First, on the line we have the samsung galaxy watch 4 and i have it listed as the best overall. The galaxy watch 4 offers a great sharp design. Smart software standout features at a cost less than the previous version. It is a slim smart watch with a nice design that will sit comfortably for hours. It is made of aluminum and it comes in dimensions of 11.3 to 2.32 to 1.06 inches and the screen looks bright and feels quite premium. Something cool that separates it from the competition. Is the virtual rotating bazel feature, so you can rotate the menus around for your own liking? It is ip68 water and dust resistant, meaning you can take it swimming up to 5 meters, deep. As for the colors, it comes in black green, pink gold and silver. The samsung galaxy watch 4 comes in tons of health and fitness features, including gps for tracking an optical heart rate sensor and ecg support the killer feature here is the bioactive sensor that enables a three in one mode to monitor heart rate, blood, oxygen and body composition, Body composition is something we havent seen a lot. It will provide stats for body, fat, percentage, skeletal muscle, fat, mass and body water. As for the battery, the 44 millimeter version, i had the chance to test lasted around two days and a half on a single charge, and it did that with intensive use. As for the battery, the 44 millimeter version, i had the chance to test lasted around two days and a half on a single charge, and it did that with intensive use pros great performer, very comfortable and great features.

Whereas for the cons, slow charging and only bixby assistant next on the list, we have a serious contender, the fitbit versa 3, and i have it listed as the best runner up no surprise that this bad boy from fitbit made it to the third generation. All the past verses proved to be great, but the versa 3 exceeds any expectations. Looks like fitbit is trying to keep the same versa design and at the first glance it looks like it, but theres nothing to dislike about it. It only decided to ditch a button, which was a great thing from their side at heart. It is a bright 366 to 336 display with aluminum enclosures. It is extremely comfortable on the hand, and it comes in four colors black midnight blue to gold, pink and gold and thistle performance wise, even though you wont find a wide range of apps like you do in an apple watch or samsung. Still versa. Doesnt fail to deliver 90 of the apps that people need the most. Those include weather, spotify, even stores like a starbucks card uber and more also theres, the daily readiness, the built in gps and the spo2 to see your blood oxygen levels at glance. Yes, the improved heart rate track with the pure pulse 2.0, oh and theres, also a built in mic and the voice assistance. As for the battery life, it promises us a whole of six days with an insane of 12 minutes of charging.

Definitely a splendid performer for the price. It sure gives the competition a hard time pros. Good looks gps and strong battery life, whereas for the cons, limited apps and gps can be better. Moving on here appears the fossil gen 5 and based on its design. It is listed as the best for comfort. Is there anyone that didnt hear much about fossil as a company? It brings amazing watches and when it came to smart watches here it goes with amazing ones. It is too cool to be called beautiful, fully covered in black color, with a design that will amaze you in any way a big plus goes to its comfortability. It pounds 3.5 ounces, making it unnoticeable at all, even if wear it for a whole day. The screen of it is 1.28 inches big, and it is a touch one in which is shown. The ammo lid display, with great colors and high brightness, a fitness tracker and a phone. These are probably the other names. Besides a smartwatch as a fitness tracker, it has great features: it tracks, your heart rate, your daily activities and it tracks your sleep too. I said phone because it brings to you smartphone notifications and with its built in microphone that allows you to answer calls and have clear conversations. A total swim proof smart watch, because it has a water resistance of up to 3 atm that allows you to track your swimming besides being resistant. It also allows you to control your smart home devices.

The connectivity on this smartwatch is via bluetooth, and it also has built in gps for tracking the distance. Its battery life, on the other hand, can last up to a whole day of usage, pros great design all in one and built in microphone. Whereas for the cons, no spo2, the block, oxygen and battery life could be better. A place on this. Video is reserved for the tick watch pro 3 and it has the best battery life. So i heard that you need a smart watch that could last more depending on its battery life. It is a well done product with amazing features and a long lasting one. A design that deserves a price it is made of stainless steel basil, that is a very durable material, plus its screen is made of anti fingerprint glass. So, even if you use the touchscreen too much, it wont show anything. The screen is 1.4 inches big and it brings to you a 454 to 454 resolution with the amoled display. With this smartwatch you can use google play google assistant, as well as google maps, with the google play application on this one. You can choose between hundreds of apps that you can find there easily choose more than 10 workout modes to use the tic watch as a fitness tracker for any activity. Heart rate, monitoring, sleep, tracking, stress management, blood, oxygen saturation are other features that this smart watch owns. Besides its features, it also has a built in microphone and speakers, along with a built in gps.

This smart watch is also very durable when it comes to water dust or any dirt with the rating of ip68. You can wear it wherever and whenever you want, you can wear it always since its battery life is a feature on its own holds up to 72 hours in smart mode and thats, not a lot but theres, always a bug in essential mode. The ticwatch pro 3 holds up to 45 days. Can you imagine more than a month pros, durable lots of features and all google apps are included, whereas for the cons, not very good speakers and maybe large for someone and as the last smart watch on this video, i chose this samsung galaxy watch active 2, taking Its place as the one with the best value, design wise this one comes more colorful than the others that i already mentioned. You can choose in between black pink and gold color. Based on your preferences. There are some slight differences in the size, but their features remain. The same made of aluminum and with straps made of silicone, it stands also as a durable smart watch, worn by anyone. Its rate is 4.80 ounces, while its screen is 1.4 inches. Big, the display is also a molded, like most smart watches, and its resolution is 360 to 360. control. Your heart rate at any moment easily track your sleep and control. Your stress level, which in this smartwatch comes with the integrated, calm app. It is an advanced smartwatch that also has built in gps and works perfectly with the bluetooth connection.

Besides the bluetooth version, this smartwatch also comes with an lte version that connects it with the cellular network automatically. It is 5 atm plus ip68 rated. So that means that this smart watch stands among the most durable ones with its water resistance, and it is dust and dirt proof on. It is also included the bixby as a voice assistant. Its battery life can last up to 2 days on a single charge, but it totally depends on the usage of the features that it brings. Pros comes in different colors and sizes, amazing stress level, control and very durable, whereas for the cons, limited app support and bixby may be slow and with that being said guys, we reached the bottom of this video. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you found this video to be helpful. If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this video, you can leave a comment down below and i will get back to you as soon as i can.