We are gon na unbox and review a smartwatch which comes from the brand boat. If you like, the video, please press like share and subscribe button and make sure to hit the bell icon to receive the future updates of the upcoming videos. So, first of all, let’s talk about the case of the smartwatch. The case comes written with key features of the storm watch and below is given the printed image a photo of the smartwatch. Now let’s see what’s provided inside the package. If we open the package, we see the storm watch let’s pull out inside the package. We can see the product list of the both storm. Smartwatch let’s, keep it aside. The one year warranty card of the bold stock smartwatch and the sticker printed. I am a boat head. It also gives a charger bag in a plastic seal it’s a magnetic charger with a usb port. Now let’s talk about the storm watch. It can be easily pulled out of the case Music for switching it on. You need to press the power button. It vibrates start. First of all, let’s talk about this feature. If you swipe right, you’ll see the 24 hour heart monitoring sensor, you can see a bluetooth glitch here, it’s, because it’s not connected to the phone right now and here is lift lift screen mode. If you lift your hand, the screen will be visible to you here is the dnd mode means do not disturb me mode and the third, the fourth one you can see, is to find your phone.

If you swipe down, you will see the steps taken by you. The distance covered the calories one uh and the week total means all of them in one screen. Okay, let’s get back to the main screen. If you swipe right, we’ll see the sports mode and there are several uh several modes i mean provided like run, walk bike, hike, climbing treadmill, spinning and yoga for getting back. You can press the the power button and it checks the heart rate. The oxygen level in your blood, the blood pressure means vp. The relaxed mode is also provided. Let’S uh, let me show you what’s in it. You need to click on it and let’s play. I hope the screen is visible, so it’s not much there’s, not much to tell you about it. It helps you inhale and exhale means breathe steadily. Okay, let’s get back, and yes right, Music. If i swipe down again, yes, i almost forgot to tell you about this. There is a music control option, but it won’t work right now, because it’s not connected to the phone, you could change. Uh means change the volume change. The sounds in your phone let’s get back. Here is the alarm option. You could put alarm but right now the phone is not connected to it. So can’t help it in the timer option. You could set the timer or the stopwatch let’s get back and if you swipe down again, there is a sports mode where nothing i haven’t used this product till now.

So no record is there and in the settings there is a dial option. Where you can, you can change the main screens. I think i have told you about this. Okay in about you could see the mac means manufacturing date and all there is a brightness shop. There is a brightness option through which you could, through which you could increase or decrease in brightness. You just have to click on it like plus and click again, plus and then minus okay and there’s a shutdown button. If you click on it, it comes for confirmation, right, yeah and it vibrates and shuts down let’s talk about this. Build quality it’s built with a really great product, and it feels really comfortable on hand, and here are its back, looks and front. Looks side looks and let me tell you how it’s charged charging you just have to plug it in switch on the power button and one second Music it’s magnetic, so it automatically automatically gets connected and let’s switch on the plug, and you can see it has started Charging – and this is so comfortable and feels great in anyone’s hand, well this much in this video. If you want a more detailed video comment down below i’ll, make a detailed video with some of its hidden features provided and i’ll also show you how to connect it to the mobile phone. And, if you like, the video please like, share and subscribe. The channel and press the bell icon for the future updates and i’ve been using this product.