Today we will be finding out if that is thirty dollars well spent or thirty dollars down the drain without further ado let’s get into this unboxing, so you guys could get the full unboxing experience so let’s open it up. Oh right away, we’re met with assembly guide and instruction manual yeah, i don’t know this is these? Are the instructions so here’s the charging cable but we’ll get to that later um? So now we get to the watch. The watch is in this molded plastic. Shell. I guess to protect it so that’s, pretty good it’s got some room for like if the box gets bumped, so that’s always good to have extra packaging. This is the watch overall looks it looks very cool it. It looks modern, it looks. It looks like a nice expensive watch to be honest. Oh it has a heart rate monitor it has like a cool wristband made out of, like i don’t know, it’s like rubber it’s like flexible rubber. This is metal, so that’s, good um. The frame seems to be made out of i’m, pretty sure, that’s plastic. I think it’s plastic, but it definitely could be aluminum, oh that’s cool. So this is like the button to activate stuff like it’s, not a touch screen or anything so that’s kind of a bummer. Oh, if you click that, oh i guess, if you like, move your hand or something it’ll activate or you touch the heart rate, monitor yeah.

If you touch the heart rate, monitor it activates, but um – or you touch this like little button on the bottom, like that it turns on it, has the home page with the time date and battery percentage, so you can go through the menu. So this is the health data. These are the steps my dad just went through um surgery and he’s having to walk a lot, and he wanted to get one of these, so he could track his steps and stuff and he has well. He has a lot of steps today, um and then it has a heart rate. Monitor sorry. If the there’s, like a little green light on the back, um, there’s outdoor run outdoor, walk outdoor, cycling and more, the more app does nothing unless i think you like have to download stuff to it. But i don’t know how you do that um, so yeah let’s. First, test out the heart rate monitor all right: we’re gon na hop right into the heart rate, monitor so i don’t know it. Has this like little green thing under my wrist? Sorry, if that was too bright, i don’t know. Um it’s, like it looks like it’s, counting my heart rate, 82 bpm and i’m, not a heart rate expert. So i have no idea if this is accurate or not, but i feel like it is because my dad had another one that didn’t count the steps and it counted your heart rate like way too high, and it was really weird but um.

Well, the watch is turned off, probably just because i need to move it or i don’t know, but um so yeah, the heart rate monitor works, good, that’s, great, oh it’s. Reading it again let’s see what it says this time so around in the 80s. So i think that’s good um. So if you’re looking to monitor your heart for and you don’t want to spend 200 on a name brands, products like a fitbit or an apple watch, then this is perfect um. It has a lot of the basic functions i mean it might not be as nice or it might not have as much like apps as the apple watcher fitbit, but it’ll definitely get the job done. Um, it looks like it has outdoor run, outdoor walk and outdoor cycling modes, which is pretty cool so like you can set it to one of those when you’re doing one of those activities so that’s pretty good um. So now i’m gon na walk around my house for like five minutes and see how many steps it counts. So i’ll, let you know how that goes alright, so we are starting off at 32. Oh, my gosh, 32 45 steps uh. Let me cycle that to the steps 32. Ah, there we go now you can see it um so 32.45 and now i’m gon na walk around my house and see how many it counts – Music, Music, all right. So i walked around my house for like a little bit and it looks like it is counting my steps.

I took like 50 steps or something maybe 40 i don’t know, but it looks like a pretty accurate little watch. I mean it got what i did so. That’S, pretty great um, so yeah that’s pretty cool for 30 dollars. This thing is already um. What is it like gone over? My expectations, like i thought this thing would be crappy and not very good, but the functions on it are totally worth thirty dollars and for a heart rate, monitor like that’s kind of a no brainer um, because a lot of people just buy fitbits, which are like 200, which is to me kind of a well – i mean they’re good watches, but i don’t have 200 to spend on a watch. So if i had 30 dollars, i would definitely buy one of these so and because it tracks your steps and has a lot of um outdoor activity, things so that’s pretty cool. So on a scale of one to ten, i would probably rate it. Maybe a seven and a half or eight, which is really good for thirty dollars. Um the heart rate works the steps, work, um, the batteries at ninety two percent and my dad like charged it yesterday. So the battery lasts quite a while it’s bluetooth capable so it goes to your phone and so, and it tells the time so i mean like it’s a watch but um. It has the date on it, and so i would definitely say the packaging is great, too um it’s like magnetic and pretty cool, but it’s, pretty protective.

I guess you could say, and it comes with plenty of information about the watch um. If you ever have any questions, you could probably just look at this guide, which is awesome because a lot of decks and watches don’t have instructions or or if they do have instructions, they’re, not very good instructions, but this one seems to have thorough ones. So that’s awesome so yeah a i’ll, give it an 8 out of 10 for now um. Thanks for watching. I really appreciate it.