Lets see whats special about this, and is this smartwatch is genuine in this price range or not. My name is Imran And youre watching our YouTube channel EFA. So the box is something like this: Okay, wow thats. The smartwatch First lets keep it aside And it has the charging cable inside it Very powerful, magnet. Okay, let keep it aside too. Some user manual and cards Thats the first card registration for warranty, Scan and register the warranty, And this is a 3 month free music subscription from Gaana.com. You can scan and avail of it And you get a Zee5 premium subscription of 1 month. Good Boltt play app membership, It is free, you can scan and redeem, And this is a user guide. All information is given here. We dont read: Okay thats our Smartwatch First lets remove it. It is slightly heavy as compared to other smartwatches heavy, because this dial is in metal very thick And its size is also big and the strap is in leather. It comes in many colors black black matte. I found the brown quite good. Okay lets boot. It Fire Boltt done Wow, Let set up it quickly. Okay Setup has been completed Now, lets talk about its specifications and the very first thing Which is special in it. Do you know what You get Bluetooth, calling It has an in built, speaker and mic? Let me show you the demo Hows the quality of the speaker. Okay, dialing number.

Are you listening to the voice coming from this smartwatch speaker, You can check, call history as well. You get a 1.4 AMOLED display and you get to see 454454 pixels ultra high resolution Display quality is awesome and the touch screen is also smooth Because you get the combo of ultra high resolution and AMOLED display, And this smartwatch is IP67 rated Means. It is waterproof. Water wont, go inside, You get so many multiple watch faces Very unique designs. You get a custom dial as well, you can customize the face. According to you, Can change colors, And here you get the Always On Display feature as well. Apart from this, you get all the features Which one smartwatch should have like: a fitness tracker, female fitness, tracker steps, sleeping, monitor, heart, monitor and blood pressure monitor, Except for these the oxygen meter, The oxygen level which gets low in covid. This smartwatch also monitors that, Apart from this, it has a very special thing. That is the Voice Assistant feature. It supports both Siri and Google assistant Lets test the voice assistant. So, as you will, click on voice assistant Bluetooth will connect. How are you Assistant? I am fine whats going on with you currently my video shooting going on Talking about the battery run time. Company has mentioned 20 days. The battery will last for 20 days. However, this will be known after using it Because it has Bluetooth calling So Bluetooth calling consumes more battery.

You can easily receive and talk on calls Or click on this button to talk on your phone Mic and speaker will move to the phone, Except for this. You can control music as well like other smartwatches, And you get a camera control feature as well with which you can control your phone camera. All the controls are very easy. You get all the controls with the help of this upper button, like heart rate, stress, blood, pressure, Blood, oxygen, alarm, music, weather dial, notification, stopwatch camera control, find my device and voice assistant. When you swipe up, you get all the notifications And when you swipe down You get some settings like brightness Talking about brightness, so it has very high brightness As well. You get the vibration option, DND option And remaining settings On right swipe. You get options like phonebook call, history and dialer On the left. Swipe you get to see all of your activity. If talking about the design Fire Boltt has really put fire. The design is awesome, Very lovely design, but this will suit on men Because its design wont suit female. This design has created by considering men very premium, look And even the quality is very premium Talking about its price. Its price is 4999 Rs Around 5000 Rs. The premium design and specification in this price range is amazing. You can buy it from Flipkart, No need to hard work. The link will be given below you can buy it from there as well.