5 corning glass. The bpu also comes with features like an spo2 sensor for blood oxygen levels, menstrual cycle tracker for women, stress, monitoring and support for rem, sleep and afternoon nap tracker that misses from other smart watch in the lineup Music. The highway watchfit offers a lot of the basic functionality. A much more expensive hybrid watch provides, but for a lot less money, it provides a reliable fitness, tracking, excellent battery life and good performance. The light os won’t appeal to all tastes and its lack of third party app support and advanced features for iphone users will be a deal breaker for some, but it nails the basics well, for those with an android phone in general or a highway phone, specifically, the Real me watch s is a far more polished effort than realme’s first smartwatch. There is better material in place and improved display and it’s overall much nicer to live with. It. Does all these smartwatch basics and has a better fitness tracker than most sports watch with a battery life that can go for weeks? If you have a tight budget and are happy to keep things simple, there’s plenty to like about the realme watch s like almost every single xiaomi product, the me watch represent one of the best value you can possibly get in this price range it’s hard to find A better looking or overall, better experience for 99 euros, the workout analysis, data and onboard gps are big positive.

You won’t often find on a device this cheap. However, there clearly are things that xiaomi needs to work out, such as more smartwatch features and a fully realized voice assistant on the watch. The blood oxygen sensor is two bare bones to be actually useful and for as nice, as the xiaomi wear up looks, it could use some polishing. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a solid wearable for 99 euros, you won’t do much better than the xiaomi watch Music. Despite its relative obscurity and slightly confusing name, the hail use, solar is actually very easy. To sum up, it is a well designed and crafted smart wearable with a classic look, strong metal frame and solid, build. The ip68 rating means you can wear it all the time, while the amazing 30 days battery life and full color lcd display complete a stylish and modern watch replacement after spending some quality time with it, it’s safe to say that it’s, a brilliant, execute attempt at a Low cost smart tracker, the software is simple and reliable and at just around 20 euros it’s easily. Among the best deals around the samsung galaxy watch. 3 stands out in a crowded, wearable market. There are plenty of stylish smart, porches and excellent fitness trackers to choose from these days and the samsung managed to strike a balance between the two. But this come at a cost.