Now, why would you want to spend a minimal amount on something that should actually be a more expensive purchase with some really awesome features really great build quality well, just in general to save a little bit of money if you’re not super into smart watches in general, Then going the budget route is a great option and also if you don’t want to spend three four even 500 pounds on a smart watch, you can get some very cheap options that offer pretty much the same functionality at a very low cost. So let’s take a look okay guys. So what we’re going to be looking at today is four different budget, smart watches. Now by budget i mean under 50 pounds here in the uk or around 50 to 60 dollars in the u.s. Now there will be links down in that description below and i will be ranking them at the end of this video from worst the best. So again, if you guys want to pick up any of these, for yourself down in the description, is the place to go. Now, i’m going to be going over four different categories for each of the smartwatches, the screen features battery life and also the price as a budget option. I think they are some of the most important features to look out for so. First up we have the idea pro i8. Now this one is a really good option if you do want to save yourself a ton of money with regards to the screen we’re coming in at 1.

7, inches 240 by 280 pixels. So it’s not the sharpest display out there, but it does a very good job at conveying the information that’s on screen and you can move around and do everything that you need to in regards to actual speed. It can be a little bit slow in regards to touch responsiveness and the actual os that’s built on board. The smart watch isn’t necessarily the best now keep in mind guys that pretty much all budget smart, watches don’t run any sort of branded os. So you’re not going to find google’s, wear os or anything like that on these smart watches they’re going to be running their own software, so it can be a little bit janky from time to time. With regards to the features you do have a heart rate monitor like pretty much every other smartwatch out there you’ve got sport mode to track running, walking, hiking and tons more now. You also do have a game mode to play space invaders on your wrist. For some reason, if you’re into that and of course, all the sleep tracking that you need now, it does also give you access to all of your notifications. Yes, it is very simple in regards to what you can or can’t see on screen, but at least you then don’t have to reach into your pocket to see if it’s not something very important, for example, then again you can just ignore it now, for some reason, Pretty much all of the budget options on this list have really good battery life.

Now the i8 comes in at over 10 hours, batch life on normal use, with a single charge and does have a standby time of around 15 hours as well. Now again, don’t get me wrong in regards to the actual speed of the watch and the screen resolution, and just how good it is that can attribute to a longer battery life because again, it’s not really sipping too much power. But again, if you do want a smartwatch, that’s gon na last, you a full weekend for example, of light use. Then this is pretty much gon na do the job you don’t really have to worry about bringing your charger. You can also increase that batch life by minimizing the screen brightness, for example, so, overall pretty good now with regards to price, the i8 comes in pretty much smack in the middle of that 50 pounds price tag at 24, pounds here in the uk and around 26 To 27 in the us is that actually worth that price well find out at the end of this video, when i rank all these smart watches from fourth to first next on the list is the cubot c5. Now this is one of two cubot smart watches. That was sent out for review so again, everything’s gon na be linked in that description down below, but as always with all of my reviews here on the channel, even if i get sent something free from a company i’m still going to give you guys my honest Thoughts and opinions now cubot isn’t, really trying to hide anything with the c5 it’s, pretty much an apple watch right down to the shiny back where the heart sensor is on the back there, as you can see.

So again, it is a really nice build quality, but if anyone thinks that you wear any apple watch, you then have to explain to them that actually, no it’s a budget option not as good and not as functional the screen itself has a 1.7 inch ips screen. It’S clear, but not great outdoors, and that kind of follows a trend of all these budget. Smart watches you’re not going to find any really nice amoled screens here for great outdoor viewing so again, that’s, definitely something to keep in mind. Some of the key features is 24 hour: heart monitoring, 10 sport modes, including running walking, cycling plus more. You can also control your music and for it to act as a shutter button for photos within the camera app now. Unfortunately, this doesn’t use the dedicated camera app on your device. It uses one within the fitness application so again, hdr processing and just in general, pitch quality isn’t as good now you’re, also getting 5 atm waterproofing, giving protection of around 10 meters. And, of course, you get all the waterproofing that you need. The battery on the c5 is actually incredible, so you’re going to be getting around 15 hours of normal use and around 30 hours on standby now, that’s, not with actually kind of reducing the brightness or disabling any features that’s just using it normally day to day. So again, 15 hours is incredibly good. You’Re not going to have to worry about charging overnight.

If you do want to go into the next day and the cubot c5 comes in at around ‘.99 here in the uk, or around 45 dollars in the us. So, yes, it is on the higher end of that budget spectrum, but in general i think it’s, actually quite a good option. Don’T get me wrong. The software itself isn’t necessarily the fastest, but it does give that look and feel of an apple watch which, again i know a lot of people are looking for. A lot of smartphone manufacturers are trying to copy what apple are doing in regards to look and feel of the device, and the c5 is no different, yes, it’s, not as functional, but it looks good and again, you’ve got those interchangeable wristbands as well. So you can kind of go for that. Look for any occasion now. The cubot w03 was the smartwatch that i was the most disappointed about here in this video. The look and feel of the watch is absolutely incredible. You do have a thin bezel on the screen. The screen itself is only around 1.3 inches on the smaller side compared to some of the other watches, but it does have a small bezel as well, which is really nice to see, and i also like the fact that it is round i’m, not a huge fan Of those square designs on smart watches, i, like my watches, to look like a watch, so for me, the round design is the route to go now.

The reason why i don’t necessarily like this smart watch is actually sold as a feature on their website. It only comes in around 40 grams, so it’s super lightweight for workouts and runs, but it doesn’t feel very premium. I also couldn’t find on the website if it is actually made out of metal or not to me, the lightness of the actual watch makes it feel a little bit like plastic now. With that in mind, it is one of the most fitness orientated watches on this list. They have tracking for running and even some of the kind of more odd activities like yoga and football, so it can be quite specific with what it offers you can also do. Music playback and change the tracks on your device, which will then affect your smartphone plus some cool features like a stopwatch find my phone and an alarm to name a few you’ve got iop69 water resistance. So again, it’s going to be good for around 10 meters. Worth of water, so if you’re going to be out for a run in the rain or sweat, for example, you’re not going to have any problems now, battery life is going to be around seven days on a full charge. So again, you’re going to get a solid week out of this smartphone and it comes in at around 1999 or around 25 in the us. Now, yes, it looks really nice and it has a nice screen to it, but overall, in terms of the actual materials that it’s made of it’s not necessarily the best out there.

But it is also one of the cheapest options on this list. So it can kind of be forgiven from that aspect. If you did want to go ahead and buy two or three of these, you can do. You can kill out your whole family and it’s still gon na be way cheaper than getting just one apple watch and then lastly, we have the umidigi. U run now this one was actually a really big surprise for me. Yes, it has a round screen which i’m a huge fan of, but also has two crowns on there, whereas normally you would find one and they do have different functions. The screen is actually the smallest on this list coming in at 1.1, inches and 240 by 240. Pixels now it is actually the sharpest out of all the watches so again in regards to how it actually looks this one done the best in terms of outdoor viewing and just in general day to day, it’s got three different brightness options as well. So again, if you do need to view outdoors you’re not really going to have too many issues now, one of the big features of this smartwatch is going to be the gps that’s built in you’re, going to have that for tracking your pace, distance stride, plus a Ton more you’ve also got 17 sport modes from walking to dance blood, oxygen monitoring and heart rate tracking, with an advanced pixar ppg sensor, seep tracking is great, with tons of information that you can see, and you must get notifications for drinking water and standing throughout the Day now you also get 5 atm waterproofing, which is good for up to 50 meters.

So again, if you do need to take this for a swim, for example, you’re not going to have many problems. Battery life is rated for around 10 days in real world juice, though i was getting around five to six days now. For me, i did have the brightness cranked all the way up, so that i could view it outdoors, but overall, the battery life isn’t really something to worry about, although if you go on a longer trip for a week or two you’re, definitely gon na have to Bring a charger – and this one is also the most expensive on the list, around 46 pounds or 48 dollars now. For me, the price to performance is actually worth it. This one is the fastest one. There wasn’t really any lag or any sort of issues with the screen on some of the ones the frame rate seemed like it was maybe around 20 frames a second, whereas the screen refresh rate on this one did seem like a solid kind of maybe 50 or Even dropping to 40 every now and then now i know that doesn’t sound great when you’re looking at smartphones with 90 or even 120 hertz screens, but in general it did feel extremely fast. Now, all of these smart watches do come with their own unique chargers. They’Re! All going to use magnets and you’re not going to be able to use any universal cables, no usbc charging you’re not going to get any wireless charging, so you are gon na, have to bring and remember that cable everywhere that you go as far as i can Tell though they do use the same cable? Yes, it may be designed slightly differently.

So again, if you do lose it they’re very cheap to buy online now. Another thing to take into consideration is also the app now, unlike an apple watch or an android wear watch that is made specifically for an os these ones. You have to get an application third party from either the app store or the play store. Now, none of them are actually very good. Some of them don’t look very good, but the one for the umi did you run was probably the best one. The overall looking field of the application was great. The features that you have are really good as well, and you can get some really granular detail so overall, if you’re looking for an overall package well hold on a second before i do it from worst to best. I did also just want to let you guys know that if you do want to get a really great smart watch that is going to work the best it is best to go with an apple watch or even an android wear device now on a galaxy device For example, you do have the galaxy active range of watches as well. So for me, if i was going to be spending the money, i would actually save a little bit longer and get one of those more premium. Smart watches. Now you can get a moto 360. First gen or second gen for around 100 pounds here in the uk second hand and that itself, even though it’s an older model it’s still going to be way better than what you’re going to get here with these budget options.

However, if it is more fitness orientated that you’re into i would actually get something like this over something like, maybe a fitbit, for example. Obviously, with a fitbit it’s more of a band design, this one it looks and feels just like a watch, so it kind of has multiple purposes and if you haven’t guessed it already, the order from best to worst is the order that this video was done in The idea pro i8 is the worst one you can get on this list. The cubot c5 comes in third, the w03 is second and then the? U run is definitely my number one choice now. Yes, it is also the most expensive on this list, but, like i mentioned, you definitely pay for what you get and that’s going to do it guys for some of the best budget, smart watches available now i’ve also done some previous videos on smart watches that i Will link in that description down below and if you guys have any thoughts and opinions on any of these watches that i’ve mentioned or some of the more premium options. Let me know in the comments or on twitter at copper, vs glass, if you’re not already subscribed. Now is a great time to do so and once you’ve hit that subscribe. Button turn on notifications, so you’re notified any time.