So today, we’re taking a look at the goku smart watch, and this is a smart watch that hopefully doesn’t look like a smart watch. It looks like a traditional analog watch. You have your steps there, some date, information and i’m, not sure how analog these are or if they’re a screen or whatnot. I think it’s a combination between analog and some digital stuff, but we shall see got a heart rate, monitor temperature, uh sleep and uh pulse ox sensor um, so this model we’re taking a look at is the f12 uh bluetooth. 5.0. Quite nice light charge time 10 to 15 days. We shall see waterproof, awesome and ram so let’s open it up. Ah, whatever you do, don’t tell anyone. I did this slice oh yeah, another time another place, i will explain wow i don’t know which one do you like. You know what just seeing this makes me think that it’s an actual analog watch, but seeing that makes me realize it’s a screen looks pretty big. We shall see you got your your guide. You got your proprietary charger which um i wish companies would stop doing this, because every single, different smartwatch is a different charger. I’M talking very specifically to you, fitbit whoa. That is big. Quite nice, long press rip off. Do you have any battery? Oh yeah, spicy, dorito, chiquito whoa, so you you’re, you dial! You only work with the dial get on and off. Okay, so it’s a big beautiful screen, the ui is pretty sluggish, but you don’t really care about that.

You just want to be able to see it in all different um yeah, so really sluggish, ui um, but i mean at the end of the day, it’s super bright screen see if we can change it to english. You know what i’m going to do i’m, going to pause the video and i’m going to find out how to change it to english all right. So when you get this guy here’s how to change it to english, so you’re going to swipe down from the top from the top settings and then a you know: english and we’re good we’re back on in so let’s quickly go through it. So it has push messages. Uh do not disturb mode let’s turn that on as a date and obviously have different clock faces when we get into it screen display dual switch cool different clocks, let’s, put on the one from from the actual uh front of it. How do you save? Do you click it or tap it? Okay, tap it. I mean not quite what it looks like, but you know when you get the burger from mcdonald’s it’s, really not gon na. Look like that when it arrives right, cool it’s got fine phone. I wonder how that works, qr code system, what we got in system shutdown restart about, so it pairs with bluetooth i’m sure i can do the push on text messages, especially on the android apple’s a little more closed door about that stuff, but they do allow apis For it now screen time, brightness turn rest awake, okay, that’s good, that they have that and what else is not connected.

I wonder if you can do music on it, that’d be pretty cool, and when you get to this screen, you are locked. So i didn’t have it on max brightness, and now i do um pretty darn, bright and beautiful. Now this guy is pretty massive, so i’ll just compare it to the fitbit sense, which is fitbit’s top of the line that just came out, and this is the sense. Okay – and this is the goku smart watch much bigger, much brighter um, yes, a slower, sluggish, uh os, however it’s great for just having an extra. You know: it’s 70 dollars right where this is 400 and you’re getting a bigger screen. Really, nice uh strap comes with the charger, obviously, and you have your pulse oximeter and your heart rate monitor on the back so yeah, pretty big, bold and beautiful, quite impressed with this guy. I hope you guys, like that quick, look, unboxing review and why you should pick up the goku smart watch.