The immalab w12 smartwatch on my wrist for about a week now so heres my in depth, review and for more on the latest and greatest deck. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now, according to immalabs own website blurb, the w12 is a versatile. All in one smartwatch featuring a fetish design – and i got ta say its a very nicely designed smartwatch, certainly for this price point, but i definitely didnt pop a boner while it was strapped to my arm. But you know some people may well get their kicks from rocking impressively affordable, timekeeping, smart devices on their wrists. So who am i to judge? You can grab the emilab w12 smartwatch with a darker casing and i chose to be the red or blue straps. Unfortunately, this black strap version, which i was sent as a review unit, wasnt available at the time i shot this video, but i got ta say the show me watch. It is impressively slender and very light as well. You barely even feel it when its on your wrist just 11 millimeters thick, so certainly nowhere near as bad as a lot of more premium small, which is actually not far off samsungs new galaxy watch. Strap itself is constructed from silicon very soft and easy on the skin as well. Ive barely had this thing off my wrist this past week and no skin irritation or anything to speak of and those straps are actually removable as well, so you can pull them off.

So to speak and replace them with a leather band, for instance, if youre going to be hitting the town in the evening, give it a bit more of a premium look. Meanwhile, the case in itself is a metal alloy, so very lightweight, but also pretty rugged as well. This thing has been battered off all kinds of surfaces and stuff, and so far no signs of scratching or scuffs and same goals for that watch face as well. Theres. No mention of gorilla, glass or anything in the official specs, but again its been bashed off all kinds of tables, counters, etc, and again no scratches. Although i wouldnt fancy its chances against a jagged rock or a brick or something and the xiaomi imolab w12 is also ip68 water and dust resistant, i took it swimming in a chlorine pool. Absolutely no worries there whatsoever does actually support swim tracking as well. Now the smartwatch sports bluetooth, 5.0 connectivity and when you do want to pair it up with your smartphone youll, have to download the glory fit app either from the google play store or the apple app store. And this may sound like an app you might use to find a special kind of gentlemans lavatory in select nightclubs, but it is actually just your standard, fitness tracking, smart wearable, app thingy when you sync up with your watch. Youll, see your heart rate data. Your sleep data and also your blood oxygen levels if youve been measuring those or tick through to the main page.

You can also see your target steps and how many youve actually managed. Today, the vast majority of my step count is just wandered down to the local gregs. For my morning steak bake. Obviously i like to stay as healthy as possible. If you tap device, then this is where you can access most of the main sort of settings and toggles for the imilab w12. So, for instance, you can change up. The watch faces more on that in a bit. You can see whether your heart rate and your spl2 levels are monitored 24 hours a day. You can also set up the notification support for your various apps, although not a massive amount of apps are supported has to be said so, like gmail messenger whatsapp. I could get notifications for, but i use zoho mail for my work – email for instance – and that was not available notification support can be quite ropey here on the mlab w12, unfortunately, depending on what kind of smartphone youre actually connecting to and all kinds of other factors. Sometimes i really struggle to get any notifications to pop up at all on this thing, thats, even after tinkering around with all kinds of app permissions, resetting the app resetting the bloody smartphone, all kinds of stuff and a couple other very useful features chucked in there, including Raising your wrist in order to wake the smart watch very handy, is it doesnt have an always on display and the do not disturb, which is essential if youre going to be rocking it on your wrist all night long, you dont want to be disturbed.

While you are asleep, as you can see, you can actually schedule that and everything very useful im going to say the actual display itself is a bit of a cracker, even though its not massive at 1.32 inches. As you can see, theyre surrounded by a pretty chunky. Bezel but its still nice to see a round display on a proper, cheap smartwatch and its pretty crisp its an hd display, tft though rather than amoled, but despite theres, still some pretty vibrant color reproduction and respectable viewing angles as well. The image doesnt darken too much as you tilt the small watch away from your face, but, of course one of the disadvantages of having a tft screen rather than an amoled. In fact, you dont get an always on display feature, so youre constantly able to wake up that screen whenever you want to check the time or whatever and theres. Also, sadly, no auto brightness feature here, so you will have to manually go into the settings and tweak that brightness. If you want to lower it down or boost it all the way up, although thankfully on the maximum brightness, no problems whatsoever with outdoor visibility, and then you can tweak it all the way down again, if you want to save the battery life now, as you may Be able to tell this is a custom watch face that i designed via that glory fit app. If you get bored of your current watch face, you can just jump into the watch faces section on glory fit of course, wait a couple of seconds and then eventually all your different options will pop up its a little bit slow.

But it does give you a wide variety of analog and digital options. As you can see there all kinds of crazy designs im guessing its year of the tiger, because there sure are a lot of tiger watch – faces lots of really nice options that you know. Just your standard sort of analog and digital effort, if you find one that you like just hit synchronous dial and it will sync up not particularly amazingly fast but not horrendously. Slowly, though, ive seen a lot worse, thats for sure – and you do have a few chucks on here by default, which are pretty decent as well, but anyway, youve got maybe 100 200 different watch faces to choose from here. So theres bound to be something that youll, like otherwise worst case scenario, just dive on into custom dial. You can actually create your own using any image on your phone. I could even take a photo right now of my cat if he hadnt just decided to bugger off or else just using any image that youve got on your phone downloaded or previously taken with the camera and the ui itself, pretty straightforward, just tap that top button. In order to wake up the watch, otherwise you can raise your wrist if youve got that feature. If you swipe left like so you access all of your various widgets, including your heart rate, monitor sp or two levels: your weather, steep tracking and good old media controls.

The media controls are, admittedly, pretty basic, but they do seem to work with any streaming service and inbuilt apps. So, for instance, im using diesel here you can pause or play your music. You can skip a track forward or back thats. Basically, it theres no uh audio controls, you cant change the volume or anything like that and, as you can see there, absolutely zero track information or anything, either very limited customization and the actual widgets themselves. Now, if you swipe uh right, like saw youve, got access to all of your various apps that are stacked on here. Not very many got ta say it is quite a basic selection and theres no ability to download more apps onto the xiaomi mlab w12 smartwatch, but all of the main bits are present on here like stopwatches and timers and alarms. You got ta, find my phone feature and then all the various health tracking and other stats tracking as well. If you swipe down that display, youve got access to a small number of settings, including the auto brightness. Again, youve got to find my phone and the settings menu is very simple, as you can see there, most of the customization is done via glory fit and theres, also no built in microphone or built in speaker on this thing. So dont expect any voice. Assistance support. You certainly cant take calls via it all of your basic fitness tracking is present and correct. So, as i mentioned before, youve got your 24 7 heart rate tracking, which seems to do the job.

Absolutely fine, no issues there youve also got your spo2 monitoring. If you wanted to monitor that 24 7. could potentially be useful for helping to detect any underlying health issues. But personally i dont really bother with it and, of course all the usual stats are supported here, including measuring how many steps youve taken roughly at least how much distance youve covered and how many kilocalories you have burnt off as well. So not even enough for a small fun sized twix just yet, and certainly not enough for gregs steak bake. Then, if you tap this bottom button that will load up the sports tracking mode, you can also do it from the main apps menu and youve got 13 different modes on here, including most of them sort of more common stuff running walking, biking hiking a bit of Yoga action, if youre into that some stuff, you can easily do at home like sit ups and ping pong, if you dont, have a ping pong table personally, i prefer boxing, so i just went with the free mode and depending on what sports mode you choose, as You see there, you get a bit of feedback on again how long youve been going for what your current heart rate is etcetera and, of course, the sleep tracking here on the mlm w12, pretty optimistic overall, like more smartwatches, let alone the budget ones generally reckons youre. Still sleeping even when youre kind of lying still staring at the ceiling wondering what the bloody hell its all about, so finally, the battery life and again that website blur brackets youll get around 30 days of standby use from a full charge of the imulab w12.

Well, i found the actual battery life depends quite heavily on how much youre doing with it. If youve got the 24 7 heart rate track and the 24 7 spr2 monitoring, etc. But basically you can expect between one to two weeks of standard use of this thing. Before it runs dry, so thats pretty solid effort for any smart watch these days, although of course the features are quite limited compared with a lot of the more expensive rivals, you dont have that always on display, for instance, and then when it is time to recharge The milan w12: we got slightly awkward magnetic dock, bundled in the box. Just go remember to take that with you. If you are go on your travels, although, as i say with close to two weeks of battery use per charge, you shouldnt need to take it on anything but the longest trips, and there you have it. That is my review. My full lifetime experience with the xiaomi emmy lab w12, so yeah, not a bad budget. Smart watch, quite a lovely design thats. Certainly the best bit of this bulgarian wii wrist rocket pretty decent screen as well for a small watch around this sort of budget, though you can find amoled smart watches at this sort of price, but again check back some of my other smartwatch reviews for some of The competition, but if you want to watch that, looks really nice fully customizable and you got great battery life on this thing as well, and all of your basic sort of fitness, tracking and everything, then job done so be great.

Your thoughts down in the comments below please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest. I can have yourselves a bloody, wonderful rest of the week.