It does all kinds of good things like capturing your step, count, distance, traveled and calories burned. It does heart rate as well as blood pressure based on the optical diode technology. Blood oxygen is also recorded with this band and transferred to the app and a unique measurement called immune reference. You have a thermometer built in here and can take your body temperature in centigrade with this one and a full on ECG report generated by the band and sent to the phone that you can analyze, make a PDF and send it out. If you want to. You have a sleep monitor. You have messages that you can read that are sent from your phone when you're tethered and a sports section with basic sports that'll track your running writing climbing basketball and football. In addition, you have several functions which include a stopwatch function. Find your phone if you've lost it a remote music player and brightness level, which has quite a range of brightness that we're running on number two for this review. You also have the indication of what model number this is for tethering and an off button that you can simply turn the band off to save its battery back will take you back to the beginning of that and then we're back to the time. The band itself is a very simple rubberized band, but very comfortable, and you simply pop off the end near the sensor and plug it into a USB port to charge it really.

Nice simple little health band with a little bit of fitness function and ECG built in as well plus immune reference check it out.