I think it was a watershed movement for smart watches because they went from. Why would i wear a smart watch too, which one should i buy? And now it really did i mean they were called medical devices on a wrist. So let me find out from our two panelists best smart watch of the year. For me it was uh. The galaxy watch three showed a lot of uh. A lot of promise and tizen has really improved. It’S become a very smooth experience, it’s very close to uh the apple watch os as well, but again, if uh. If i had to wear something constantly on my wrist, it would still be the apple watch either the sc or the watch 6 depends on your budget and what you can afford. It would be the apple watch cv6 hands down. The reason why the apple watch series six for me would be the best smartwatch of the year is actually very simple. First it’s got the best app ecosystem. You have every popular app, whether it’s fitness, health, uh and even uh productivity uh. You know on available on the apple watch, cb6 that’s one. Secondly, with respect to the battery life, so i found i figured out a very easy hat uh one. This watch supports fast charging, so around six o’clock, seven o’clock. I put it on to charge so about an hour and a half later. The watch is ready to go. I go to bed at whatever time i go to bed and i wake up and there’s still charge left.

So i know my sleep has been tracked, so you basically charge your watch to actually sleep. I mean that’s actually pretty interesting for a lot of people who are going to be potential customers for it that you do need to charge your watch to go to sleep so that’s that’s, that’s, the future for sure okay. So we do know that people have really liked it, but let’s take a look at what we thought was one of the best smart watches of the year. Now, when it comes to smart watches, the apple watch has time and again set industry standards with the innovations it brings to the table, but that innovation comes at a cost which might not be feasible for everyone. Apple took care of these concerns this year, when they launched a more budget friendly option, the apple watch, se, the latest smart watch by apple, comes with a series, 5 chip and packs the majority of the sensors that we see on the more expensive series 6, except For the spo2 monitor starting at 29, 900 rupees, the watch se was a successful bet by apple honor, surprised the consumers this year when they introduced a rugged smart watch. The honor watch gs pro at 18, 000 rupees. The gs pro offers some serious bang for the buck, it is feature rich and it comes with all the sensors that you can expect from a flagship, smart watch. The design is sturdy and the watch can definitely take some punishment.

If you are a rough user with some amazing battery optimization, the gs pro can last up to 25 days for a moderate user samsung this year decided to take on google wear by introducing the galaxy watch 3.. The latest smartwatch by samsung runs on the tizen os. The watch looks great and works even better. There is a rotating bezel on the front which has multiple applications to it, starting at 29, 999 rupees. The galaxy watch 3 took the android smart watch game to a whole different level. The latest smart watch by titan track triathlon packs in some of the best features that you expect to see on a smartwatch. It is gps, enabled and comes with multiple sports modes to help you keep a track of your fitness regime. Another well thought out addition on this: smartwatch is the transflective display, which makes it more convenient for the user to look at be it morning or night, starting at 18. 000 rupees. The track trial plan definitely grabbed our attention. There was a time when the term fitness bands were synonymous with fitbit, but ever since we saw the entry of new brands in the market, this phenomenon has changed. Fitbit tried to regain their glory with fitbit charge 4.. The latest fitness band comes with improved specs and starts at a price of 14 999 rupees. The me band 5 made it to our list because of the great features it offers at a very affordable price.

The revised design of the me band garnered positive reviews from consumers. The fitness band features a colorful display this year and improved build quality at 2499 rupees.