

So very, very limited. Fitness capability very robust in terms of health capabilities, everything you need, except for blood oxygen and the things related to it like hypoxia and sleep apnea are available on DeBakey P 11, which you can pick up directly banggood and again check the show notes for the link To get there, it helps us if you use that link to go in and shop around, whether you buy this one or a different one start your broom start your dance through through our link. If you don't mind, that's, really good and of course, if we have a discount coupon for you with the holidays coming, we should you could pick this thing up, even less than 30 good price. It just kind of give one of these things a chance and a test and see if it's, for you, if you really like it, you could, you know upgrade for something more expensive later on down the road you've been watching SmartWatch 6, where YouTube channel on the Web SmartWatch Dick's calm.