Okay, we got a smart we're inside this box. I'M gon na show you right now, and I am really really impressed with this. I did not think I was gon na be in fact, I started out with a bad attitude about it because it uses the fundu Pro app for tethering and claims to do ECG and if you've seen my other videos before I've got a real issue with fun. Do faking ECG and yes, this band fakes it so don't use the ECG on here there we got the bad stuff out of the way pretend it's not even here, because what else it does is incredible, it's incredible it really is. I love it. Thank goodness. I 'td banggood has sent us this one me because of the body temperature that lit me up yeah. I went up a couple of degrees on that one. Have you ever seen a fitness band that raise your body temperature? Well, this one does and you look like a total idiot doing it, but it works. Yeah I'm gon na tell you no I'm, not gon na show you I'll be an idiot on my own time. Thank you very much. The tio2 body temperature, ECG plus BPG, except that doesn't work heart rate monitor, does definitely owe me and wait'll. I tell you about that. Oh I've been looking for this in just about everything. I'Ve been sent this one. Does it uh ip68 yeah water proof can swim with it? Do everything you want even got a music player.

Yeah it'll show you your weather, it's, all in all, it's, a really nice fan, the t02 in grey red or green again uses the fundu app someday, they're gon na fix that and it's gon na be a great app because 90 of all right, I'll get off. My soapbox, the rest of its a great app as you'll, see cuz I'm gon na have to show you some of it on the app as well IP 68 deep water proof. It support swimming, in fact, there's a swimming function on this one shower rain, but don't do it in hot water, okay, stay away from steam and stuff like that, if it claims electrocardiogram measurement, that is false. It does not, but it does do this body, temperature detection and it's accurate. As far as I can tell because I've I did a real interesting test with it. I'Ll tell you about multis multi modes for all the different things that it can do. Sports, wise weather display and so forth, as a G sensor and the heart rate sensor and the thermometer in there as well, and all this other good stuff too, you ready to take a look me too. I'Ve got it in here pop it out, it's, a very simple thing: it's got a really nice TPU, the different colors have different inserts and they shine through the whole. So it looks really pretty it's got a thermometer on the plate. Here in case, you wondered if it actually does thermometers.

I purposely haven't cut my nails yet so that I could do this, for you now I'll be able to cut them inside here. We'Ve got something interesting: I've got a wire, okay and and on this wire, yeah I've got an extender. Now, why would I ever need an extender wire which is kind of cool because it's free and you can use it for anything you want to extend. Why would I use it unless, unless, unless you charged it this way, yeah look at my little plate coming up. People complain that I toss these things around wait till they talk about how vicious I could plug it in like this now and I can plug this anywhere. I want so kudos for sending out this little extender thing that goes with it. You saw it already came on, and that was as simple as touching the button down here and and there it is I'm gon na show you all the good things it does, but first the manual which is worthy Wow of taking a look at there's. Nothing else in the box, because it's got some interesting functions like I said so: I'm gon na page through it. I invite you to freeze frame it and look at it at your leisure. I may miss one or two of the concepts on here. I hope not, but if I do or there's some nuances you need to know about, they are in this manual. It'S actually got some good stuff in it.

How to set the notification set that up yeah firmware upgrade. I did have to do a firmware upgrade on this one when I first plugged it in and untethered it so you'll probably need to do the same thing on yours, there's a fun chart. This is about the temperature now as I'm paging through here. Let me kind of explain how this temperature thing works. It appears that the band itself you know is at ambient temperature, whatever the temperature is outside and there's a range, it talks about 18 to 32 degrees Celsius that the band needs to be in. For this temperature thing to work and the best I can tell what it does is it figures out the temperature of the ambient environment or checks itself to see that it's, not heating it up or cooling down, but is status that is stationary in its temperature, whatever It does it has to do that for a while, because you put it in the temperature mode and you got ta wait and you got ta wait and you got to wait a little longer and eventually it's gon na vibrate. I will show you that part when it vibrates then you're in the mode to take your temperature, and you know where you stick it to take your temperature it's, a family channel don't. Even think that you stick it on your forehead, please! Yes, I will. I will show you that part right now: I'm, just gon na skip to that there's, a nice we got three different watch faces.

You get your step count right and now you're at temperature press and hold and it's gon na show you. It says post vibration, post measurement, hmm now what that means I'm sitting here, waiting it's doing its calibration for lack of another word and when it's ready, it's gon na vibrate, but you don't have to actually there wait for it and watch it. Vibrate you'll see this little symbol and you stick that pretend that's my forehead. Okay, I haven't had success doing this. It really does want your forehead and oh by the way you do not need to cover the plates in the back. You can just hold it by its edges and and do this it will work that way. So it all depends on the temperature of that plate itself and it should be warming up. It worked cool. We got a reading right off of my palm fleshy area here now. It recommends your forehead and maybe that's what it's calibrated to get the best reading for, but not only did I get it here. It just got shot over to the app and I'll be able to show you something about it over there, too ooh, oh it's, going good today, okay, if I press and hold, I can switch to a different watch face with a lot more things like temperature on Here, as well as battery and Bluetooth and step count and blah blah blah, and I can get one that's a little busy and doesn't show up as well because of the white against the bright colors.

But nonetheless, you got a nice yeah, colorful one and then back to this basic one which just had larger digits, but has all your information on it step count. We went through temperature, we just did when you go into sports here now, press and hold. I could activate a walk, a run, cycling, climbing there's swimming or back out to sports. I don't have to hit a back button. It kind of takes me to that top level, and now I keep moving forward into health here's where it gets fun. Heart rate, coming back to that one blood pressure, press and hold and like typical, it's gon na, go through and use the diodes and it's gon na measure and after a while it's going to give you your your let's, see what is it's static, static de static Dust it's gon na give you one of those numbers, the big number that daya decided dad it's gon na, give you one of those numbers. I don't think it gives you both of them on no, no, it gives you both of them on here, but on the app. It only shows one on the main screen, it's kind of weird but it's gon na. Do your blood pressure trust me? Is it accurate don't trust me? I don't know I don't think so, but I really don't know blood oxygen same thing. You press, it's, gon na, do its thing. It'S gon na wait for the diode should be on your wrist.

You could do it here, you can hold it here. You could stick it on your forehead. Whatever you like, you should be able to get blood oxygen out of that. Okay here's the ECG folks, it doesn't work, you press it and hold it. It says long press to measure you press and long press and you're not gon na get anywhere if it's not touching properly. So the plates are supposed to be touching and you're supposed to be touching here. When you long press it and then it's gon na go into its mode like it's, actually doing it it's giving you a heart rate coming from the diodes and it's giving you a fake reading over on the app I'm, not even going to show you if you Want to see what it looks like look at the review on the DT 28 from number one yeah that'll impress the heck out of you, okay and then it comes back out to health. Remind me, I'm, coming back to heart rate there's. My last night's sleep time. Look at that and if I press on it, I get the breakdown, so it actually records that on the band itself and it'll transfer it to the app and you'll see all of the breakout of the whole night on on there, which is really awesome. Messages can be pushed here to give you your your information, whether when you press and hold it shows you today's temperatures in Fahrenheit if you've set it for that, and tomorrow, prediction and temperatures it'll disintegrate as well, and when I leave here, I can come back to Ali pay, which only works in China and more and in the more category I tell you this has got a lot of stuff.

You got a stopwatch: the music player to play music on your phone when you're tethered here's, where you can switch the dials. If you don't do it like, I showed you, you find the phone which should make a fun little sound, oh it's, in vibrate mode over there, sorry, I I always put it in vibrate mode. When I'm doing videos push push. You can. Oh right. I got to hit cancel I'll, be bringing that on screen here in just a moment, but anyway, you can find your phone there's, the QR code to scan to download the fun do fake app. I mean fun. Do pro app about this watch when you're tethering it you're going to be looking for the t02 and it's easy to tether, I tell you the fun to app. Is a nice app if it just didn't do ECG? How do I get out of this? There? We go reset the whole thing or power off, and this is the only way you got to go all the way here to more go all the way to the very end press and hold to actually power the thing down kind of a pain but that's. The way it works and then you're back to the main screen and there's no way to go backwards, so you got to go forward all of those ways to get to that. Alright, I'm gon na put it back on cuz. You didn't, you didn't, see it out of my arm.

Did you and we're gon na bring the app over well there? It is nice simple it loops through and it presses down. But if you get your fingers under here and squeeze well, it goes into the holes nicely, it's, not impossible. Some of them are really close to impossible. This one's pretty easy. One thing I didn't show you when you're on the step, count you press and hold, and you get all your breakdown of calories and distance and all of that typical stuff. Yes, you remembered great I'm gon na go over here to heart rate, but uh it's gon na. Do my uh wait a minute. Ah, you got ta go all the way around again. I have to press and hold to get the heart rate. To start that, just moved forward to blood pressure, okay, I just started the heart rate. Big deal right. This is never gon na off. This is always on heart rate, it's kind of like that ambient mode that funky ambient mode on the newer smart watches the android smart, watches right, where you have that one page that it'll show the heart rate on, but not anything else. I guess and yeah yeah. This is like that every band I've tested every watch, I've tested when you get to the heart rate test, that's, fine it'll, do the heart rate and then, after about 15 seconds, two one two minutes at the max it stops and shuts off.

Not this puppy it's continuously doing the heart rate and more and that's where the app comes in down finger, be nice, they're, friends, there's the app fun do fake and me fun do pro it's in its opening screen, and you know that because it's, the big button Down here, it's got that black background, so you're. Seeing all the reflections in the room shows you my weather on here. It'S got a lot of things going for it, here's just a synopsis of my step count against the goal with the thing going around calories burned. The active time so far in the distance travel that's all here and that's, the first arrow. If I go over this way, I've got a walking best record and this is kind of your overall sports stuff. If you actually get into that which I have it. But if you go this way you get into last night's sleep time, and here is the full chart for this thing, and I can't do much with it other than show it to you. But you see total time, light sleep and deep sleep and you can change day by day here. If you want to – or you can go back using that arrow or my bottom arrow – and that was sleep time and now here we are in heart rate and look at it jump around because it's live it's, matched with this, so you're working out on your treadmill. Sorry so much for this reflections idea there I am okay what's the time down there.

Everybody wants to tell faiths reveal there. It happened so you're working out on your treadmill. You could set this thing up on your treadmill and just exercise away with the band and not even have to look at it, because this is gon na show you what's going on there. If you do interval training, which is something mister tix, is trying he's really trying. You know I got a long, steep, driveway and I'll go down it and then I'll try to power, walk up and me, and I can get my heart rate going really good in a matter of a minute two minutes and then cool down and go down and Do it again and do it again, and this thing will go crazy now in that kind of a case I'm, just walking really fast, so I don't actually see my heart rate till I get to the top. But if I have this up at the top, where I'm kind of cooling down, I can and see the heart rate, or I could look at it on the watch. The band, whatever yeah they're in sync, speaking of in sync, check this out here's the actual propagation of that wave over time with maximum minimum and average heart rate. Dynamic live not every 10 minutes. Although there's a setting for that that you can do a regular testing of your heart rate, but look how smooth it is it's the full on thing. Okay, I just stopped the camera for a little bit, so I could accumulate some more live low heart rate readings to show you that peak that was over there it's way back.

There now see that so it's adding stuff live, and you can see every time I move it. It adds a new point to the very end. The only drawback is there's there's, no time markers. I have no idea when any of this happened or how far apart all of these waves and charts are but it's. Basically, my heart rate for the day when you get to the end of the day, you get the whole darn thing, so you can use this as a predictor, maybe of heart, recovery time on how fast it comes down. But I don't know anyway that's a drawback. It'S got your actual heart rates on the side, but it doesn't have the time increments. On the bottom plus when it's going live, you really can't scroll it and do much with it. You have to actually stop it, which I can do because I think I've proved to you now that it just continues to run as long as you're running it and now we've stopped it. So now I should be able to go in here beyond the heart. We get into blood pressure that's where it says just 100, but here you getting the actual numbers there. So you've got your blood pressure and then you've got your blood oxygen and it'll show dots on the graph it's, not continuous it's. Every time you take a measurement it'll put a dot on the graph. I only have one that's why you don't see a line.

Okay, I got one from the day before so those are on there and that's it blood, oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep time and steps, and then your overall sports stuff, quite a bit on that first button, but here's where the fun gets on I'm, not gon Na evaluate the whole rest of the app we've done this before you can look at other reviews. If you want to know setting things up, however, you, oh there it's synchronizing, you do need to update this to the latest version of the fundu Pro app, because you're gon na see an entry in here beyond ECG detection, which was something brand new that came in. We now have the body temperature test and once we're done, syncing I'm gon na show you that you also have heartrate tests. You can come in here and set it up. This is where you can do the regular every 10 minute from whenever you wanted to start. Whenever you want it to stop type of a real time test, but it's really amazing the way we're getting it now, when you actually go into the heart rate reading and what it does and doing a lot of synchronizing going on right now, probably because of that Live heart rate, okay body temperature test. Now I explained to you earlier how you do that and not gon na actually show you, but I want to show you the results. You'Re gon na get a an evolving body graph, and fortunately this is actually showing you the times that you took your tests.

That was at 1117 and 1119 this morning and then another one that was earlier or though later one the one we just now did came out here and it's in centigrade on the device. You can't change it, but you can change it and it'll map to what you set for your measurement type here and it's in Fahrenheit. Here now. I know this sort of works because I did a test. I did this this morning or last night it was and I got a reading Ben. I did this in the cool of the of the morning. More relatively and after I took this test, I held a hair dryer up to my face and I blew hot air on my forehead. While I waited for the band to cool down a little bit and then a couple minutes later did another test, and indeed I got a bump up in temperature and then again we did this test just now so I'm averaging in here between 97 1 and 98 4, but this was with a heat applied to my head, so there's a possibility that this could be relatively accurate and that's all I'm gon na say in terms of accuracy. It hasn't really been proven other than this best thing to do would be to check it with a real thermometer. Try it when you have a cold and see if it works, but you saw I could do it without the band even attached to it.

So if you want to keep it charged up and in your medicine chest, it could probably grab it just simply for doing the temperature testing, but that is a new addition. It'S the first device we've seen with body temperature fondue, is a foundational app for many. Many many different companies, many different bands and watches we've, already seen three or four doing ECG detection using this app each and every one of them being fake. By the way, this does not do a real ECG chart. They all look the same they're simulated but now we're seeing body temperature, and these do look realistic and they are different. They'Re, not reproduced off of a canned routine. In here you got all the other things find your device, take a photo sedentary reminders and on and on and on typical stuff spending, a lot of time, synchronizing right now, not sure why, but this is the fun do app. This is the band and I live with it in heart rate. That is, you know, and I and and the battery doesn't drain on this very much at all.