Are you a member of this family, if not hit that subscriber button right now and become port of the family? I tested a whole bunch of kids, smart watches and put them through rigorous tests, and you know what nearly all of them fell short of one or two features. I found something that ticks every single box. It has so many features. This video is going to be a little long because i’ve got to get through all of this to share every single feature with you. Trust me, this is the latest kid smock watch of 2021. You want to get your hands on this guys stay tuned for more information, Music, okay, first off let’s start off with an unboxing, so i can show you what comes inside the box. Everything you’ll need comes in the box, including your sim card. If you purchase the product in the united states opening the bottom of the box, you’ll find a manual which shares all the features of the watch and how to set it up. You will also see a qr code for the angel watch. App then you’ll find a mini screwdriver for the tamper proof. Sim cover you’ll also find a sim card helper. This you will use to insert the sim card into the watch. The angel watch comes with a magnetic usb charging cable Music to get started. You will want to insert your sim card into the watch. You will use the provided screwdriver tool to unscrew.

The sim cover now remember to insert your sim card metallic side up. That is the side that is facing. You then use the sim card helper to push the card in until you hear a click screw. The sim cover back on reboot your watch in settings and you’re ready to pair and register your watch Music. So let’s start off with the features of the amazing angel watch. It has voice and video calling you’re going to be able to use cellular and wi fi for that 4g and hd video calling, and that obviously means that the angel watch has a full hd photo and video camera that’s great, because kids want to have fun with Cameras they want to capture those amazing fun moments with their friends and what’s more than that you’re using those same features to see your child and to make sure that they’re, okay, hi mom, i know today are you having a lovely day. What animals have you seen? A lion, as i have mentioned, i reviewed other products like this and i’ve got to say that the resolution on the video camera and the photos for the angel watch is spectacular, really top quality. Now, with all the hacking that’s going on in the news lately i’m sure, you will agree with me that that’s an important factor and that’s, where the angel watch really steps up. They have government level encryption in this watch, so it only communicates with the parent app and nothing can link in and nothing can happen.

The angel watch has gps and lbs positioning, and that means it has built in access to global satellite tracking, which means it’s going to give a precise location of your child’s whereabouts. The lbs feature is something i haven’t seen in other watches, and basically that means that you’re able to track your child in a built up environment in a concrete building environment. Now many other watches they lose any form of tracking and so you’ll get within, maybe 50 yards or even less this with lbs. You know exactly what room your child is in what’s great about that is. It has a geofence and alert system built in what geofence basically means is that you can set a perimeter using the app and if your child leaves that perimeter you’re going to be alerted about that now think about it. That’S great. If they’re going to school – and you know they’re going to be there from this time to that time or they’re going to the park with a babysitter, you set a geofence alert and the second the child leaves that location. You get alerted now. Another fantastic feature of the angel watch is its health benefits. It has health tracking, yes, you’ve got so much packed into this watch that you wouldn’t need to buy anything else. Basically, it has a pedometer inside it. It can track your child’s steps and activity does that with the satellite tracking. It also is able to see how many calories are burnt by using calculations it’s able to track your child’s sleep quality, and it does that by monitoring the amount of times your child disturbs their sleep and rolls over.

It counts that, and so you’re able to see. Hang on is my child. Getting enough sleep at night. Are they on the ipad at night and not even sleeping to begin with that’s something i struggle with now. The new, exciting series, r from angel watch, is able to do a whole lot, more it’s able to measure your child’s temperature, their heart rate, their blood pressure and their blood oxygen levels. If you have a child, that is sickly and goodness knows in the times we’re living in today, this sort of information is very useful. Now something very important to me – and i was pretty surprised by how many watches i’ve reviewed in the past did not have this feature, and that is the sos button. A button dedicated to an emergency that a child in that moment of panic. Doesn’T have to think about dialing or doing voice, control or activation boom, presses a button and hold it in for three seconds, and the watch begins to call numbers on your emergency list that you set, and it calls three times every single contact to make sure it. Finally, gets through to someone who’s going to be able to come to your child’s aid very clever and something i haven’t seen in a lot of others is the remote access feature. This is a little bit sneaky, and this is where parents can keep track of what their child is doing or who their child is coming into.

Contact with. Basically, the parent, through the app, will remotely access the watch they’ll be able to listen in on the conversation using the watcher’s microphone and even use the watches camera to get an idea of who they’re talking with. This is great if your child is having a problem with bullies, if they’re out with the babysitter or they’re talking to strangers, you’re going to be able to understand what is going on. What is the situation now? Another thing i love about that feature is that your child won’t even know, and neither will the people that they’re around now the angel watch is ip67 waterproof and it can be submerged for up to three yards or 30 minutes, it’s not suitable for swimming with. But if they get it wet it’s going to survive the splash and kids always splashing around and getting wet, often or out in the rain if they get caught in the rain, this will survive it with its hard plastic child proof casing now. Another feature that i prefer, especially for my younger kids, is that this angel watch does not have access to the internet and it does not have access to social media now this will vary from other watches, but let’s think about this carefully. Kids are getting so distracted and cyber bullied by social media, and they shouldn’t be on that during the day if they want social media, if they’re old enough, they can do that at home on their ipads or on their computers.

But this is a safety mechanism. This is for communicating with mom and dad and family members, and so there is no need for that on. The angel watch now another feature that you’ve probably seen in some other watches and they rarely push. This is that you can make friends with the watch. Yes, the angel watcher does that too two angel, watchers or even more can link up and be friends and your child can send voice and picture messages from one angel watch to another. The creators of angel watch are so brilliant and clearly they are parents because they even designed a fantastic feature of rewarding your child. Basically, you can send your child points and think about it. I give my little ones chores, otherwise, nothing gets done, and so they have chores and you give them points and once they accumulate enough points, you can give them a reward. You send it via the app to their watch. Another important feature, especially for children, perhaps with special needs, is the alarm clock feature as a parent. You can set three different alarms for your child. Now you want to make sure that the watch is looked after, but don’t worry. There is a find the watch feature. So if the watch gets misplaced, my son misplaces everything don’t worry through the app you’re going to be able to track the watch and find it locate it and take away some of those reward points. Now, when reviewing other watches and tracking devices for kids, i quickly realized that a lot of products were just made for the american market, but the angel watch is for everybody.

This is a truly international watch, it has 16 different languages programmed inside and the watch can be set up using multiple different services from around the world to make sure it functions absolutely perfectly wherever you are Music, probably one of the most important factors of the angel Watch is that everything is controlled by the parent app. So the thing i really like about the angel watch app is that it really allows the parent to be in control. Some of the app features that i really like are that you can add 10 contacts to the phone book chat. You can use this to send pictures, voice, notes and text to the watches, wechat app click on the map and you will notice on the map. You can see a green pin when you click on the green pin. You can find out the watches location. This is a great way to find out where your child is and make sure that they are safe. You can select the time interval to fetch the watches position. Higher frequency will use up, obviously, more data and more battery. You can enable the do not disturb feature so basically, four times on selected specified days, you can block any incoming calls or messages. I like this, because perhaps while your child is at school, you know they’re not going to be distracted with calls or messages, and it allows them to focus and also perhaps a bad time. Parents can enter their phone number to be notified if the watch’s battery is critically low or if the sos button has been pushed.

These notifications are also sent through the app, but text messages are also particularly useful in these cases. A feature i really like is that parents can view the child’s gallery, so you can go through the gallery and make sure that all the pictures are safe now. Another feature i also really like is that you can view your child’s schedule through the app now you can be aware of what classes they’re at or what weekly commitments if they have dance, class, etc and it’s. A really good way to just keep an eye on where your child should be at each moment during the week, there’s also a night power savings mode, so you can disconnect from 10 o’clock in the evening to 6 pm in the morning. This also saves data usage and the battery another good way to ensure that your child is safe. Is that you receive copies of the text, messages that are sent to the watch in this way. You can also monitor and be sure that your child is safe. I am truly impressed with the angel watch and i cannot recommend this enough. It’S, like somebody went through my blog post and looked at everything that a watch like this should have and then basically went and designed it it’s really fantastic guys. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Go check out the reviews. Go check out more information i’m leaving information down below where you can just click on a link and see it all there in front of you.

Look in today’s age. We’Ve really got to look after our kids. This is just yet another tool that allows us parents to do that.