Why i researched for you to save your money and time as well: i’ve selected the smart watches according to budget popularity, quality and durability, to see the latest price and more information check the description box down below and don’t forget to subscribe, my channel and hit the Bell to get latest videos let’s get started at number: five gen 5 juliana, touchscreen smartwatch. If you run your life through google, having a watch powered by the same operating system will enable seamless integration of things like gmail and google assistant among wear os. Smart watches our experts single out the fossil get 5 juliana hr for its built in microphone. Allowing you to answer calls at your wrist. You can also issue voice commands to smart devices in the home, adjust the temperature turn on the lights, lock, the front door and so on. The option of contactless payments through google pay is another nice perk and the fossil gen 5 juliana hr is compatible with both android phones and iphones at 4 4 mm. The case on the fossil juliana hr is on the chunky side, but the fossil design is still feminine, especially in the rose gold finish if you’re looking for something more fashion forward. Consider the 4 0 mm fossil gen 4 venture, which combines the same functionality with a more refined design. Number four galaxy watch, active 2 smartwatch extreme athletes need a smartwatch that can keep pace and the samsung galaxy watch. Active 2 is up to the challenge.

The android and ios compatible smartwatch impressed our experts with its ability to track a range of exercises, running cycling, rowing and its fall. Detection provides peace of mind. A variety of downloadable third party apps offer guided assistance for specific sports like golf swimming and running. Meanwhile, galaxy watch, active 2 stress, sleep and menstrual cycle. Trackers keep tabs and what’s happening inside your body. You can keep your samsung smartwatch on when you’re out on the town, thanks to its sleek design and rich, offering of case finishes and straps snap. A picture of your evening wear and the samsung will even put together a coordinating match, face to go along number three michael kors access runway, sometimes you’re, aiming for the best of both worlds, a solid activity tracker with tons of features in the form of an affordable Smartwatch, the michael kors access runway will check. All of these boxes. You’Ll enjoy an estimated 24 hours of battery life, onboard gps activity and heart rate tracking 3 atm water resistance. Google assistant google play and more it comes in various colors, including gold, pink black silver and rose gold. The beautiful design might make this watch seem like it’s. Only about looks but that’s not the case. The access runway allows you to set customized fitness goals, track calories, burned and map exercise routes, there’s a wide selection of activities to choose from, like elliptical aerobics boxing circuit training and more, if you’re, a fashion forward individual.

Who wants a fancy watch that can track your activity? This might be the one for you. The only real con is that ios users will need to have the wear os app running in the background for the smartwatch to stay connected or you won’t receive notifications. When your phone is connected, you’ll be able to accept or reject calls there’s, no speaker so be prepared to use headphones. Android users can reply to texts, but ios users won’t have that luxury at number. 2. Fitbit versa. 3, while the new fitbit versa, 3 isn’t exclusively for women, it can certainly pass as a women’s smartwatch. You can make it rugged and durable with the right band when you head outdoors for an intense workout when the evening time rolls around switch to an elegant band. For a night out on the town, a fitness smartwatch can be feminine if you want it to be. There are many improvements worth noting, especially the addition of onboard gps, as well as a whopping six days of battery life. This smartwatch offers some other important upgrades from the original, like google assistant, a built in mic, speaker, local music storage and an improved proprietary band system. The mic speaker means you can take calls and your wrist and hear your voice assistant responses. You’Ll have all of the basics you know and love on the fitbit versa 3, including activity, sleep tracking, heart rate, monitoring, menstrual cycle, tracking fitbit pay and more as always, app selection is rather limited.

So don’t expect much on that front. While the battery life is usually pretty good, using the always on display feature will bring that figure down quite a bit. This is one of the best smartwatches you can buy right now. Best of all, it has way more positives than negatives. At number, one apple watch series 6. The new apple watch series 6 is another superb choice when shopping for a women’s smartwatch, especially if you’re, already an apple enthusiast. This new model provides a few subtle updates, most notably the addition of blood oxygen monitoring, as well as sleep tracking, believe it or not. The apple watch has not offered built in sleep tracking until now, it’s safe to say many users will be pleased with this upgrade it’s, not much, but it puts it in a position to compete with other watches that offer these features as far as activity, tracking and Other smartwatch features go the apple watch series 6 offers a lot of the same. You’Ll still have in depth: health and fitness tracking built in gps, 5 atm water resistance, apple pay, smartphone notifications and more. This smartwatch can also measure your blood oxygen levels as well as take electrocardiogram ecg readings which can detect irregular heartbeats, not surprisingly, the battery life on this watch at all. You can expect the apple watch series 6 to last for the better part of a day before it needs to be recharged. It’S also worth mentioning that this wearable is for ios users.

Android users will need to choose another option on this list.