Smart watch ticks calm. All I can say about what you're about to see is it's about time about time. Somebody made a watch like this. What is it it's called the SN 80 it's from baekje it's, a 1.3 inch IPS, really bright, full touchscreen, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, all those things weather forecast when you're tethered to your phone wait'll. You see it and what it's made out of and how? Well, it's built oh and it's, fully 68 waterproof Isom even has swimming as one of the functions, so you got all that covered as well terms of specs we're, doing bluetooth, 4.2 or above, which is great. It tethers to fit now I'm not going to go into the app today, because we've done this many times before I'll have the link to the defit app and a reference to other watches, we've reviewed where I've talked about that app. If you want to see it in action, here's all of your languages, here's all the things it supports – got some great sensors in this one and g sensor, heart rate sensor, I think it's even got a light sensor as well, and it's got a 60 days standby Time here it says 20 days, but in the overall product, literature, it's, saying 60 days and use time 10 anyway, it's a long long time check it out when you play with it and you're gon na find that this thing will last a really long time with A very bright screen and it's operation is smooth, so let's get into it and check it out right up front telling you water, resistant to ip68 I've had it out of here, and I put it back in so you guys could see the unboxing.

It comes inside. A little space here with its own little cover that comes off and revealing a very nice bezel, zinc, type of a plating around the outside a light markings, a an inner bezel single button on the side, carbon fiber. They call it 5d carbon fiber backing on this. One, the heart rate, diode, charging port removable, really incredible bands. They are super soft they're, two tone lots of holes. You can fit easily on your arm. We'Ll see that in a moment, man. I, like this band I'd, like to get an extra band like this and put it on a couple of my other watches: let's turn it on and a few seconds it should light up vibrates and there we are in the classic watch face. It starts with it's, got the twist your wrists to see the time and all of that stuff comes with its little magnetic charger. That is a two pin, simply get it right, the first time and slap it on and not strong enough to hold the watch but strong enough to hold it in place just make sure you got it on there good charge it up before your first use, like I have and you'll get a really nice screen with one or two or three that different versions on there. We have a user manual that comes with it, gives you the QR code for deaf it or, like, I said, check the show notes under the video, and you can link right over to it, gives you some background information on connecting the watch.

This is actually a pretty decent manual if you really bored and want a manual to read. This might be a good one, because it gives some overview about tethering and another stuff, all the different things that it does. It'S sports mode breath training the weather report doesn't show up until your tethered so I'm not going to be able to show it to you today, because I'm not we're, doing an unboxing right out of the box. It'S got music control, though, and message notifications when you are tethered and here's all your other stuff that you can get into just for controlling the device. Now it's got some interesting QampA in here. Why the watch can't receive the notifications. It'Ll talk about that I'm, letting you freeze frame this and read it at your leisure rather than to you getting to know your device. Why can't you wear it to take a bath there, hot springs or a sauna? Hey you don't ever want to wear any watch for that the hot water of the steam can penetrate and then an interesting thing worth worth a read about why the blood pressure data is different from a watch than from the arm cuff style. So there they're, covering that kind of stuff in a variety of languages: okay, let's, clear it out and turn it on again tapping the button will turn it on or bring it back up if it's timed out – and we navigate through this one – a through swiping on The screen, when you swipe down you get into your message area when you're tethered any message is waiting for you that have been transferred over through Bluetooth will show up here, easy to read, bright, yellow against the black background.

When we get to brightness, you can see how bright we can make this. These will be readable, outdoors notice that you have the time on every screen. It'S, a really nice addition press the button you're back right here again not having to go, find it okay, but it does timeout quickly come back here to the watch, face go over to the left and you get the version number in your MAC address and your Power level and rest to the right – and you get this whole page here – where you can use this tethered to your phone to activate a shutter. So you can use the switch function on here to take a picture with your camera. It'S, a remote camera type of thing, you've got a timer on here that you can use as a stopwatch and it pauses it. It looks like when you bail out of it it's not running in the background. You can pause it manually and if you leave here, one press doesn't do anything there. We go come back into it. Yeah and it's pause. It doesn't clear it, but it basically pauses it for you and of course you can reset it. Whoops double tap there. If you want to right here, but it does keep your time and then brightness I wanted, you know check this guy out guys we got kind of an orange glow when I lower it down here and I lower it one more.

It gets super dim perfect for nighttime. Really I mean I can barely see it there. I don't know if you guys can even see it at all, but it is lit up and so you've got an excellent deep, deep night mode. If you want to wear this to bed, you can brighten it and brighten it and brighten it now that is totally washed out it's like looking yellow on here, but it's still orange outdoors. This is going to be easily readable, I'm keeping it at a level two for you guys for the video right now you have another screen on here where you can change the style of the watches, reset and power off style. As the watch face. We have three of them there's that one and then there's this cool one and look at this there's a missing thing here when you're tethered and you have weather weather will show up there. Otherwise, you've got heart rate blood pressure, this kilometres, burned, distance, traveled, kilometers, step count. I mean all of this stuff is in here, including battery percentage and little circles and time down at the bottom yep, and then we've got another one. That'S just kind of a digital watch face the one I keep it on. Typically, is this one, because I want to be able to see the time easily outdoors and everything else I can get to by scrolling, through it date distance traveled, a number of steps in your step, count and that's all here when you swipe that way.

We'Ve done that way, we've done! That way. Are you ready? I want you to see the graphics on this one. Are you read? Are you watching? I know a lot of you do other things and just listen to me. Jabber walk, but this is one to look at for right now for a moment check this out. Look at the 3d graphics of these different icons that they're using for the data on here. I just got to keep going that's all here's heart rate and it's just vibrated activated, and when I have this thing on, I don't have to push any more buttons. I'Ve just got a swipe to get into that mode. Once I'm there it's gon na make the reading you see it's the number three thing and swiping is heart rate. The time is at the top and of the graphic is right there and it's giving me my right. I swipe again I get into a training area. We'Ll, come back to that here's blood pressure, just vibrated, it's gon na do that again. Here is blood oxygen and again vibrated and went right into it. No delays, nothing to wait for a breathing thing for breath. Training is in this one there's a player for remote playing your music and you're back to the very beginning. Now I skipped over training. So when I go in here, how do I de to swipe it yeah? These are the different training actions that you got walking running and cycling, there's, no GPS.

Now so it's basing step count to get you the walking and running, and these other different things are primarily going to be calories burned versus time, based on typically what those activities are, but that's all in the training section itself right there. So you seen the watch faces you've seen all of the different activities that can do you've seen all of the functions here. The only thing missing is the Duff it app and I'm telling you all you got to do is download that from the link in the show, notes and tethered this thing to it and all the data you're collecting here can transfer over to that app, and you Can set it up for 24 hour, heart rate monitoring and all of that stuff, all in all it's a really quality watch. Quality band looks great on thin lightweight, bright, dim, it's, a it's a winner, it's, a really decent watch. 116 beats per minute. It better be huh. I was moving all around, so I wouldn't trust that reading anyway making this one short for you. I know you're busy, the SN 80 from baekje it's available from bang good chat. The show notes for a discount give us a thumbs up. If you don't mind – and we do appreciate your subscription and telling your friends who are hanging out doing nothing that there's a lot, they can learn about smart watches at smart watch. Tix.