The instruction is in english, it is clear, and detailed here are the main features of the watch. The body of the watch is made from zinc. Alloy back cover is from plastic. There is only one physical button which corresponds for switching the display and the watch on and off and returning to the previous menu. The strap is from silicon it’s, soft and pleasant to touch. If necessary, it can be easily replaced. Its width is 20 millimeters. The watch has 1.69 inches ips touchscreen. There are six level of brightness. The brightness is good, even in direct sunlight. The watch is easy and simple to use among interesting functions. I would enumerate the possibility to see where the forecast switch between the tracks and change the volume of your phone. You can also use it as a remote controller for taking photos Music. The watch can in form of incoming calls. You can either reject or mute it. You can also display the text of messages or notifications from your phone Music. There are a lot of useful functions which you can set up in the application. What i also like is that there are more than 100 watch faces. Do the watch has eight modes for tracking your sport activities? You can also track your way if you use it in connection with the phone sensors work. Good here are the comparisons with different devices. Pedometer counts the steps very precisely. I tested it four times and each time it counted exactly 100 steps out of 100 Music.

Full battery is enough for around 5 days of active use and up to 30 days in standby mode. You can’t use the watch while it’s charging, and here is how the watch looks on hand Music. So, among the main advantages, i can enumerate stylish design good screen the possibility to control the music and see the notifications and precise work of sensors. What i don’t like is average battery life and that you cannot use it while it’s charging, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in comments.