Then i had her custom shirt made and then i fed her. Then i broke the news. Tour that i wanted to go to best buy best buy is always expensive, especially when you need some stuff. So my old yeti, my old yeti bit the dust, so i got a new yeti. I got the nano this time and i haven’t ever had one of these. I had this blue one right here. I had the yeti blue and it just quit. Working after about three years. It just stopped working i’m gon na check that out and uh put that back so i’m gon na unbox. This nano it’s, the smaller one. I don’t know if it hooks to my spring or not, but i think it will. I ran 120 bucks and we’re plug and play no latency headphone output, standard, threading, optional radius, three support sample rated up to 24 bit 48 kilohertz. Okay let’s see here girl got some cool outfits. I said honey. You want to go shopping see then. I buy her stuff put a couple hundred dollars on her because i know i’m gon na buy me some stuff out of the box. Like morgan mindy, i total on 119 and i got the two i i didn’t go ahead. Get to your uh let’s, not tear off the box, see what we got here: Music, okay, it comes with the firmware. It comes with a little app that you can use to get some echo and some other polar patterns and uh customize mic settings there.

So i’m going to save that and download that all the directions, all this right here and then it’s got a pretty good, uh, usb cable that comes with it. That gives you some distance. Oh yes, it’s got the hook up, it’s a cute little guy, packed in there all nice and safely Music. This one only has two patterns on it. Yeah the blue had four patterns on it, it’s pretty small, but it will uh. I think i’ll keep it right on the desktop or or i have the option of Music. We have to do a little adjusting here to get him on the spring, because i use some hair ties to keep this one in place. I’Ll take this old one off. You, okay, Music, okay, get the old one out. There see this one just went to put on me, but luckily i saved the mic screen there. We go him on this bad boy, Music. I don’t know if i’m gon na keep the stand. Music. Oh put him right out there see if he goes in here, see if it’ll fit no, no, no! No, it doesn’t fit there, which is fine, nope. It doesn’t go to that. But i’ll put it on i’ll get a different one! Well, i can keep it on the desk because it does have a sound protector that’s, where you don’t get that thump. If you accidentally hit it Music, do Music and we’ll. Try them out a little bit later: Music, Music, i’m, not gon na hook him up right now, while i’m doing this video Music i’m going to put the spit guard on it shortly, but that’s the yeti nano and i also got myself another cool little gift.

Another gift for dad i went in got myself the galaxy smart watch three yeah. This is the this rain uh 349.99. I haven’t opened it yet i’ve. Never seen one of these i’ve never had a smart watch. My smith and wesson watch decided that the band wanted to break. So i said you know what i think i’ll go get me a smart watch. I wonder if it’ll make me any smarter, i doubt it it could, though, i want to see what she looks like. This is samsung the galaxy. I got the galaxy a6 already and that goes uh without saying oh nice, oh that’s, pretty nice and heavy Music wow that’s, pretty cool. Looking, i don’t know how you charge it, though Music, pretty cool, looking let’s see Music, nothing Music, see what it does. It’S, a nice solid got a nice band Music. I can see it very well, so tell me how to set it up. The galaxy Music wow Music galaxy wearable app. I have to download, i believe, it’s got a pretty good. Sound accessibility, double cast accessibility, volume, let’s, go double tap to activate Music let’s go well, i’ll have to mess with you. Let’S go double tap to activate. I guess i have to mess with it for a while and see how to get it going, but other than that i spent 500 bucks on myself and probably about 250 on the call. So when i get this thing, rolling i’ll put it on it’s, nice and heavy though i know that it’s got a pretty good sturdy band, so we’ll see what happens.