Even analog watch has changed into a smart watch, but when you decide to buy a new brand smartwatch, surely you will end in a big convention because there were n number of smartwatches available in the market. So i am going to help you by sharing the six best smart watches under 5000, which will be worth for your money and they will justify you by their performance and the features hi. I am raghu from activity mad. The first smartwatch in our list is amish with vps. This amazed with bps is the upgraded version of the previous one, and we should appreciate the amish fit for this upgrade version. This army suite bps, comes with a big 1.28 inch display. This display also support the always on display, which will be a great thing in this pricing. It comes with an 40 plus different watch faces, so you can keep your watch more colorful and attractive with your favorite watch, faces this amazement, beep s, weights, just 31 grams. So that you can wear this watch for the entire day and you won’t feel any uncomfortable. It also shows the call alert and message alert, but there is no option to replay. This watch comes within 10 different modes so that you can track your daily fitness activity easily and the great thing about this amaze with bips is: it comes with an inbuilt gps, which you can’t expect from most of the watches in this price segment, and it also Tracks your heartbeat rate and sleeping status too.

This watch also helps you to control your music player by just using the watch, and it also has the 5 atm water resistant. So you can wear this watch in rain and even you can swim by wearing this watch. So overall it’s a great watch with lot of features, and i will surely recommend you to try this one. The next smart watch is color noise with nav, which is my personal one because of its features, the color fit. Nav comes with an big 1.4 lcd display, which gives a detailed information in the display. Color fit shows call alert and message alert and a great thing in this watch is you can do a quick reply for the messages you receive it’s a very rare feature, especially in this price segment, and it comes with an 10 different sports mode so that you Can track all your day to day life activity without missing, and this watch also comes with an in built gps, which gives an accurate fitness measurement color fit nav has more than 50 plus watch faces so that you can decorate your watch as per your wish. It weights around 40 grams, so it won’t feel any uncomfortable if you wear this watch throughout the day and it comes with an ip68 waterproof so that you can wear this watch while swimming and it won’t be a problem and it tracks your sleep status and heartbeat Rate accurately – and it helps you to control your music player by just using the watch and, in my personal opinion, for at least a year, colorful nav will be the best smartwatch in this price segment.

On the next smartwatches realme watches the smartwatch, which has been launched a week ago, realme watch s comes in a 1.3 inch round display which gives a cool classic look to the watch. It also comes with an gorilla glass protection. The real me watches comes with an real time, heart rate monitor, and it also monitor the bed oxygen level throughout the day when the level reaches below the perfect condition, it will alert you, which is a great thing in this watch, and it comes with an 16 Smooth mode which will cover almost all your day to day activity without missing anyone and sad thing is: there is no inbuilt gps support and it’s a thing to worry before buying this smart watch. Realme watches shows all the message notification from all the apps, but there is no option to replay the message and it also shows the call a lot too. Even you can use this watch to take pictures remotely and even you can control your music play by just using the watch. Realme offers more than 100 plus watch faces so that you can select your favorite one and decorate your watch with a beautiful watch face and it comes with an ip68 water resistant so that you can wear your watch in rain and even for swimming it won’t. Be a big problem, so overall it’s a good option to buy but consider before buying. There is no input gps in this real watches.

Apart from this feature, everything is good and nice in the real me watches. The next smartwatch in our list is crossbeats is crossbitch. Is a new startup company? This crossbits comes with an 1.3 inch round display and they have used surprising technology in this display. It comes with an hologram display, which means it shows all the details in the 3d graph which we can’t even imagine in the premium price segment. It helps you by showing the call, alert and message alert. It also has the 8 different multi sport tracking modes crossbitch. Also monitors your heart rate, speed, blood pressure and bit auction level too. It comes with an ip68 waterproof support and it also offers you, 250 plus watch faces with a lot of collection, it’s, an average watch which has no in built gps. But if you are focusing on medical fitness, then you should definitely buy this one and if not just ignore this watch, the next watch in our list is goku. Goku is a new company which launched their first smartwatch a month ago. This goku comes with an 33 millimeter display. This was manufactured fully focused to maintain a good health. Goku comes with an 24 hour heart rate monitoring sensor, black oxygen monitoring sensor. Blood pressure monitor mainly it comes with a body temperature tracker, which will be more useful in the corona era. It comes with an 18 exercise mode which helps you to track your day to day activity and it comes with an ip67 water resistance support, and it also comes with an phone finder option, which will be very useful to find your phone if your phone was connected To the watch – and it comes with a music control option too, goku comes with an 50 plus personalized watch faces along with the box.

They give all three color straps for free, which is a great thing, and they also offer a three month free subscription for health. Consulting and these things impress me a lot because no other smartwatches offer this much of amount inside the box, and if you are fully focused on health, then you should definitely consider this mod watch and the final smartwatch in our list is amis with bpu. This amazfit bpu is the upgraded version of a fitness band. This amazfit beep view comes with an 1.43 inch large display so that you can see all the details in the screen. Clearly, this smartwatch will surely help the users to maintain the help perfectly. It comes with an oxygen maintenance, monitor 24 7 heart rate, monitor and sleeping wonder too and most importantly, this amish, with bpu comes with an stress level monitor which will surely helps to find the stress, and it also helps you with breathing training to reduce your stress. It comes with an 60 plus, more smart so that you can track everything in your daily life. Routine. Nothing will be missed in this smart watch, but there is no inbuilt gps. You should know the thing too. The amish with bpu comes with an 5 atm water resistant, so you can swim while wearing this watch without any worries and if you’re looking for a smartwatch which tracks your fitness more accurately, then you should definitely consider this amis with bpo and please share with us, Which smartwatch you like more in our list share with us in the comment section and if you want more quality video just like this one, then please subscribe us, and i hope you like this video.

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