So i ordered something online from barton. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them or not barton watch bands, they make watch bands and a few other accessories they’re a local company in texas and no, they didn’t sponsor this video, but i’ve bought several of their bands over the years, and i want to Try some out so let’s open this little box and see what’s, actually packaged and see what’s inside here we go Applause so receipt. Oh cool sticker, huh nice. So this is the barton quick release. Leather watch brand gingerbread, oh well, that’s nice. I like that. The five thing is, i ordered three and there’s only there’s only two in here, so this is for another watch that i don’t have here, but it might fit this one. So let’s take a look so a little smell test yeah that smells like a new pair of leather shoes. Top grain leather, 20, millimeters, very nice, nice little chrome detail there let’s see how it looks with this one. So these are pretty simple: they’re. Just quick release bands, so you just click and well with the with the black watch. It looks pretty good, i think, hold on smudges, not bad, not bad at all. I’Ll have to wear that and then i’ll give you a follow up review, and then this is a premium. Nylon sail cloth, 316, brushed steel block buckle and a quick release spring bars all right. 20 millimeter hey! Well, so we have a knife: don’t try this at home Applause, okay, so it’s leather on one side and nylon on the other.

Well that looks pretty soft and gentle. You know i must have made an ordering mistake, because i wanted a watch band for my apple watch and neither of these two are gon na work. These are both 20 millimeter and if you know anything about the apple watches, well, it’s, a proprietary kind of magnet sliding thing – i mean it’s a quick release, but but i do have a couple 20 millimeter watch bands that this will work with. They say quick release. They don’t say easy release. You know you kind of have to and the new watch bands are always there we go. You know i kind of like that. Look of course, it’s very well, not very pliable, yet because it’s brand new, but you know just right off the bat i’m kind of liking it. So we have this gingerbread leather, one which is really smooth, i would say it’s pretty close to suede, and then we have this premium nylon sail cloth. Well, i’ll uh! Try these out figure out which one i want to keep and i’ll. Let you know how the wear and tear is, over many months to a year, curiouser and curiouser and really that’s. All. I had just a quick review of two watch bands: a really brief unboxing uh. I, like barton watch bands i’ve worn them for years, not officially endorsing them, just something i wanted to try out on my channel and for some of the watches that i’m wearing and i’ll have to look online.

Maybe it was buy two get one free later i’ll to check. I i swear, i ordered three, and one of them was for the apple watch six, so i might have made a mistake, but the two that came in the package i like them so far – i’ll keep one and send the other one back. Uh they’re, really good. With the refunds and exchanges, and if you change your mind, you don’t like the color, because when you’re looking at a watch band online like this one, the the royal blue kind of pacific blue color, i kind of thought it looked brighter online, uh and it’s. It’S. Still good it’s still good. I, like it i’m glad. I ordered this watch and then the sunburst yellow, not as bursty as i thought, but still really good, still really good any questions about these bands. Let me know, or the watches i all i know, i’ll get questions. So this is the apple watch, 6 lte, and then this is the garmin instinct, solar and the watch we tried on the bands with this is the samsung galaxy watch active two lte i’ve had this one since november 2019, this one since november of 2020, and this One one week in 2021, so uh three years of watches, just like that, thanks again for watching that’s, all i have for now piffy comments down below and sure.