In my opinion, we have tested and reviewed many of the most popular and best rated budget, smart watches, and today we are narrowing that list down to help. You find the best option based on what you need. So, if youre in the market for a budget, smart watch – and you want to know which one is going to give you the best results – stay tuned to learn more about the options alright lets get into it. If youre looking for a watch that gives you the best performance battery life and the most features while remaining ultra affordable, i would recommend the 60 amaze fit bipu. However, this might not actually be suitable for you and ill. Tell you why, with the amaze fit bipu, you get a responsive, 1.43 inch 320 by 302 resolution, tft lcd screen, which i actually found to be very clear and crisp along with activity circles, faster navigation and a notifications view and an overall, pretty smooth performance. Youll find this works well as a fitness tracker, and although it doesnt support third party apps, it provides a strong bluetooth, 5 connectivity, thats compatible with iphones and androids, and some music control options as well. You can control selfies with a camera shutter feature and you get a solid selection of watch faces with some being customizable. It comes with comprehensive tracking options for more than 60 sports modes, and i really like that it has some multitasking capabilities, so you can control your music without impacting the exercise information.

The improved sensors on the watch will track your heart rate and pace sleep, breathing quality. Your sleep time and even your stress levels throughout the day. It also tracks your blood oxygen levels, which is a really nice feature for a budget option and its accompanied by an oxygen beats engine for improved accuracy. You get assigned a personal activity, intelligence score, thats, based on how active youve been throughout the day. The zepp companion app gives you more detailed fitness insights, including your trends over time, such as your maximum blood oxygen levels. What time of day youre most stressed and a detailed breakdown of your sleep stages with tips about how to improve sleep quality? It also has some solid waterproofing for added durability. Considering the price, i think that the 9 day battery life is significant and impressive. It comes with a 230 milliamp hour lithium ion battery that takes about two hours to charge. This is a solid, smart watch at a very reasonable price, with plenty of useful features, some sacrifices were made to keep it affordable. So if youre looking for a watch with onboard gps connectivity or voice assistant capabilities, you might prefer some of the other options ill talk about later. If youre looking for good overall value, then the 150 dollar fitbit charge 4 is more expensive than the bipu, but it does give you noticeably better performance, along with many features, typically found on higher end smart watches at a very palatable cost.

Still, it might not be the best for everyone, so let me explain. The fitbit charge 4 comes with a 1 inch grayscale oled touchscreen display, which i found responsive and easy to read, except when its in direct sunlight. I also think that the 7 day battery life is respectable, although using the gps rapidly consumes power, unlike the bipu, it delivers an on board gps. So you can track your workout and routes accurately without your phone and you get a dynamic gps feature that preserves battery life. The interface is uncluttered and intuitive, with a simple swipe, providing easy access to on device apps and notifications, but the utility is limited for iphone users, its also bluetooth, compatible to deliver a reliable connection to your device, and it comes with spotify support which allows you to Play music and skip content. You also get fitbit pay compatibility for added convenience. I found this works well as a fitness tracker and you can track your steps, distance floors, climbed and calories burned. Along with a detailed summary of your workout. You also get an active zone minutes score, which functions like the bipus pai system. I like that, you can track your sleep score directly from it, which gives you a snapshot of your sleep quality and the duration of your sleep stages, heart rate and how restless you were. The companion app gives you some detailed insights, including an estimated oxygen variation graph to track changes in your breathing, while asleep the fitbit.

Inspire 2 is a solid alternative priced at around 100. It gives you very similar features, including heart rate and sleep breathing. Tracker, though, it lacks the gps, its worth, noting that you can get the fitbit charge, 4s competitive performance on sale for around the same price as the inspire 2, which just gives better value. However, if youre an iphone user were going to talk about some better options, if youre okay spending some more money but are still looking for good performance at a relatively reasonable cost, then the apple watch series 3 might fit your needs and you can get it on Sale for under 200, it might not be the best for everyone. However, with the apple watch series 3, you get a bright retina display available in two sizes, although it does lack the always on display setting you get smart features like customizable watch faces first and third party app support, but, unlike both the bipu and the charge 4 Iphone users can respond to notifications directly from the watch. I also think apples operating system runs a little bit smoother than both of those as well and the 18 hours battery life is impressive, its water resistant, so its actually swim proof and you get a barometric altimeter to track elevation along with an optical heart rate sensor That delivers an advanced heart rate, monitoring metrics such as tracking a resting heart rate, along with your recovery, heart rate that measures how quickly you return to the baseline.

After a workout, you also get smart activity, coaching, which provides actionable reminders to encourage activity and detailed insights in the workout app. Alternatively, you could opt for the similarly priced samsung watch active 2, which gives you a better battery life and a nicer display, and it still has good sleep tracking. Unfortunately, the overall fitness tracking performance is underwhelming and it doesnt have great third party app support. So i would recommend the series 3.. The fossil gen 5e is also a solid alternative and its priced slightly cheaper than the 180, which is tempting, although i think the series 3 is more feature rich for the price. If you saw something you liked, we do have individual reviews on all of these products. If you want to learn something more links for updated pricing are in the description and if you like, the video or you found, it helpful, feel free to hit the like button.