Why today we’re going to review the five best models for you and we’ve, ranked them by many different factors such as product features, price performance and more make sure to check the product links in the description for more information? Let’S get started with the video here. We present the 5 best golf watch. Let’S get started with the list number one garmin approach: s10: the garmin approach s10 packs a ton of punch into a slick, looking timepiece with gps technology. The features you want, including 41 000 golf courses, hazard, distance, shot, tracking round analysis, 12 hours of battery life, easy to read, display and simple navigation make the s10 a great way to go. It’Ll, save you a little money in comparison to some of the other garmin models, but can do basically everything the others can. This model is a simpler version than the s20 and the s40 number two garmin approach. S20 garmin approach. S20? Is the middle child of the garmin approach family? It has a ton of features and metrics to help you track your shots and activities on the course. It helps you analyze your rounds with auto, shot, recording and a game analyzer which automatically connects to the garmin connect. App, the s20 keeps track of your swing. Data shot, distance hazards, hit green and fairway percentage and much more. It also works as a calorie and step counter with movement reminders if you’ve spent a little too much time lounging in the cart number 3 techtechtech ultg this gps golf watch is one of the simplest to use on our list.

It has all the features you need without any unnecessary, add ons to keep things minimal and easy to use it’s reasonably comfortable and stylish. So it would also be useful as an everyday watch as well. It comes with 38 000 golf courses uploaded and connects swiftly to satellites. Wherever you are, it can track shot distances within a yard or two and will display information on hazards and greens. Number four bushnell neo ion 2. The bushnell golf neo ion is great for finding core statistics and for keeping track of your distances and accuracy on the golf course. It has a rounded shape with a reversible band that is comfortable and adjustable. You can also choose from a few different band designs to suit your style. It comes with thirty six thousand golf courses in thirty different countries, including virtual flyovers, on holes with distances and placements of hazards, fairways and greens. It will keep track of your previous shot. So you can track your best drives and approaches number five bushnell neo ion the bushnell neo ion and the neo ion 2 have a few differences between them. They are both great gps, golf watches with a ton of courses uploaded digital flyovers and shot and round analysis. The look of the neo ion is a little bit different, but it still comes with interchangeable and reversible bands, the neo and has 35 000 courses in up to 30 countries for you to play. It has auto course recognition with hazard, distances, distance and location and shot trackers.

We have included the product links in the description below for more details. Thank you so much for watching.