We are a youtube channel on the web at smartwatchtix.com and inside this box is something that, when i show it to you you're gon na wish. Oh, i wish there was a android smartwatch that same size and shape and the other half of you is going to wish. Oh, i wish this thing did what it's doing now, but it was in a watch as huge as the lympho lem4 or even lemt. Well, it's, neither and at the same time, it's pretty cool. This is another true wireless stereo, tws, wear buds, bracelet we're continuing that series and look at this thing. Look at this thing, we've seen that before haven't we nice big rectangular thing huge on your arm, except this time: it's shrunken it's, really tiny and that's. Okay, it's uh wow. I wan na watch like this. Well, it is a watch. Okay, we're gon na look at it and we're gon na get into the detail, but can you imagine a nice little android smartwatch in this size and shape and even better if it had earbuds in it before i get too far? I want to tell you about this thing because it's a relatively inexpensive compared to the big android ones, banggood's bringing it to us. Thank you being good. We'Ve got the bakey t91 uh big screen, bluetooth, bluetooth call, of course, through the headphones, uh, smartwatch and basically the whole concept behind all of these is you've got a carrier for earbuds that you can wear on your arm, so you always know where they are and They'Re easy to get to – and you also have a smart watch – usually very limited in scope, because it's a it's a case for the earbuds that happens to tell time maybe do a few other things someday down the road.

We might see the true integration of this where you've got or like a sophisticated android, smartwatch and you've got the earbuds as well that that's the day so put it out there uh ask for it: let's see what these guys can deliver. Here we go the t91 bluetooth, five they're, almost all doing that now, which is great touch screen. It uses the fit for the charging app here's. The language is supported. Bluetooth call is supported, of course, through the earbuds, not through the watch. It'S not going to be like a bluetooth calling android uh phone watch phone thing. Where you talk through the phone you'll be talking through the earbuds, you can change watch faces uh. All the basic functions are here. Talk for three hours use about seven days, standby about 15 days, weight and size. There you go let's, look a little deeper in here when we pull the box out nothing and then there's the usb cable, which is in here. Oh look at that. We got different earpieces that's, a nice enhancement that you can add to the earbuds themselves and it's charged using a simple wire with an odd shaped t connector on the end, usb on one end magnetic magnets are on the inside wow. Look at that back that's such a smooth, clean back, which way do we go like that wow? This is a weird one: isn't it it's, not a regular dock, but theoretically you could have this thing on.

I presume this is up and uh. You know, if you really wanted to you, could charge it while you're wearing it wrap the thing around your arm and go to a big power bank that you've got in your upper arm and you could keep this thing uh charged without even taking it off. If you wanted to well before we even pop it out i'm going to charge it up and get it ready and then we'll give it a a walk through see what it can do, look at it. It is they're removable bands. I didn't think they were but kind of sandwiched up in their heart rate, diode interesting and then each of the earbuds on either side sounds like fun. Oh, oh, oh you're! Right, i'm! Sorry, i forgot the manual. I know some of you really really want the manual. So here we go there's a it's in english, of course, thank goodness and here's the qr code that you would uh download and some information on doing that. We wow got a lot of color pages. So this is what you're gon na see on the watch when we get into it uh. It looks like some nice screens good, bright uh, digits for our uh readings, heart rate and blood pressure, and such we've got camera control on it as well. You even have sedentary reminders if you want okay, here's the headset pairing and, as you know, with all of these there's two different bluetooth, tethering you got to do.

One is the headset that you pair, like you, would a normal headset to your phone and the other is the watch that you pair to the tethering app for transferring all of your uh information. Other side is chinese and now we're ready to give it a review. Now, once you've charged it up and i mean really charged it up because you're not only charging the watch module but through the watch module you're charging both of the earbuds so charge it up gang overnight. If you can, you got three different batteries, you're working on to actually activate it. You just simply touch the screen and it'll light up to the current watch screen and then you've got your uh twist to see the time thing active as well so i'm going to pop this on and show it to you. Because, honestly, i think this is a great design. I don't know why nobody else has done this. One thing i don't, like i don't know if you can see it but there's black barriers around here, so it's a tiny square, but that would be so easily fixable. In a little android watch to make it full width, ah just such potential and still have the earbuds on it, but we got what we've got and it's okay. Let me guide you through it. When i swipe to the left, i can get my last night's sleep time shown or my last step count or a quick training area where you can, you know, get your heartbeat and steps or timed uh on it as well.

Any one of these you tap the upper button takes you back to time, so that's left and right goes the same way. Training that way sleep that way, there's three other screens. Besides the time, if i go up or down, i get into another loop, so let's try this here, i'm at my very uh last page, because settings is the last one – and here i get to the first page: you've got training heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen. Then you got your messages weather that you can set in the app a remote shutter and remote player, and then you've got find your phone style stopwatch and other and again other. Is your overall settings for mute, brightness and check this out. Brightness that's like on number two, if i turn it at full brightness, it washes the whole screen out. This is a good bright watch, it's going to be viewable outdoors. I like that factor about it and again, you've got style down here, which is your watch face. Reset it and power off and now let's start from the beginning. When i go into training, you've got a few different activities, no gps. But if i wanted to do running i'm going to get time step count and it looks like distance traveled i'm – not seeing heart rate on here – i could stop that. I could do cycling. There'S heart rate on this one and probably calories burn down here – i'm.

Not leaving it long enough to get the actual numbers for you walking yeah, i i can't change paid uh pages, so it looks like walking and running you're, not getting heart rate that's odd. How about these other things like football step, count really on football. Okay, badminton step count really ah yeah. Oh there, there i touched it and i got to another page that gave me. Oh, you got to go left right, sorry, guys! Okay, so you had step count, distance, travel and heart rate on these, and i bet we do on walking as well heart rate, yeah, yeah, step count and calories burn. So you got the basic stuff on all of these, but it is basic and it's distance is going to be based on your step. Count heart rate i get into here. I can measure it and the nice thing about it is you got some really big. Uh digits and that's nice, especially with a watch that's, got the bright light to it, so you can see it outdoors now it is taking a bit longer than i'm used to, but it has come up with a reading and it's still working on that reading. Until eventually it times out – and of course all of this stuff can be uh transferred, they're just vibrated to the app, so you can see it's a yeah nice attractive watch. Oh look at that. We get a little bar chart as well with it and then the same thing for blood pressure.

You can measure it systolic over diastolic and uh blood oxygen. You can measure and you'll get your uh blood oxygen using, i presume green diodes. I don't see any diodes happening there. Oh, and it gave me a reading. Wow that's magic, you guys, if you get this and you have the time, can you test uh these things out to see if they're, accurate or not? When i see things like that, i begin to wonder a little bit anyway. We'Ve got messages uh. Sometimes you have a swipe, that'll get them to you, but here you got to get all the way into it. Your weather, uh degrees, fahrenheit or centigrade settable and forecast for tomorrow and sliding that way gets us more okay and then the shutter and the player will tie into your phone and find your phone as well. Now style is where you can change. One of three different faces: if i can get it the right way, touch it. No. Okay, well long touch! No okay! I think. If i'm back here – and i long touch, i can no. That just gives me my version information by the way there's a firmware update on this. You definitely want to do it for what i'm about to show you in the app and we'll talk about watch faces from there and anything else, uh stopwatch pretty good size, digits, it's gon na stop when you leave it, so you need to have it always in Stop watch if you want it.

If i go out of it and come back in it, resets itself as most do and a mute, a brightness there's your style again reset and power off. We saw in the overall settings so let's yeah this just loops to the watch, face let's jump over to the app at this point. We just did a look at the uh defeat, app with a uh, pws type of a band and now we're doing it again. I'M gon na jump in here and we'll just look at it quickly. You'Ve got all the canned stuff here, including sleep time, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen they're. All on here you got outdoor running uh because you have that sporting activity, when you jump over to the settings for the watch, you notice they've even got a picture for it. It'S definitely integrated with it and here's the fun part after the firmware update uh. In addition to the three faces that you have here that you can actually set by touching here, okay – and this is an editable one – not an edible – an editable one – that you can change the picture on if you want to, but now you have more watch faces And when you get in here, you got two or three hundred: no, not a hundred, but you you got a bunch watch watch carefully. Are you ready uh one thing is they've got the same face in a variety of different colors, which is kind of lame, but you know in it's the same style.

So you have a fewer number of styles than you have actual watch faces, but look at all of this here's a halloween suite, so they are updating the server to be seasonal. I love that that means it's, dynamic and live you've got fun little picture kind. I don't want to download that yet more here, nice, digital ones and all of these will work i'm, going to take that one and i'm going to download it now. It might take it a little while so we'll snap to the finished product just about done boom and there we go got that one on here now all right. That makes it kind of dressy and with the red. I, of course, could pick a nice red one that integrates more and you notice that added that one watch face to the list. Now what we don't know and we're about to find out is, can you put more than one look at these? You got these all these different kinds. What do you like? You haven't seen it yet. I know all right: let's keep going let's keep going, yeah yeah! You like that big one with the red, okay, we're gon na. Come back to that. I love how you guys participate in my mind, it's so fun. I thought i was alone until i discovered youtube and fans, and now you guys are constantly mr dicks, you answer my questions all the time. Where was that one yeah there we go gon na bring that one in three two one boom there we go.

We are up with a new face, come on come on there, we go nice, yeah now we're talking now we're, fully integrated fashion. We are talking fashion and oh, no, it was on that front. One wasn't yeah yeah. We only get one extra spot, so watch face. Four will be whatever you select from here. Watch face 3 will be editable with the pictures you want to put on it and those are your stock analog and digital faces, not bad, not bad. For a little watch, this, mostly an earbud carrier and not meant to be so much of a watch. You got alarm shutters. Other stuff is in here 12 24 hour time, imperial or metric. You got it all of this stuff there's your twist your wrist and you can set it so it doesn't do it at night. So you can sleep with this watch and not have it wake you up flashing. You can set the city, you want your temperature in, and i mean this is a really nice robust, app the fit. So when you see a watch that uses the fit for the basic stuff, it's pretty darn good over here, you can set your goals and about the watch and so forth, so that's it for the app now. I know you guys are interested in the buds come here bud, so you have to you have to pull it out so you're going to need some fingernails, because all i can see i'm sorry is right.

Here is the little edge of that. Now you got two great things going for you. One it's magnetic it's, held in here solid with a magnet and two the little ear cup uh provides a bit of a suction to it as well. So once you push it in it's it's in there kinda same thing on this side, you pull it out, it's awkward wearing it to get them out. It really, honestly is. I haven't found an an easy way reaching over, maybe like that so it's not going to be inconspicuous in public when you're trying to take these things out, you're going to have to little yeah yeah. So what about the buds themselves? Well, okay, um. First of all, they're different design, they're kind of an old fashioned design, a deep in your ear with the rubber protectors, so they'll fit differently in different ears, but they do make a really good seal. They work for me, they're fine, they seal the outside noise completely. Unlike the other kind of apple design, ones that have all the holes in them at different places for balancing the different frequencies as far as sound quality goes i'm finding it really light on the bass. It kind of is like the typical buds you're used to having for mostly answering phone calls. There is some base there um, the music is okay but kind of tinny uh on a scale of one to five i'd. Probably do a two and a half two to three somewhere in there, not much more than that to my tastes, um, they pair nicely they're supposed to be paired automatically to each other, when i first put them on only the left.

One worked and i went through the copious descriptions of what you need to do to pair them, but before i started that you're supposed to like press them for five seconds to turn them off and the left one said turning off the right. One said turning on and i went wow okay, so i turned the left one on and it worked but there's a dance make sure you have the manual or read it um online here to pair them to each other if they somehow fall out of that it's. A little bit tricky, but normally you just put them in and pairing them on the phone was easy and they have good range. I walked all around the house, so no problem with that um. So all in all, they work. Well, if you like their watch and you're, not a fickler about really uh deep bass in your music they'll, do you just fine and because they're magnetic and suction held in but they're on the ends? And i don't know you guys can get pretty violent with these things. I'D hate to see these fly off so watch this i'm, a big fan of electrical tape. In fact, when i went through for my degree in electronic engineering, i had three things with me at all times: the slide, roll, a pocket protector and electrical tape, and it came in so handy. I can't tell you use whatever tape you like, but black is good and electrical tape is fine for that.

Take the darn thing and go across your earbud. Okay, get above it and go like that and do the same thing on the other side, not across the screen, but it's black tape. So nobody's going to see it on the side like that, okay and wear it. That way. Do your do your everything with it and you're not going to have to worry about accidentally, one of these things flying out being lost, and then your europe up the creek really yeah when you need it, it's easy! If you wrap it a little bit over the edge, you just simply open it to there, pull it out and use it when you're done put it back in and tape it that's. What i'm doing you do what you want, but i'm telling you these things could fly out because there's no click there's no cover holding them in so they're a little bit uh risky there. I may have saved you your beautiful t91 tws from being. I i don't know a third a three letter acronym to give you the safe uh banggood. Yes, banggood is where we get these guys from and uh check the show notes for the buying link we're. Looking at 60 bucks we'll try to get you discount on that. They'Re pretty good about giving me a good discount on just about every single thing they send. So i usually within the first two weeks to a month. You can get these at a good discount price, so now's the time to buy if you're interested um in this one.

This is the number four which i think is the red color. You have them different band, colors uh and, of course, you saw the faces. You can color coordinate any way you like so have fun.